Tsom food in Mexico

Tsom food in Mexico
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It is not easy for me to fully articulate how much I appreciate Mike’s Wines when it comes to simply understanding wines. The depth of knowledge I have gained from visiting the tasting room has been incredible. In addition to the actual wines, I enjoy the hospitality . . . stop in for a tasting, you will not be disappointed!

Gil, via Yelp

If you love to discover the passion and craft of winemaking and the beauty of art in wine labels then you should stop by; you will surely learn something new and you will run across some your favorites.

Hana, via Yelp

It was a very fun experience, appreciated the teacher’s knowledge and generosity in making sure we all were satisfied. I loved the Australian wines and had no idea how sophisticated they are.

Wine Aficionado User

I learned a lot about tasting wines that I never knew. Mike was super patient and knowledgable which made it so fun!

Lauren, via Yelp

I love this place! authentic value! great wines, helpful staff, and all just blocks away from major shopping lines here in Sherman oaks! definitely one of the most enjoyable wine-tasting experiences I’ve had thus far. I’ll definitely visit again.

Wine Aficionado User

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