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Basic plan is that you can talk about 1, 2 for example and then post the video about it. Please, do not post the video if you find it elsewhere in the web, do an original job.

There is a part of a job and if all goes well we may have full partnership or long-term or whatever you call it relationship. Please write “Five stars, read the article first” in the beginning and the ending of the video to not having problems in YouTube .

I would love to work long term with the person who will do 100% of job. Because I shall certainly be using your nice voice and skills. also I shall be doing some custom jobs every day if it is to be long-term.

Full job will be using the voice alone. with better intonation and better voice. You do not need to beat the talent with his final sound, just be different and better. I am very demanding to sound. What must have the video is to be natural and clear throughout the video.

Quality will be high, the audio sounds only need to be filtered to my liking from my side. already have the equipment for the part. If interested, write me.

Write a formal article of about 500 English words about Yangshuo, with an information about the geography and tourism issues of the city

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