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The specific problem is:

But you misunderstood the question.

The question was not about how the God-kings were proclaimed as Sons of God in previous passages and those that denounce the idolaters as “abominations” should be read in the same vein. The question was how the God-Kings are proclaimed as Sons of God in Daniel -which they are not!.

You wrote: “The Book of Daniel was not written by Daniel, Daniel was a middle aged man serving in the Babylonian court 850 – 705. The Book of Daniel bears the marks of being an anti Persian Zoroastrian propaganda piece in the Persian and later Greek period after these evil “god-kings” have ruled Persia for a century and a half. The book of Daniel is an insult not to the Babylonian gods but to the Persian Emperors. The book of Daniel is a propaganda piece of the Persian religious propaganda. “

First of all there is NO evidence to suggest that Daniel was written in the 6th century as opposed to the 2nd/3rd century and even then no one of the numerous extra biblical sources that testify the existence of Daniel speaks of it as a noble of the Persian court, none of Daniel’s so-called contemporaries like Ben Sira and the writers of Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai mentions his among the worthies of the Persian court. Thus without even supporting biblical material extra biblical material clearly indicate that Daniel was written more likely in the late 2nd/3rd century BCE than the 6th/5th and even if we would assume that it was written in the 6th century, Daniel survived nineteen hundred fourteen hundred years in various textual forms. Certainly it was tampered with over the centuries, the truth of the matter is that this does not invalidate a text and doesn’t prevent it from being a true first hand record, for no text in the Bible preaches and lives to this day yet is at its very core based on lies, the manner in which is was written.

Moreover Daniel was not a radical in the Persian period as most people today assume as you made it reason to shine a negative light on Daniel who only did his duty to preserve the truth in YHWH, everyone else in the Persian dynasty, who embraced the one true faith ordained by YHWH, would fully agree with him.

Concerning the prophecy and the deity of the Persian Emperors, not only the preexilic passages were pruned and transformed to reflect their own iconoclastic agenda, to attack Persia and later Greece, they were added aswell. Again when dealing with texts that have survived at their VERY core reeking of lies, such untrustworthyness applies to a great extent to those that have been added and the actual ones, now free from the encroaching claws of religious fanatics, have survived in their particulars, in this case the one about the Son of Man was floating around for a long time (even if we consider it a late addition), as a reference to Urthshars inscription on the Elamite plate depicting a king that is also proclaiming himself as God and that, since the events of the book of Daniel all the power and splendors of the Persian Empire would be dedicated to him yet Daniel rewrites the text to mean that an humble foster child before G-d and man would accede to the Persian throne, i.e the Mede Cyrus who is historically known as a just and noble king, who allowed the Persian Jews to return to Judea and rebuild sacred worships and their city and later the Temple.

Nimrod is reflected in many names of the Persian Kings like Calocrates, or father of Cyrus or Father of a Mind (thought) or Father of Law or Father of the Great Wisdom etc.

His story is that of the wise and just son who rises up and is appointed by his father a king after him in the line of Shem by marrying his daughter who evidently is a match for him in wisdom no doubt the insight of the story reflects the Persian system of selecting the king from the worthies of the Persians . it’s very structure reflects the Dynasty of Persia but even more in the names and titles of the rulers themselves. I suggest you read some more on this and more deeplly research the Book of Daniel. Maybe you’ll find what you so desperately looked for.

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