Week 2 Revised

Week 2 Revised
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You can refer to your Week 2 Revised, Week 3 Revised and all documentation):

The assigned products can be featured or featured + All-in-One (Clean, Fragrance-Free, or Bed Bug.)

MINIMUM 300 WORDS OF INFORMATIONAL TEXT (based upon least product(s) on the lot that you CAN USE feature OR in a 6-2-2-2 format where the least product(s) is mentioned MOST OFTEN and the All-in-One is MENTIONED the SECOND MOST!)

VAGUE saying to the customer: “This product is VERY SAFE for your and your family’s use…” is not enough. We need FULL demonstrations of use and functionality accompanied with the appropriate and meaning instructional text about your products and its use with DEMONSTATITVE samples of each)

Be sure to add as much graphic of imagery, design, and special features as you can (We want your products looking great!)

Be sure to incorporate in your article words equivalent to: Washable, Natural, Flammable, Antimicrobial, Biophenol, Cancer-fighting, Dissolve, Effective or Eliminates Microbiologicals, Sealing, Savvy, Use, Clean, Safe, Easy, Wonderful and important… (and be sure to see if you can integrate the words VIRUS or BACTERIA..)

Be sure to feature all Safety Data Sheets to your product. (I suggest you also FOLLOW-THROUGH to PROVIDE your lot number and the expiration date for each product, for your customers to always know what date you recommend getting a new one!) Be sure to all Safety Data Sheets are CURRENT and TRUTHFUL!

Of particular importance, all information MUST BE LEGIBLE so that someone with Low-Vision PRINT/READING DISABILITY can read as much of your information, and adhere to what you recommend as well as what you allow. Be sure to separate your articles from other sites by your DECORATOR describing your content as ORGANIZED!

All graphics and images, graphics you used from your reference sites, need to be identified by source or source must be displayed on your site or in your article or graphic.

If you have specific images you like to a feature, you need to identify them by name, i.e. “i’m using screnshot of

Be sure to give as much detail as you can. Do NOT try to make blogs that are ONLY to tell company information because that is NOT how this website works (unless you are marketing a different category of product than ours.) Here is an example:

Our current best seller product is the All-in-one…

Our product description:

Product Description

The All-in-one is a dual purpose product. Designed for professional use for healthcare, it is our first product for sale to the public. Designed for cleaning medical instruments of the highest quality such as our doctor’s kit instruments and your own cotton sticks you now used, the All-in-one kills norovirus and including most strains of H1N1… Some of us will buy this product because they were too busy to shop and we believe it removes bacteria that isn’t harmful to our body from our dishes and silverware. We believe that n

ot only does it rinse off your other cleaning liquids off, it helps r ejuvenate items to stay clean for a longer period of times.

Basically, our product disinfects, deodorizes and disinfects and thereby sterilizing our surface sanitizing devices. Rest assured, it is safe for use because it does not contain the ingredients that most non-professional products have and have been reported from the Food and Drug Administration to have killed people during their rinse cycles.

Our recommendation etc goes here. Here is a page that is a sample as a guide. To make he f/c page bigger or smaller, they are one click away.

3. ORIGINAL POST IN OTHER PLACES ON THE WEB (other than this website) (This is a weekly post requirement ONCE PER PAGE/POST ON ON OTHER SITES that accept original posts.) (From this point forward, this will be considered required or we will give you a ZERO rating on the assignment.)

I need to see that you go out each week to a site such as WikiHow or other suggested website. These can be adult and child friendly websites. We don’t do you an injustice if you do not keep up with these assignments, but please plan ahead so that if you are going to miss one, you know ahead to request an extension. If you have already have this done also include that information. Also you should be checking in with us every Saturday of your project through email and message from this website or we will have this assigned as a bonus. Remember to give us your other original post destination link so we can find you and comment on it. I like for you to keep these projects and back completed samples to me for our use of the copies, but you may want to keep some of your creations. If you want to ask questions or make arrangements, please add CATALINA to the message and if you send messages to web addresses that you want us to visit and even add comments, I will keep track of these events by logging your requests.

Here are some suggestions:,,,


BE SURE TO POST THE CREATIVE STYLE and attribute to if you choose to use the format of presenting this site.


(NOTICE: You now have until deadline, end of week one (1) all chapters of to come in. Late chapters might not be accepted, depending upon they are irrelevant or not needed but we know how source material can just not get done as if a safe until deadline, so be careful!)


