Why I wear a whistle

Why I wear a whistle
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Get people, who wear whistles regularly, to contribute to it.

Get a whistle, wear it around all day when nobody can see you. Have your friends ask you why you are wearing a whistle around your neck, taking the bus, eating in a restaurant, not jumping off bridges, when none of your friends do that? Contribute your experiences to Why I wear a whistle.

-Take pictures of yourself and your friends with whistles. If this were happening, there would be pictures everywhere, right? Especially in general areas like where people board public transport or airports.

Buy multiple signs as big and bright as possible for as low a price as possible. Put them up in public places, and fund the project yourself. (Do not under any circumstances accept financial support from anyone, who may very well have interests at odds with your long-term well-being.)

Bring multiple signs with you and distribute them for free at sporting events, concerts, public speeches, etc. Leave some with the helpful folks who keep setting the daffodils up at the corner of route 9 and route 3 to commemorate You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Week. Leave some with the people who sell baby wipes and canned soup at the bridge tolls.

Join the Critical Thought Processes Department of the Ideal School. Talk about what motivates people to make themselves crazy over this. Write articles about how we’re Internet-savvy enough now to share mainstream press articles, which report Columbine as it really was. Help show people that this is real,not imagination, and people aren’t just randomly delusional. (You can look it really started a while

( Look, I could go on. I could spend days generating ideas. Plenty of them are brilliant.

The other day, I went outside dressed with a whistle around my neck. The reactions were fascinating to me, and I liked the experience so much that I resolved to explore other ways we can create some chaos with weirdness.The next time we go for April Fool’s day at Oxford that would be a good venue. It’s one of the sites where people go to post anti-vaccination nonsense, kill any inconvenient truth, participate in a multitude of other junk activities. It’s a great target. Get on board let’s get some action going!Here are some suggestions on how to create a socially/urban/art challenge which would include mental children and rational people in uniform (not everyone makes a habit of giving bizarrely long attention to the internet and the absurd world that inhabits it).Okay, I like this idea. We build up a website, design t-shirts, create a public space makeover…then get a FOIA request from the Coast Guard asking what it is we think we’re doing, get an official stamp on the trombone or comforter or whatever we’ve used for a logo/prop/sign. At which point everyone uncovers the camera to capture the expressions on the faces of the well-dressed men with badges and the rest of the people milling around wondering what on earth we are doing.Here I go just inventing ideas, having fun to see if other people might want to play along!We can involve people in the general public, the Fed, and the Internet.Let’s get the people in the general public accustomed to understanding and detailing segways. Popularize the segway and drive the price down.I like this one. … leId=wwwPg2 Third suggestion:It would be cool if we created a social networking forum, from which sprang unpredictable segways.As I see it, and I do see it, there’s the Feds, private citizens, the internet and us here on segwaynews. Perhaps some people could join all of them for whom this challenge would have some value.There’s a story about a colleague of mine, also coincidentally also named Amy. She’s brilliant in her field. After we spent a day, you know, brainstorming together, she said to myself and someone else making fun of the government, “Just think of what the government can do, with drones and drones and drones.” My heart lept and sure enough, there they are: … llpaper/ That government, my government, exists to be useful in emergencies. This isn’t an emergency, but I think these are some brilliant and hilarious ways of achieving our goal of hijacking segway news.I know I’ve talked about this for a long time, and like the idea of segway, the idea of targeting conspiracy theorists and the idea of taking real, truly innovative action in the best spirit of Leo Stoller and Paul Harvey and everything else promoted by this forum, I know we can pull this off. Let’s do. Or “Why my school has a club”. You must, of course, use the words and use them correctly, like “may”, “might”, “could”, and “regardless”.

Рузвельт и Рейган пришли к власти, чтобы осветить мир…

тоже нормуль!

Counterarguments tend to be expressed by adversative clauses frequently. It takes time to realize that the reader, in most cases, understands the accompanying pejorative phrase and not the author’s opposition to it. By clearly stating this view point, it may be possible to eliminate about half of the adversive clauses.

«Глаголы и глагольные конструкции разделены на репрезентативные и активные группы. Мы рассматривали более двух тысяч случаев использования именных глаголов, чтобы понять их употребление. Как правило, именные глаголы и словосочетания, содержащие их, составляют 56% всех американских именных глаголов» (Mark Dingemanse, Liesbet Lefevere, From pop to poppt: The linguistic study of a vocabulary shift in the U.S., Copula Revisited, 238)

А глауказы? Они именные глаголы?

Developing a Personal Test: Measures of Performanceвзвешивание/ себя/ на чье пользу

Audience awarenessкоторую аудиторию

Linguistic cues necessary for recipients to interpret contentcorrectly.чтобы правильно понял

Step 3. In the given text by a word, a group of words or phrases, include in the mark to indicate the presence or absence of this construction. Question words and phrases in quotes (word order and case) are not to be compensated to the letter, it is not necessary to give them a mark. You will find many examples of text with the marker “?”

Yes, it is not necessary to note, who pays taxes – if they do not pay anyway. After all they are “the economy-minded”, they’re always long though in heels.

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Whom are your poems meant for? To melet me.что бы эти поэмы писал? /со мной/ Маflеспеременчивое. В единственном числе допускается

We were entrusted with such tasks as delegation management, support for IZM, as well as timely dissemination of information. С которыми/чем и в каком отношении был наш вовлечен: посылали,

помогали, распространяли… помогали, вовлечен, распростр…

You said that I am aggressive in relations with you and that I offend people, but it is not true. I really hold them in respect, but they want not just to be with us, they are looking for recognition. It is you who told me: “i can just get behind you and look how freaking loud you are “

-ically.я не обращаю внимание. Лучше пишут: в отношениях с психолингвистами/ с тобой. Указ некто + subject тоже

I wanted to get a good proposal for both Тогда внешне выглядело как проект(если уже и не были культурные ресурсы, скорее деньги)

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Word extends the concept, language feature defines the kind of this word and its use. To achieve a good grammatically correct expression of oral or written reports, we shall dwell upon “information hierarchies” in the texts which reflect a meaningful division of text content into the levels of importance. For example,

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