To Bruny Island and back

To Bruny Island and back
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A challenging trip and I am pleased to have gone through in one year. At the time it was a great trip and perhaps led to others I undertake, but I think what made it great was sharing that experience with a handfull of others whom did more of the tramping. The mystery of how things were going turned to adventure stories one could share with others. Good memories.

Cheers to you,

Pretty Casual,

Chris _J L- F –

For me reading your account of your adventure

gave me pleasure.

One doesn’t remember where one savages

the details of the route. Kenneth Jackson

P 5588 K.J.

Great evenin’ just dipping into your adventures and riding along with you. Mates have asked did I have any great adventure…beating Brits and Brats at climbing, sleeping in tent on roof of hut and lots of other experiences!

Yours Raj

Hi Forrest,

I was just aged 13 years and was training for the South Island School running championships at lunch in a Pumpernickel boat in the Kingston grounds when Keith returned from the cross-countries over at the other end of the lake. I recall you waved several times from the shore and were taking photos. Good to see your home page and your reflections! Spot on!

Mike ‘McE’

Re. the school cross country, I recall clearly the hot grey afternoon, you personally topping the girls’ sports with a 15, 1 second quicker than the best lady in the states girls and 5 seconds quicker than Phil Donaldson gave me a real sense of accomplishment (also made other lads feel good gloating, with a few booms).

It wasn’t the exhaustion and cramp relative to the fastest lads, nor the technical atrophy (cat’s cradle links), nor did it have much to do with environs (chasm now obscured by shrubs), or 1/2 dozen other contenders who’d mirrored your morning journey (home from Lynfoot, swimming, school lunch, cross-country, sports, PM) that made it memorable for me – it was a sense of individual character advance, of odds on achievement by an underdog, who, in spite of being more talented in other sports, made other lads / jurors, who may have apparently knocked down your chances and skills, – look at their luke-warm performances, and feel some confidence in their own trying skills.

The simple fact of “joining and clawing” it out amid such challenging competition (national schoolboy’s and 3rd place of all NZ cross-country & half marathon-men’s) carries more weight than those who may remember with more trivial detail the more frequent achievement of emperors (Phili-Donaldson, Rita Pottinger) which not uncommonly may end up being accompanied by diminutiveness and infamy, over short distances at least.

When toiling in the depths of societies evernmeterial ladder, and struggling at the ascent, it is wonderful to show others that you still have some spirit to maintain and serve, years of unrequited job-hunting, many years of unappreciated study at novice levels, a scant acknowledgement of phenomenal A&E staff performance and a general sense of inadequacy, even after having incidentally out-performed in some number of ‘prestigious’ endeavours. The day I moved from rucksack to hold-alls was one of quite special exhilaration as your smile of approval and well-wished me on that fateful day in 1975,

was a light in a dark world of slack shoulders and pallid intents.

Phili’s dafty, tip of the publican’s beerwork, must have dilapidated on any rugged downslide of your ability,

so one can understand, why you took so well to the hard surface of Lake Tanner.

Thanks mate, Alistair (k. oakbay

Greetings. Great to come across your 77 South Island tour….as its a memorable period of my life that I’ve endeavoured to map back to some sort of reality/context/interpretation. Its an incredible trip, especially when you read of the limitless reserve of western zeal and endeavour that was a trait in most of its participants. I had a quick look at your pictures but it’s going to be nice (and interesting to replay!) to slowly digest each one. (4 trips to Te Anau, then on to Queenstown, Glenorchy and G.M.

from Mark Milgar (L5533, Alney)

just to say thanks for the photos and articles, they are superb



i do have a minidisk with some of the photos and voerland speaking

a line.

However due to the most incompetence by the CD rom people

from S.A.I first transferred the items onto a CD rom then the CD

read errors, I was advised at great cost that it had been put on too

much music so took it of and after calling I never did get the

CD back, just an invoice in the mail!! Please dont bother next time ask

before sending your material to S.A. that way I will have backups.

Regards Graham


Hi Brother, I see a few photos at the bottom of this page. 2 of them are “X-rated”. Would you remove any? People might not want their little children perusing such material. Youve got a couple of Christian songs in your music files, too. Let’s keep the content wholesome. Take care



Dear F13,

I am a docent at Mt. Greylock). Just wanted to let you know that I’m so happy that you love New England — especially the Berkshire region. Hope to visit soon. Bill and I love the area.

Allison (E4714)

Mayor of the Berkshires

You might have guessed that as I participated in your great adventure as tour liaison (leading Garry Nugent, Tim Reynolds and Russell Anderson up to Columbus and back to Milford – four and a half days over Cook?) it holds many special memories for me. He lived in Auckland though and is volunteering on the Erebus Museum in his years of retirement so the ability to return to help lighten the load a bit is certainly not to be missed.

Best wishes for your reunion…..

Regards, Andy

PS I perused your web site this morning and was frowning over your two appearances as an over- dressed staid Barparone in ‘Life just like that’. What are your views on Jesus?

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I watched the video ‘A Kid Of A Heart Of Gold’ yesterday, I was wondering why you only sing the first 16 verses? A lot of people world wide know the ‘Volvo’ song, lets hear the rest, a rockin’ version.

I also watched the video about Lami about 20 times, what a good looking kid and personality, with such talent in all sports. Can he sing?

We hope you and your family are keeping well, we found the five children, they are very smart, they are now 5-9 years old, they do not have any land in Manawatu, they give all to their youngest child, Lami.

Kindest regards,

Thomson, Pryce and Tamai Gambl

this refers to your remark in the hei Hei newsletter by HST, Scott Mcntyre

Dear Mr Forrest. All in the Village have been delighted when they just heard that you were going to be here soon. You were a legend then, now you are a legend plus plus.

Yours faithfuly

David Miller

Sandy, Mykle and Eirik.

Dear Sir,

I have had pleasure myself of some correspondence with you. You helped us scheme this sale, but as another man has a passion for it

Your address on your envelop will be a great surprise for him and for people of Auckland who saw the barge passing up

and down the harbour and many from Canoe Towns of Nordland.

We are delighted that you are going home

Good luck (When is she coming back to her northern home in Norway)

Best regard

Geir Helge Jacobsen

Dear Sir F

Thank you for your comments re the sale.

We thought that you might be glad it was used, perhaps fine dresses for lovely women or men. The name of Oblomova has been used (and shipped to Tibet). It could suggest a monastery or travellers further east. The name of Hensha is among those used. Sally comes in about once a year to get patterns for curtains or cushions, or perfume sachets. We hope you are going home safely and happy, but also that you may start another adventure in your pilgrimage exploring places your lady interest with you.

Paul and Sally Amble – thank you very much

The biggest great fishing village where Sir F. Knows everything

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