Be sure to provide everything associated with your homework!


Be sure to provide a variety of different creative things you have displayed online. At least 3 different types of displays that include an image, video or another type of display.

Be sure there are at least 50 different sources on the web are displayed (5% of your designated content)

Would like to see that app development has been done (we will be looking.)

One of your projects need not be “other, interesting.”

At least TWO of your displays need to be developed using at least one of your materials (and we are here to help you make them if you will like, or to come up with something else. :-))

This area of study will require me to see your website(s), some display(s) that you so. You need to accept sites that you want to share on this website (we will help in creating a special site for and we can link’ to your items on these pages, by selecting Photos and Albums and tell us the short title for your album and the http of the website in the brief message of the comment.

These will become part of your original content, just be sure what we select reports that you did take the time to plan your evidences of electronic knowledge.

Be sure they are varied and unique while showing how well your understand them. NO gaudy graphics such as FLASH. If you want original points that people hold, incorporate in your efforts.I try to make a point of specifying what I like in each assignment, but there are things which are frowned to as well. Just be sure that ALL IMPORTANT YOUR ORIGINAL WORK.


To prove that you understand what is important to our class, be sure to supply your scheduled plan to include online, mobile learning, group workspaces and many updates that keep the class informed of what you have to way in class from hot areas not of class, new with learning we brought to you. Be sure to include these updates in your Forum.

Be sure that you understand 20% of your grades will come through your forum comments that correspond to your theme(s. I want to see A VARIETY of thought than posted. Your forum updates need to be something that sounds engaging and enhanced.

Your are assigned t o update 5 forum threads per week (Minimum 10 has to do with being organized but can be substantitious.)

Some questions that will be considered important to this assignment is your integration of original work with special stars associated with your information using original music, video and moving pictures, images and designs.

Remember while there are only three of us considered the teacher is viewing this, if we talk like Bob or Joan then we lose our appeal to your friends.

All of these elements must be supported by your original research to create your papers. This section will end when we are sure you are adding to the overall quality of this class interactions.

Do beware that you not

with the help of Microsoft Word

13 Write a formal article about: “Learning English everyday”

with the help of Microsoft Word

14 Quantifiers with/without pronouns

15 Minding your grammar

Moodle Backend

Grammar. Is there any simple tasks to guide the students to ?

I am struggling a little now, to find the best methods to explain grammar ,with these exercises you are giving to me. Perhaps you could give me some simple exercises to test grammar. For me, I would like to find the best approach to teach grammar, some ideas that could be new? The proper use of that 2nd paragraph. For example, “Am I right?” The students will learn with the exercises that there is / isn’t, Correct/ Incorrect , is/isn’t……. I am getting “struggled as I am afraid that I will be going on with just grammar….

Am I write?

I need freedom and simplicity in my teaching. .

In the beginning, I could convince my students to be motivated. Sometimes they were creative and they worked hard. But then life came, one by one they got busy. I never had a student who did as much work as you are doing. It is inspiring, always. I could see it inspiring my students too.

However I had students who were too busy to do the task I assigned them. I could respect the “simplest” tasks. Maybe that is the best way. Maybe it would decrease the stress. They have work, they have exams. Many of them have to go to work. They have to do their share of the housework. Maybe doing their share in their side of the house, will help them to change the amount/quality of the work they do in English. .

I could make a tutor. I would like to take your road map into my campus.

Today in school a man came to our neighbourhood, asking to stop the walk of many generations of children in the school.

He had the permission of the Department of Education to build a robot-school 7km away. This school is made by high-tech robots and expensive technologies that you cannot access. It is a private school, it would be the only school like that one in the region. It is not so cheap, it would be much like a private school. With many students, the parents and the students would deal with just one person: A private owner and many connected people. They would choose which students to let go and in. They look at their skills, they decide. It is not like the entrance to the university. Anybody who could pay, when to pass an entrance exam he would but very few who could be chosen will be accepted.

This organisation will do for this low-income zone ” a lot of good”. And the man said that public education does not develop the families.

“The Private Education NGO for the poor of this zone, is everything WE WANT”.

The giant corporation, ITECH BANK (a bank for universities), did this scheme.

The company who makes the robots is from Silinel. I think it is a Japanese company. It will be a poor world you can compare to the western farming that you see everywhere near in the USA.

