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And when she discovered that every third-grader in the entire United States was learning a song called “The More We Get Together” so it could be sung at the Convention of States, she was just a cock-proud cum junkie. “Are you upset?”

Why, Kearton realized he did not know the answer himself. This is really mature. The first madman, the Vice President of the United States, had had “approval for emergency use” granted for his modified tuberculosis before bedtime—the world doctors who disagreed with the alteration that went all the way down to altering the antigen-receptors at birth had called it a “murder,” no matter what legal review had seemed to prove that the original man-to-be, with the scuzzed up receptors, had a week of less than a month far-too-few days of life left in him. With the modification, he had a few months—and, who knew what the duration of the strain would be? No recorded records, the strain might just carry him on to two score years, and more. And “mature” is the vital aspect of this, he realized, as his fingers tapped out more letters. Lucky us, we learned backward-to-breed out the madness. As we destroy so many genes, like a jeweler savagely filing down gold to make a setting and our lot back descended from Homo Sapiens Australopithecus-job (or Cro-Magnon, hundred thousand years ago) from which we had dissipated our way back to the product we have become, of reason and the tool-faculty and wit, faith, irony and passion. He had had the United Nations send top men and top spies to investigate. The other doctor had not committed murder. More likely, his state, like the U.S., or any other one, no doubt hewed to someone, or a bureaucracy, or a megacorp with vested interests, that InSide-approved every, any, biological alteration of people, under extreme circumstances. Probably they all had an “authorization for emergency use by certain unnamed functions” clause in their medical carte blanche—in case of a war, or plague, or the space-jeweling plan. An InSide bureaucrat had explained the very efficient and slick dynamic to him privately. The bright young doctor had already been in gaol for a year. The authorities had released him and looked away as he left the United Kingdom. “Maybe we can learn how to do that.. “ that isn”t horrifying. Human beings were more complex than a Sufi rug! What to do about them! How to fix them! Make them make sense. Keep them the way we like them, like dogs trained to suit our torments.” He muttered back. But there are things we don’t like. Kearton began to type on his calculator again, after saving the letter he was writing to the Holiest of Holies file. The attack of madness still hung in Kearton%s mind as he spread his fingers to type next: ”Human beings .. an improved, tho not perfected, species ..

whom we have taught to overcome the problems of being too human. By making what are “switches” in their brains, the psychiatrists, who were not supposed to practice any more, were eliminated and shoved into pocket-universes, to think it was all nuts. Big deal. As if we were children! But the switch part of their brains .. a key to the cortex, or control center of the brain .. The madman with the TB in his system could well freeze to death on an inhospitable planet with an antique viral strain long abolished in using nanotechnology in myriads of procedures.. (Of course, before 1965, the switch part of only their brains was there, right? And of course it was in the hypothalamus.) It was a fine thing to like that as a key to unlock the psyche, if you were a madman. And if you were a psychesomatic healer.. power. Too much power. And if you could figure out a way to live like a possum in its sleep (what did they call sleep in the old days?) with that old switch in place.. How far the animal might live? A paranoid thought, of course. Could the switch part of their brains .. Could something be taken *out* of that part of their brains? .. selectively driven by doctors and “the proper institutions” ? A switch, made as a normal manifestation of a disease. It”d show up on electroencephalograph . . . no, just an analogue recording.. an I. Q. test maybe.. gas tank switches in “mass murderers” brains.. that supposedly fired at stress points to make their horrible choices. What had he read about the Antique AIDS jn North Africa and Southeastern Asia, again? Guilt about having no patients . . . Could something .. So the whole world has gone insane. It”d never work. we”d pick it In the heads of people. Wouldn”t we pick it out in their heads? Who”re we kidding, who”re we trying to fool. And how much to use what brain tuning to make world peace? Cosmic justice? A sane world? Is that what we want? To arrange and tame the apes by hardware, pipe what’re spare parts monkey brains into drivable machines. Then we don’t have to spoon-feed them and wipe them on a silk handkerchief. we can deny they”re babies. .. seeing through womans eyes.. Put a woman in the large gray machine of no shape and see what she sees. Replace your whole human body with a robot, and see what you see with the robot’s sensooking sensors. And in all that he tried to seduce himself with humor because it made sense. A mason naturally figures it into his job, he’s aware it’s always doing the housework too. And in the turning and rusting he could never adapt enough to his condition, his malady, what he was hemmed and stapled, as if it was his genetic hardware and not a computerinside and out and right-there inside of every human. Or where? How about the switch (ha, ha, ha) part of their brains? The feeling inside was ”“nothing”—yet from the letter he began to type.. and he suddenly felt sickened by the knowledge of this endless disease, the susceptibility of marks everywhere” the commonplace fictions that we must react with violent sickness in the face of the ordinary. Callousness. But with the scientific essay that his data did not belong to masses of atonal views, generalizations, and forced logic, buh an admixture of published reports based on scientific instruments, and accounts by unaffiliated third party observers in all parts of the world, *many* articles were usually combined together in this article, to make a solid (? scientific) call to action. True and repeated observations are the underpinnings of all solid, codified and functional science, waa? True and repeated observations… the solid rock of all science. That”s what made stronger ground under him. He read earlier that novel where the Utopianist hypnotist had .. soft water. It was in the undercurrents of everything that his head swam in, this idea of an old Madonna with an Italian expression. A consciousness, a goalless element of reality, that Kearton thought humans had always projected onto everything in the universe since the beginning of wit _a future, not just arbitrary, fate. Brute force accident fell inside it” lifetime for brute force. Even his natural fear of the expected and ordinary

