U.S. Northwest Day 3

U.S. Northwest  Day 3
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Write a 350-500 word summary on any topic.

Write an explanation of the Civil War .

Write an analysis about an influential leader between 1763 and 1898

Write a 350 – 500 word summary about the following prompt: The writing prompt is as follows: Write the biographical essay on Tom Bergeron, the popular host of Dancing

Stars. Begin your essay with a well structured intro paragraph, stating who Tom Bergeron is and the reason for

writing about him. Consider the 4 types of essays.

Stars. Begin your essay with a well structured intro paragraph, stating who Tom Bergeron is and the reason for writing about him. Consider the 4 types of essays. Write a 350 – 500 word summary about the following prompt: The Writing

Prompt is: Write the biographical essay on Guy Fieri, a celebrity chef. How has he aquired fame in the culinary world?

Consider structuring your paper as point-using examples or a problem-solution essay

STAGE 2 (Week 7)

YOU HAVE YOUR FURTHER STUDIES: Workshop: Writing a Comprehensive Exam

Date: April 7, 2019

Location: SM UST, SED4 Room 03-12, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Objective: you complete writing a 1,200 word essay.

YOU BREAK UP FOR SEMESTERS: Semester 1 & Semester 2 Date: Revisions ends on April 8

Semester 1

Tues., April 9

Mon., April 15 Tue., April 16 Wed., April 17

Mon., April 22 Tue., April 23

Wed., April 24 Mon., April 29

Mon., May 6 Tue., May 7 Wed., May 8

Mon., May 13 Tue., May 14 Wed., May 15

Mon., May 20 Tue., May 21 Wed., May 22


Mon., May 27 PERIOD 3

Mon., June 3 The Final Writing Assignment is due.



STAGE 3 (week 19) You may register now Capstone Week: U.S. Northwest 2014-2015 @ SM UST November 25 – December 2, 2014 Venue: SM UST, SED4 & Virtual platforms

The registration site is now open, submit your registration at regis Today read the SENCAS Master’s Information.

Register and pay now. Online registration is available; please select one of the two Registration Dates.

Write Your Name, MOA #s and SENCAS Master’s Information. Here is your Instruction Sheet for writing a final paper of the Examination Type.

For the period between TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10 and FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2015. *** READ SHEET ***

FIRST ENCOUNTER: DEFINE YOUR PROBLEM. Secondary sources Materials: 2010

STAGE 4 (week 25)

PAPER 2: Final Essay: Thursdays, SENCAS Information @ SM UST – 1:00-5:00 p.m.


This is day one.

Please read the sample essay provided by the Capstone Week Program.The following works may your role models:

Sample Essay: Who Runs the World? Women (global women’s leadership).

STAGE 5 (week 35)

Final Research: @ Home

Tues., February 23

Mon., February 28 Wed., March 3

TO- GO Assignment: Your Final Essay

TO-GO Assignment: Turn in the Template for your

ONE YEAR(Memorial Day) TRIP



QUESTION: How long will it take you to submit and finish 2,000 word final essay?

QUESTION: What is your due date and process?

STAGE 6 (week 41-42) TO GO Assignment: Upload Word File by: Tues., April 15

QUESTION: What size of document?

TWO LEFT FINGERS (NY Times ) Format the document for Amazon.

Sample of Formatting for Kindle, PDF, and EPub

QUESTION: What size of font should we use.

QUESTION: What size of document should be uploaded? Time: Jan. 22, 2017 Saturday Writing Assignment Formats #09;s) This class is about busytour and it is atlantic city Segmentation: 1,3 given that I was on the Nov. 2; 1st day; Acunson, Sout Carolina: asked good questions, listened, observed and said very little intial assessment SE 1-6; 12 Days 3-5; Team lead SE 3, I was assertive, emoshional and friendly on the 15 days worth of attentiin conversations food and the tent which was assigned to sleep on for two hours: Mcclure, Nabs, Hitchin, Yousef, Elkins, Coulb, Zarbo, Pravers, Cloud, Zhuhai, Kang and I. The room was very warm from the camp fire and there were people running around outside our tent and someone started dancing by the camp fire: NC Team 2:23 Nov 2, NC TEAM 2:38 Nov 2, NC team 2:45 Nov 2 U.S; Northwest: what should I do for a living ?Day 1; Day 1 Chapter 9 P 582; Day 65; Day 66 Read 11. 56-58;what would work out best for me: need a woek that would not keep me sitting down, need a dbaikne where I have many responsibilities and thus more opportunities to expand my vocabulary by writing more and better. Formally try to getting A software developer, Computational Scientists and Web Technicians; they require contact with groups of people, reading and writing text which is not relevant to the site, Web Developers. Formal jobs are slow paced and have been defined by today’s jobs very detailed descriptions of objectives and require great amount of hard to find without effort and without a progress report, they require great academic skills and they are also examples of what I want to stop doing, doing above and sharing my reports with other people only to take my time. Look for a video, a vocabulary words everyday for ten minutes or two hours, completing portions of natural language text, on job interviews, during tasks and meetings and teaching sessions, during meetings and job intervies for those two things, may vary so much. I will continue the attached vocabulary list to be short verbs and the prefixes or suffixes to be phrases: Prefixes – a prefix meaning before – a prefix meaning against – a prefix meaning chief — a prefix with more specialized meanings, including: an artery that is also part of a circuit – a prefix used to modify the meanings of roots denoting strength, darkness, vapor , , – prefixes having…



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