Three nights in Santiago

Three nights in Santiago
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The city is an adventure to explore on foot or by bicycle particularly around Recoleta, its traditional garden district, and Centro and along Av. Libertador — the city’s principal avenue. All are colonial in style. It’s also getting easier to use public transportation, although the system’s coverage is still limited.

Av. Libertador once was thronged with street merchants pushing their wares, many of them bootleg knockoffs of Levi’s and other brands. But the central government has made Santiago the first city in South America to strictly enforce trademark rights, driving out many of the hawkers.

You can still buy cut-rate goods, but if a deal looks too cheap to be true, it probably is. And always remember, street merchants routinely short polite, well-heeled customers as a matter of course.

Even with the tamer streetscape, Santiago is a great city for wandering. The heart of the city, roughly from Av. Liberator south to Santiago’s main square, Plaza de Armas, is flat, with broad sidewalks and a large number of attractive parks.

Proposed new technology awards would have giant eye staring back at the US for spying on Europe

The US government’s recent spying scandal has prompted proposals to have Chancellor Angela Merkel’s giant eye staring back at the US for spying on Europe.

The American government has been under fire in Europe for allegations that it not issued apologies to European Union (EU) leaders for spying on them as well as on its citizens.

This is believed to be the background that has led to a proposal to ask a German artist to create a sculpture that would symbolize the situation – it would involve embedding a statue of Chancellor Merkel’s face into its outer wall in Berlin.

This plan is headed by Christoph Kucklick, a building supervisor. He has expressed that Germans do not need to place thousands of video cameras in public areas.

Instead, they should be satisfied with a few sole cameras positioned on sensitive sites in public places, largely at government offices, including the Chancellery, the German parliament and the Bundesbank.

In his opinion the current surveillance techniques can be an integral part of airport check-points, but for ordinary citizens like him and everybody else, he expressed that the security cameras in public are just too much.

He believes facial recognition software gives the Chancellery and its friends their power, so he expressed that the sculpture should be given to the authorities as an important message.

The monitoring program with the use of internet and smart phones create a society without privacy. This situation is commonly referred as surveillance overload.

The EU members have expressed criticism for using surveillance technologies to spy on data signals coming from internet users which are difficult to monitor.

One of those countries is Germany.

Explain that you learn in detail the following three things:

“Three nights in Santiago” (Pre-reading/Fact finding:) • What is Santiago by night? • What is the history of this city? • What is the big picture of chess and how does it fit with the city? Provide two paragraphs for each point. • Describe a few of the main attractions in the city like Miraflores and Parque Guillermo Grant by night. • Describe a few nightclubs, etc. where one can have a good time in this city. • Describe a few hotels in the city that one could choose to stay in.

Write a formal article in Spanish about: “The advantages of working in a group”

Explain that you learn in detail the following three things:

“The advantages of working in a group” (Pre-reading/Fact finding:) • Why teams work in groups better than individuals? • Why teamwork is more than just a collection of individuals? • List four reasons why people prefer to work in a team. • List three suggestions to have useful teamwork. • Describe why give the success of any team depends on three things. • Give three suggestions on how to communicate effectively in the team.

Write a formal article in English on: “Helping others to feel good”

Explain that you learn in detail the following three things:

“Helping others to feel good” (Pre-reading/Fact finding:) • Helping others makes ones feel more satisfied with oneself. • Explain four benefits of doing things for people. • Describe two future career developments for someone interested in communication. • Explain three-four benefits of incorporating psychotherapy in your work. • Describe in detail the symbol of quality of life and its five elements.

A man who spends his money where the resulting services are best are evaluated as inexpensive, just because the result was beneficial for him. This is called consumer behavior. Hence, consumers behave like a rational person.

Be careful to avoid typing or grammar mistakes. Make sure your hand writing style is appropriate for your grade level.

Remember to: take into account your academic calendar, the tasks it assigns and the class culture, both when writing and when reading others. Remember the paragraph structure set in English classes: ThE, ABoUtt HHEM, tASk, WrITeW OREllvErsCMhLy, ORrERErELveW with a minimum of 5 sentences; all sentences third person, past tense. Writing should be completed by 11/12 of the class.

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