Teachers work and live in the same school that they teach. Doesn’t it sound useful?

You are right of course, it would be bad for morale. A lot of people talk about children, but only those that have children they are capable of talk. I never had a child. It is getting dangerous. Did you read today, the Hamas killed three Jews by placing a underground tunnel, with five exits in Shejaia (one of the largest neighbourhood in Gaza)

Highest number of victims was included. Children like to play there. Maybe the man who aimed for coverplace in my government agency, did such things for Israel. It would not surprise me, “Doing good for the community”, sounds like a bureaucrat. .

In institutionalising someone’ local wisdom, it could be easily readjusted to become globaly non functional.

We may have in a very asymetrical place between kauries and people. If we have to have local solutions for every case then we will always have a relevant person around.

I would like to hear more about what you would like to hear more about. “the structure of the grammar” I think it could be at the core. It could be simply the core. In the american way if anyone wanted to give feedback the first thing they would say ares etc.. I ask you to try to reflect: Do you think? You See? You admit that that is a great question! I would like to find a comfortable method to teach grammar.It would be great to find a structure to begin to write simple essays in English. Should there be a simple grammatical structure or a method that would teach grammar by: giving exercises as you have given them?

Right now I find that the way you described grammar in your paper and the exercise will develop some basic things.

The way you would analyze an English sentence and the correct when it is not correct. I think these little things are easy to use, does not involve too much of teaching and the feedback is usually about language problems. (A question, period is…?)

But to teach something like: “simple essay structure”. I think it would be something clearer , more “detailed”, for for example: A narrative paper. E-perferences, ref-erences. Types of papers. The introduction, summary and conclusion. Sometimes, in my university, I could go to see 1 or two students and we could ask them: “What do you think of the first paragraph, what do you think the writer wanted you to think, /say, do?,…..etc…”. I would go on with the editing. I would go on with ideas like “how can you put these pieces of information…?”

I would say: “first stop the criticism, tell me what could be more relevant for the writer “

Most of all the time arguments concerning paper is: “language” . I would like that to be over with. I’d like them to work with me, on the style etc…

It would be: Write a paragraph on the topic of this lecture, (instructor). Today lecture is ” how do you say?..”

Regards, Please.

We had this guy, teacher who used to love to settle conflict by screaming “Run!!!”

I would say, “Stop writing and go run……” Let us run!Let us yell ! Ok friend, I want to ask you something,This is my first year teaching:Second year at high school. Mandarin is my mother language. In this term at my High School most of my students will be celebrating the Chinese New Year and some other interesting things. .

You have suggested good and detailed ideas. Thanks. I have a problem. By the middle of last year, all of the people which my school, my government, my county. My DEP, ALPHADEV and “OEMSA” in France(The organization for Development of East Asia and South East Asia. China’s membership.) have payed for to promote the “foreign language learning” have never offered us any relevant data.I wouldn’t mind at all, if English was spoken more in the family but it isn’t,Or at least only as much as 5%. I found it in your blog by accident. I was used to find some resources on the internet which I don’t know how to reach. I would like to find they should be: Country wise, or where our trade partners speak english. I would like to pool all these data, You shall see, the connections are endless…………………………………………..

I ask you. What our objectives(teaching them grammar) Look at these two sentences “How do you say” could it look that way?(A diploma)

1The department of education with many Private parties, school’s government organizations,NGO’s and confederated actors like ALPHADEV and OEMSA cooperated a solid construction for this Robotics agreement.

2The Department of Education with many Private parties, school’s government orgazations,NGO’s, and confederated actors like ALPHADEV and OEMSA cooperated a solid construction for this Robotics agreement. .

1 to(A diploma) department.of education the (with Manwont the lawyers wrong side) many Private societies government NGOS and confederated actors Private Private Private Private Private Private Private .. Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private? Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private (?)

2The Department of Education with many Private parties, school’s government orgazations,NGO’s and confederated actors like ALPHADEV and OEMSA cooperated a solid construction for this Robotics agreement.

Ok,I believe you. But I think this would be a better solution Under the complexity that we study grammar with students under the situation, there are many different problems that I will discuss still.

1 I need a rest from grammar,I have been working with it for 18 years.With computers,I will be happy as a teaching nurse,give a little pushing to get my student to be interesting in the material. But let me think about it, I have seen some examples from your blog, that I would think would be good somehow,at least that could be a good beginning 1)I attach

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