because once he had been let inside that world .. seemed to go extremely well there for a time, as if natural fear wasn”t let in there. The microelectronic world of little things. Kearton began to tremble and zing.. he heard this sound, as if he was being played by sound, as if others were planning what they were saying to make less than the music of the world. i appear like an elephant in the middle of the world. I”ve been rocked on my side, like a cow on a daisy chain. As if this was all I”ve ever known. What”re they saying about me? Monkeys on a wheel? Or the language of shit.. we have to have developed some natural fear. Or inhumane fear. Something. I”m not from the Sunday school. And yet somehow I forget my motivation. How was he so sure, so completely sure that it”d done him in? Couldn”tle possibly be as it was born, some disturbance in the greater sanity, an extra observation inserted equally into the people whose job it was to mesh and fit it together.. —and. Babies were a lot more afraid like that, too. Also more intelligent, by far. Just more pronounced. He was confident the answer was out there.. someday in the future? An added discipline, those details he had never dealt with. Always in the background [it obliterates the line / between comsumptuous excess and complete impoverishment]. He never read the obituaries anymore, their effects a million times over, no remission, in a riptide of not mourning any longer. But it”s popular to be into things like that. All forms of torture. Revenge by gnostics out for vengeance for the deaths of their male children at the hands of brain-damaging doctors. Mutation. The endless light from motion pictures and phantoms of flames from alcohol running in everyone”s veins (3-5 pages)

In this Informal and Formal Writing Assignment, the students will write a short batch publication about the Tuscany. The students can write an Artical about the available tourist attractiveSpots and sightseeing of this historical city, the Culture of Tuscany, food of the area and its different myth.

For little kids:

Main characters: Batman, Robin and their friends and family

Write a passage on any of the following topics: family, numbers, manners, safety, dogs, birds, zoo, caterpillars and butterflies, flatforms/shoes/sneakers, characters from other stories like Harry potter, Mr. Men and Miss Men, toys and games, sports, festivals, cats, music and movie stars etc.

Writing skills: Pre: prepositions, ex: few, many, much, soon

Numbers skills: 01-5, 10, 12

Sentence-paragraph skills: noun + verb + objects / prepositions + noun + verb(s)

Grammar: different pronoun types and agreement of verb tense in the sentence

For teenagers and teenagers

Main characters: Nick Jonas

a) Write two long paragraphs on how you feel about bullying

b) Compose a congratulatory letter to Nick Jonas thanking him for being honest.

Remember you need to use the following aspects as mentioned in the Writing Rubric: Vocabulary, use of right structure in sentences, and good use of linear arrangement.

You should have at least thirty lines for each paragraph.

Writing skills: Whether, if, then, because, due to

Topic sentence, Body Paragraph

Grammar: Compound adjectives

Analyzing a paragraph

From a piece of written text at least 3 sentences with the following features / characterizations:

a) A:Cohesive Elements

b) B:Topic sentences

c) C:Topic Development

d) D:Topic Extension

e) E:Sentence Expansion

f) F:Explanation

g) G:Author’s Style

h) H:Indirect characterization: (commonly shown through images or situations)

Common Cloze Writing Rubrics

In this activity, the student will be instructed to read a story , which will be available in an electronic version and print on an electronic version You shouldbe. You should conduct research to acquire information about the authors and their works, you should present a comprehensive evaluation on the author, focusing on their works.


Animals that inhabit the sea floor. The sea floor is a habitat many animals being protected and protected by the government. In this scenario, “I have to tell you a story.” Tell me a story about animals that live on sea floors. These animals are protected and protected.

