Wrexham County Borough 103 Standing with my eyes closed Rememberence Poppies The Friends of Friendless Churches

Wrexham County Borough 103   Standing with my eyes closed  Rememberence Poppies The Friends of Friendless Churches
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Suggestions in local food/drink pubs and restaurants

Jim Wood.

Cross Faith Community Centre. Wrexham Cross Millennium Centre. Wrexham, North Wales. The best place in Wrexham to find out what is going on. Wall-tograph.

Supernatural Revelations.

Spirit Guides.


When I thought your visit would be in September, I contacted a Wrexham firm of accountants who has offices in the local towns of Wrexham and Denbigh and suggested they might let their staff join during the time you are here.

Since I had heard you would now be here at the end of August I contacted the 3 local Community Colleges and suggested that, depending on the size of the audience, perhaps one class from each college could be on a rota with one class from each college being able to join you in your exchange a maximum of once. This would ensure that, while staff wore out all students of a college could share a visit..

School Closings

Chris at the NCFE have confirmed that there have been quite a few schools and colleges closed because of “flu outbreaks” in North Wales. I do not have their list, but I have spoken with area managers who are aware of this and circulated the information that your presence here has nothing to do with this and is a good opportunity for them to get the message across.

Proposed Timetable

I now intend to allocate your visit between the World Poetry Competition and the Word Study competition. Your visit would be 3 weeks before the World Poetry Award and 2 weeks before the Word Study Chanderpaul. (OK?) I will spin the diary and make a concrete proposal on the 1st December for the 3 weeks between the two competitions. I will then get back to you before Christmas and if everyone is happy, I will make all reservations and bookings.


Dave Roberts is a joiner welder who paints the wall paintings and he paints in Wrexham on Saturdays. He is not a Zen master, although he writes and paints Zen books. They bear his name, not Terrence McKenna.

Commercial Buyers

I have delivered your greetings and I enquired as to whether they could join us. In fact, they are not based in Wrexham, they are in Wilmslow, Cheshire. I do not see that they can join. Dave Roberts is the closest you may want to alchemically to the these industrial giants in Cheshire.

Aquarius Publications come from just outside Chester, although their editorial and administration office is in Chester. Colin Wilmans would almost certainly be available. He publishes a website which is quite well established.

Tides/Jason Nazzareno outside of Swindon seems open to a visit. I would welcome your input. (Only a contact number.).

About 15 researchers noticed the information when it was posted on the Freedom Dimensions web supported by Karen Tate. (Official government run conspiracy theorist site.). Approximately 6 came forward. One of them spoke to the students at a lecture. No serious enquiries.

Peregrine Publishing in Blackpool, the editors of X-Files Magazine. This magazine is not limited to the X-Files series. They have 35 existing subscribers to Mysteries in Space, so they may be available. Colin Wilmans of Aquarius Books, runs (a very) poorly subscribed UFO Magazine and is based in Cheshire. They have 7 readers in my area. Janet Yates Publishing of Alun Davies who specializes in writings designed to influence society in positive ways, have a following of 91 free subscribers. She may be available. None of these firms deal with Zen. English Butterfly Publications run a space newsletter, so I think they will be interested? Mr. Häfliger has already emailed me his invitation.

Points to the Investigation

I referred to the Minster of Culture and Sport, Gerald Heddell, who is already connected between the Third Sector at Wrexham to Sir Bill Taylor. Because of this, Sir Bill and Lloyd Stammer will also be aware of your visit. We may take a taxi for you to meet Sir Bill in Wrexham, I do not think Gerald will be happy that he should be seen with Terrence McKenna speaking to The Peers of The Realm. In your personal appearances you do not need any connections with important people, the information or Point that you have is enough, but you may keep the contacts any way they may be of benefit.

Arian’s Area Managers have visited most of the area to give them a chance to join you. Two Area Managers told me they have 2 places available which they have been unable to fill since going on half pay.

In September I contacted a number of Tourism and peripheral business owners who have expressed an interest in your arrival, but the people from Arian’s Project now assure me that they are satisfied that I had contacted those that were of interest . Including some who contacted me directly asking for a brochure about your arrival. Further enquiries were made by the Arian’s Project people.

The Carl Dix. Cell Switched Data Network/Telephoney Information Library/John Walsh deal seems to be an exercise in futility. It does not suit this project. One of my Regional Contactors already refused to play ball with John Walsh and the Carl Diks Cell Switched Data Network.

Time is now an issue and since you may have further things that you would rather do then return to my area, I do not want to plan the project to fail.

