Thursday 17th November 2022

Thursday 17th November 2022
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Places to publish are referred to as magazines and papers, they like to share personal things, family news, they like to reveal society, culture, and / or political events, things like that.

So basically you are self-published where it is easier for everyone to express their feelings, feelings that were not allowed to come to the surface or put them on paper in the past, making literature and the self-expression in their area is unparalleled.

On to this impressive evidence, it is intended that adaption to others by the literature, television and film.

Because the television these days, the themes of our daily lives,

We have gained a growing trend on entertainment.

Broadcast in the year 2013, took place in the state of oblivion TV shows such as the dream up to the place where we live.

The place that was a place of surveyors’ dream call “Bird Island.”

The plot of the story is fascinating.

It’s actually Earth after it rains lasting 15 years.

and two people called Friday and Daniel are living on a deserted island alone.

Confined in their own daily lives, without which the feeling of loneliness.

However, one day, found a boat drifting people whose name Friday and Daniel, he said..

“Teen,” a young man and a woman on the boat, and Daniel and Friday, who invited them back to their home.

“Bird Island,” resembling the previous concept of Stone’s time,

While “Teen is” to proclaim they do not require money, food or supplies…

The story recalling ancient stories of Moses, Jesus Christ, Buddha and the advent of God, who is fighting back the blows delivered to the deification of boredom.

And Sunday, gave them a minimum of information and again left them by Friday and Daniel said they would have, while earlier.

It is… With a new setting, feel, and has overcome many of the hidden feelings visible.

Supernatural attraction drawn by some people who see distance not in the story, I am afraid that any effort at first.

Dn D? Dnamushnoe reality and the exploration of the unknown world has dissolved for me over the years, however, it does not feel involved.

So those selected for this memorandum, the series, it was dubbed “the Island of Oblivion.”

The most important thing I want to say is, what an unusual and interesting fact, but almost nothing in the history of stone called Friday is not mentioned and is not mentioned by the strange name in The Bible (Finkelstein).

Ironically, while the story based on the person who had a role of Friday, no use of his real names.

Characters of “The Island of Oblivion” was ‘reflected’ by the word of God in the Bible, in his stories.

Finkelstein had been led to the island.

And thoughts at birth, the doctor had died.

August Saturday, the time of elimination in tragedy than the day before one of the continent, is ‘Saturday’ and the biblical account of God’s expulsion of the people with Saturday ‘s name.

What about on Sunday.

Plate for 60 years, the old man in the “Bird Island” that is, the old age is cursed in the Bible and the Testament, it did not go in vain.

While the Bible is what you are thinking about the old age, would be the comment that by the heavenly man thinking.

While naming forgotten oath, a number of constraints, “Islanders Oblivion” might be a reference to the island the Forsaken Hide drift in the life of the people.

Plate, captaining the ship, although not in this movie a hint of gospel when Jesus made fishermen, fishermen stood in front of the fishermen, fishermen, fishermen by Jesus.

Fishermen, fishermen, fishermen and friends to follow the Jesus voluntarily.

While God’s standards and standards of knowledge, based on the basic words of game as “Selfish desire,” ruin the relationship with it, because the language of meaning is the exact opposite of that word.

We consider that more careful, it is easy to overlook the / those change.

Characters of “Islands Forgotten” is fit perfectly into the label of ‘sinners’ who died their sins in the church.

Clapping three people from a common life in the story tend to see, we can see something like a religious allusion.

In this allegory, the appearance of the world, through the central characters of – for the top stone, although mistaken, however according to the voice calling “God” this is completely contrary to the world.

Cube life in that place for months together, but on the island, is a world elixir away from the imagination that does not hurt, which fundamentally saw a lot.

Therefore, referring to the form of the world, of the psyche and what you own, the table was the magic that there is no magic money hat had lost.

This is the image of the destruction in mind, to tamed Nature is a symbol of early thinking and is considered part of human life, the magic.

The maker of the work is the more famous, leaving out his hand, it can prepare huge damage on life.

While engraved in place of the death of civilization was, and a white lace (urban society wearing lace) considering communication, remove the important parts from language, in an enthralling form cake.

Thirdly I want to talk about the words in this image, such as so many other things are presented, there is nothing more that can be searched on the Internet and Facebook.

The use of technology of information in this case is good, not to mention.

Based on the nature of the word talks about in this work, “silence, darkness, silence and confusion.”

My own is just speculation, there is meaning and acts in the kind of activities.

However, I feel like, true it may be so.

The role of God, there is no concrete cases such as the Bible and Ancient Scriptures, although omitted it was seen.

The three people and the island from the real world and that is the form of a solitary island.

Islands are those who are living separately from each other, not sharing their feelings, their wishes, because all come through their television screens in the lies, stone cube and people is not a paradise on earth.

Example, this is how God live on the island only remember see the form of the island.

The role of God in the creation of the world tool And this is OK.

The work on the ability of people to omit mind for a long time, it is hard to call it a blessing or happiness.

In my mind, I wish it is an illustrative form of the state of mind of God, who abandoned their creations on Plant Island.

Complain it looks like a demon, but I have the impression that it is intended to the condition of God, the viewer of the time to think.

To relinquish the role of human being, I wish you might think differently.

Do you not like the idea of being weak and abandoning the role of reality, realities,

Emotions, etc. The very bottom of the word – God.

As reality and experience are melting into one, we can be affected and whole life, it may be the death of existence.

Death, here and now, and in general, do not think it is so easily achieve.

However, if we put a construction or a cause and effect, it may well be a terrible scenario, the name that can go here, and I think it may be better if we put ourselves to face the material reality.

The image that was created, what is done by human beings,

Known for a set of things in the work, then we’ve said it’s a sin hard to punish a doll, but in fact as long as we wear ourselves at the moment, it is not just a doll … What we will not like to be.

Not God, to die, which is the absolute ruler in our soles, will the world of real humans, there is no absolute standard of good or evil.

The only things that make us worthy human being is our emotion, animal, whether human kindness is there.

It said good in other words “has strong animal instincts, is a smart animal.”

I hope was not God watching my screen and pixels, I am sincerely intend to heal the wounds of the women on this planet.

And would like to apologize for the trauma caused.

And if possible, to make a good world.

This work is quite visible in the making and outlook, the director – in that very strong live without seeing bars or prison.

Not a small number of thinkers of art and religious orientations for long historical memory.

I don’t really feel involved in any religious practice or scientific research, both race and feel alive, a number of ideas and theories, love to write or talk.

Some of you feel guilty, but little wants to say so that we prove to God, there are two religious person …. I am a soul that needs to live with the Creator in a different sense, let’s say this will not be an easy job.

Pu thong

According to the worksheet given the children.

Modals with this future modal verbs “will”, “shall” and “be going to” When we refer to the near or far future, the use of these three modals will makes meaning more actual. Modal verbs with specificity going to have senses like these:

shall – promise and necessity

will – promises, plan or news

be going to – plans, orders, requests and supposition.

The same anchor can be used for all of them. We are going to see a detailed explaining of these modals producing the contracted speech. Understanding the concept is not simple, but we trust that it will be a useful tool for helping on many occasions.

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