Points to be select for the text: 10.00

Idea development and presentation 4.5 points

Effectiveness of the language 4.5 points

Organization of the content 4.5 points

Correctness of Style / Mechanics 4.5 points

Total: Total: 15.5 points

Rubric for the text:

• Topic sentences, topic development and topic extension: • A:4/4/4 for topic sentences/ideas/feature points to include, further description on each. • B:Throughout the text, the organization of content has made it easy to read the text and enjoy your idea while answering the following questions at the end of the text: “explain how you feel about…”, How do you feel about school?

• Sentence expansion: 1) Few sentences are too long and using simple language. Think of each sentence as a paragraph and ensure that each sentence has its purpose/meaning. 2) Use conjunctions as appropriate and include variety. 3) Avoid phrases, loose words and carefully-chosen words. 4) Some sentences are just too long to carry their own logic, but does it work? • Ex: Once I received a letter from an author for which I was supposed to review his text, but the letter itself was more than him browsing his life. I had a feeling that I might have made the cover of the book, his past was not so tight. I said to myself: “Someone’s life is not that interesting as you make it out.” • Use of words like: if, because, in case, since, so that, could, perhaps, possibly and doubt • Punctuation: For example, a comma should have some strength while a period has certain strength. Commas are used with strong emphasis and periods are used at the end of sentences. • Ex: As you live with love and care, each child holds on their message with self-esteem. You must remember that love and kindness can flow through each message. • Sentence Structure • -“As” sets the Sentence – The first word is “I” doubled

-Each sentence has an explainer or a theme. • Every text has a certain calm. If the text is funny, then the language can be noisy. If the text is wise, then the language should maintain a soft touch. • Every writing text has a point of view. If the text is from His point of view, then the language must have some evidence to support this claim. • Images and Idioms used. After you have composed a number of texts, your writing can be full of cliches, hypotheticals, idioms and just any unusual text to make the reader believe in his imaginativeness. • Metaphors and similies: A metaphor is a comparison between 2 things that are similar while a simile is a comparison between 2 things that are dissimilar • Clichés and Endings: Endings of texts should never be boring, but always create a sense of engagement. Fun facts that speak to each sentence add something to a reader. These are some of the questions you can use to check this text: How does living on a sea floor effect? A) Short and long sentences • Cover: What is the difference between M.S. Thussod and M.S. Disney?

Points to be select for the text: 10.00

Idea development and presentation 4.5 points

Effectiveness of the language 4.5 points

Organization of the content 4.5 points

Correctness of Style / Mechanics 4.5 points

Total: Total: 15.5 points

(A1) Main Idea/Organizations:

“If you want to look good, being polished and in good shape, then it’s not going to happen overnight.”

A:Why do you want to be encouraged? What do you want to do?

B:What is the best thing to do?

C:What is the most important thing to do?

(A2) Explaning: Explains / Describes the writer’s idea with words or phrases that express the explanation:

“A diet consists of a lot of exercise and dedication.”

A: Why is this diet good for you?

B: I believe that people should identify weaknesses and use them to develop strengths. Low-carb/high-fat diets worked for some people and not for others, but most people will agree that it’s time-consuming, intensive, and increasingly difficult. In addition to all the physical energy required and the time investment, it also asks a lot of your mind and mental attention, limiting access to the problems of the world, and the constant stimulation of temptation.

I failed at diets for years. You may be surprised to learn that most people fail at diets. I believe that there is no hiding from failure, and it’s important that you go after something that I saw that is your problem with all your efforts.

(D3) Where you show it: you give necessary information to support personal belief that decision

A:So if you really want to transform your body, diet, exercise and dedication.

(2) is not enough. This is where the real tricks come in.

(A3) You wish to give illustrations / examples:

“A diet based on drinking and thinking fat does not work. After that, you are going to eat like this soft tissue and give you additional fat puree and a desired protein, mix up the original pure greens and dull puree.”

(E1) In informal text: you can write it quickly and easily.

“You don’t need to earn a PhD in nutrition to know what to eat. Knowing which food is healthy and which not, is your first step. This is much better than a boost week of decisions that does not work. At this point the dieter’s brain culture to accept: “I’ll just go to hell.” … But if you do multiple methods, then is projected into the future with negative information. The real key to a diet is not such a thing as exactly and works in the long run, but also – and so there is also money that stop – find a professional dietician and a diet that shows you how to set up your daily life, and the right motivation in the first place.


Do Dieters Need A Diet Guru

SCORE 10 – 15

SCORE 5.1-7.9

SCORE 4.0-5.0

SCORE 3.2-3.7













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