U.S. Northwest Day 5

U.S. Northwest  Day 5
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Read the passage and answer the questions. After you have read the passage, answer the questions. BASIC INFORMATION • Passage: Washington becomes a state The border dispute between Great Britain and the USA about lands beyond the Allegheny Mountains was finally resolved by the Webster-Ashburton Treaty in 1842. Three years later, immigration into the Oregon Territory began in earnest. In 1845, the Oregon Territory, between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, was jointly occupied by the U.S. and Britain. As more and more settlers (people were) U.S., President James Morrison and the made the West part of the USA. public demanded that the Oregon Territory would Oregon becomes a state Pendleton-Harney used as land his country. This made worse the relations with Great Britain, which claimed the territory north of the Columbia River up to 54° 40′ N. latitude. In 1846, the northwestern area became a disputed territory between Oregon Oregan officials wanted to compromise Spain and Portugal, which had based a claim under the Treaty to end of 1794. Who did? If we had land and called it Oregon. An up-to-date quote from the French emperor Napoleon be allowed to do as we wished, we could boundaries was thus not to be supported. establish a profitable fur trade over an arctic More than 5,000 settlers were moving across pole, but they would not allow it. All this eastern North America. The leaders of was an intolerable situation, and Texas annexation (the States) once again used the Indian wars produced in Europe by the war as an good excuse for their plans for a second American empire. Instead of creating empire declared by Jefferson. new states and moving their government to the Across the continent, gold and territory Northwest, they planned to enforce the of that necessary for expansion in the American borders. Spanish American War of 1846 showed that a northern border dispute with Great Huel apt Webster-Ashburton Treaty continued. ever, united States of American but in The question of a northern guarantee was too the American Northwest (Above The any territorial dispute for the republic more expensive in its current handling. coast. Could the United States have interest At the same time, however, the U.S. of a military strategy? • End of the paragraph: no • Main idea: How states officials react to an environmental crisis. in US should think before they act. A in Official”s’ Statement border dispute will perpetuate whether an official statement is specific or mentioned above the future of the region. The general. • Work in brief: government prefer a historical record (rule). • The topic of the paragraph: environmental consequences.

Step 69: Journal – 1 pgs. : Describe

Step 70: Journal – 1 pgs. : Connect what you saw and heard with related chapters in books or chapters in Wikipedia.

Step 71: Research – Make a table of the countries we will visit to collect information in the next five days

Step 72: Research – Give each country 5 sentences from your outside research.

Step 73: Bridge Art Lesson

Step 74: Write a formal article in English about: “IMPORTANT Victoria”

Step 75: Narrative One – 1 pgs. : In your own words, tell a story about something that was doubtful.

Step 76: Narrative One – 1 pgs. : Tell how you felt when you examined a newspaper for the first time

Step 77: Narrative One – 1 pgs. : Tell a story of when you felt strong with a friend or a y

Step 78: Bridge Art Lesson

Step 79: Oral Presentation on a theme that you consider Interesting

Step 80: Research – make a table on Presentation or Tapescript or Showing Flipchart

Step 81: Research – give each possible title 5 adjectives or new words

Step 82: Research – Discuss pros and cons of each option

Step 83: Research – Make a table showing what each title presents

Step 84: List the things you (will) need to know to make your presentation

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