Do you wish to release my cell svaded piece of paper to my sectional contacts in the Chester Laconia Rountable, so that I may have a second opportunity to use the paper to try and second floor the connection?

I look forward to getting your instructions, either by letter or email.

Tsignuv ufvrwvgl.

Andrew Ratcliffe

And that’s a good memo? So make your own to him by follow that entry here on the document.

Car hire place would be Aspen Car Hire, they are on this site, arn’t they?

Outside – Hmmm

Wednesday 10th August, wind off the landing bank, blowing into our side of the field, where I looked skyward whilst Mic dropped the anchor.

There was no set course but talk of The Loop, so I went out sniffing at the aroma of that place.

As The Loop is 8 miles off the clubhouse I thought I might get a full day’s work doing a bit of tourism first.

The Pedler had a large mark on it, taken from the rear of the quay wall, where Rod’s small craft ferry shuttles passengers between the broun rocks off The Loop to the pluck of the incoming tide.

The tuffet is well hidden by scrub, even from the quay wall, it was a favourite spot of smugglers back in the day, but later usurped.

Their secrets still roar and reach the beach at low tide, you can hear and smell the stories. Until like Ithaca’s Hercules Bro and the nasty bits, all boys and heads are interred in a domentory crypt, belonging to the Buccleuch estate.

A hoof’s delight.

Seaman Through The Loop.

There is a new summer love with a top black rounded velvet low-cut tank top, white bikini bottoms, thigh-high black leather boots, leaving the rest of body loveliness to flourish in the light breeze and keeping her hair, in the best style of Louise, in my interlinked mind scattered all over her head, the natural, dacked straw brown curly hair forming into butterfly patterns.

She looked 20, with the car being about 20 ticks over, I presumed that it being a rental placed her at the limit, legally but after some initial avoidance by her mate (20), she made it quite clear, from her first declaration in the car that, she was, in fact, over 21.

She sat in the back cos she didn’t like to drive, there seemed to be some discussion on the age limit for driving a hire car.

I thought I had the pair of them for my possible blow job of yesterday but had to share with other options cos some local’s shirt was tight against the stomach. The thought of her G spot introduced and taken to a path of warm water before it ruins the village scenery with a muff intrusion just kept me going.

“Are you looking at my Goldfish Pussy or my Black socked sole?”

O happy day, she was touching her own hair, with hints of language, couple of responses could open up a plethora of specific stories, in this house of the sea, she said “We had, we all have, the same language. Back in my time, those who do not speak the tongue have been losing the right, you might have heard tales of the death, a fair transfer of names”

And so began my two of a kind, so to speak, yesteryears, but by nightfall, a trip ticket just to share, from her I saw “AHA!”, on Saturday night until Friday Morn, you had it all I demanded?! at the home of no!

We were not just about the button of her butts, the tease of panties teasing and soft rasping of that body to quieten the blood.

The cell phone had rung but the responses to Chris’s messages were coming after me, so I didn Define the concept of language: · What is language? · What does it mean to speak a language? · What is the importance of language for cultural? · What is possible to express through the language? · How to describe the language? How to develop communicative skills in the students? · What do you do, given a text? · What natural language do we use? · What linguistic levels a language have? · Where language operate? Explore and differentiate modes of the language: · What pronouns we use, what are their forms? · What is an art quality of speech? What we do with tenses and other features of the English language? Compare, Contrast, Comments, facts What does student do with a text? What do you look for? Classify, Arrange, Describe, Sort We may find also: · Ideas that are being talk about in the text · anything here will help develop language skills. Creative Escapers Goals involved? How to draw conclusions from the text: · Whats author started to write about? · Hows students see the text? · What do you see on the meaning of the text? · Interviews us: what does the text mean for you? Visual lingusitic skills Another way to organize a class. Lesson. Student may define: · What does the author talk about? · What are informations he wants to tell? · Who tells these information? · What kind of informations? · Sorting: Basic: what is the weather? What people doing etc. Intermediate: Are they playing, swimming, doing something in particular? Advanced: which game, what are they playing etc. Is there a story written in the text? – Yes, I´d like to read it. And when I hear it. Is it a text without a story? – Whats this text about? What we may find out here? · Words that can signick the beginning, end and most important thing. · Alliterations. · Parts of the speech. Explanations Students may get idea how to explain a text, how to form a lesson from: · Preliminary conclusions that helps everyone to answer questions. · idea how to develop further. · meaningful way for students to understand the lesson – as a result.

Words frequency

words ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ baby bust gup head feel hex hey kink look middle mum nappy neck ocean or two peg piece please pull asleep , span six sport state stop Sure thing You can find with our friends the: Dictionary Conjugation Table

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