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If the ICO is smart, they’ll post this article here, and we’ll ALL click that link to read it, after all, we’ll want to keep up on the Sweethearts progress and see how she’s doing. and possibly see whats up with where the $ out of our pockets and theirs went.

I clicked some links to help, but it’s possible something blew up with these kind-hearted scamsters (nope, there’s no possible way), and missed some docs, but I seriously doubt it. I didn’t find anything. No blockchain, no registration documents with the SEC or any similar agencies in Japan or Canada or elsewhere.

this is a cryptocurrency-themed company, that seems to deal with blockchain technology, yet none of the hype seems to be related to it’s own project.

Not all Bitcointalk ICO’s are scams. I was considering participating in this one FOR A WHILE, but the ICO is in a bit over 7 hours, so now I’m going to show what I uncovered about it in this review.

First, though, let it be known that I am not invested in their ICO, nor am I leaving what I believe could be a rigged (and highly anticipated) review, so that I can wait until after the beginning of their ICO, wait until the end of their ICO, then make an account, dump some coins on the market, then dump back in and participate again at a higher price, a practice known as Exhaustive PUMP and DUMP. Some funds on this site may invest in ICO’s, and some of those ICO’s even seem to give you the option to participate in their own project, similar to RobinHood.

If you go to their website , You can see that they lay out their site, already telling you that this is probably an ICO with a bit of plagiarism.

They give you an overview of what they’re aiming to accomplish:

“We’re going to flip this model on its head and put it on a blockchain. We’re going to make an open, peer-to-peer network, where there is no formal process and where participation is entirely voluntary.”

Stop me midway through that first paragraph, and it sounds like a quote from Barack Obama, or some random entity parroting the same points I and the rest of us hear about day in and day out.

They don’t even finish the paragraph, and it says all the same crap people like that who don’t understand bitcoin or Cryptocurrency for all it’s worth, want you to believe, but there is another problem here, some of you probably noticed it too but didn’t give it a thought, and some of you are wondering why it stood out to me, within the first paragraph of an initial website opening sentence. This is because these ideas are quite out dated, and promotes the idea that the blockchain hasn’t already changed the internet.

2. They apologize for their lack of formal traditional processes and instead created the blockchain, with cryptocurrency friendly websites, although here I’d like to remind you that this is currently a review and I haven’t altered the topic of Bitcoin or other projects, even though you’ll notice as I go through this review that they promote Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency while also promoting their ICO, which serves as the connection of their product, as well as offers a PROFIT.

And don’t forget, the idea behind what they’re doing isn’t even entirely new.

Grin is an open, decentralized Blockchain, that intends to be the first without the main features which prevent a crypto currency from scaling gracefully in order to become a day to day payment system.

We want to offer a low entry point for all the people.

A brand new concept, instead of being trapped within the existing economic paradigm, we want to create an economic paradigm of our own. We believe, new business models will emerge from within the established economy.

We believe, certain aspects of the current system, can be upgraded.

We believe blockchain technology enables things, real-time value transfers, verifications and settlements, which have never happened before.

They have copy and pasted a good deal of info, pictures and videos from other website, then, disrespecting the original creators, they put it up themselves as they intended to deceive the community.

They have copied many images from google images as well. They’ve taken an old picture of a bride and a groom, screen grabbed it and dubbed the reason it’s being used as Sweethearts. Added a bunch of other obvious stock photos that has nothing to do with blockchain and cryptocurrency, and called it a blockchain based website for cryptocurrency kind-hearted OPS on a decentralized blockchain-based network using blockchain technology.

Alright, now let’s get down to business:

THE CURRENCY ISN’T EVEN NEW, It’s just PRL , which is used in adult films and gambling/betting.

The problem here, is that the largest VR Porn site only accepts BEARCOIN, and has a minimum deposit of $500. Sorry sweethearts, but not for us; Only for you, precious. And I’m sure you’re gonna offer us a chance to buy your tokens on top of that, making that minimum deposit well over the ICO price.

Look, it’s decentralized blockchain technology, allowing real-time value transfers, while their original website setup before they rebranded quickly, described their company as an entity with 4 founders and several investors at the top bracket of American and Canadian companies.

This is the point where I’m starting to lose trust in sweetHearts. No actual blockchain products, bare bones websites, and the CURRENCY SKIMS OFF 4%.If you get $10, you get $9.40, plus a referral bonus of an undetermined value, after the platform makes absolutely Sure you won’t be getting that 8 out of 10 dollars.

The only guy who makes money off of this goody two-shoes foolishness, is himself, so don’t let your sense of kindness allow you to be fooled by this nonsense. It’s not the blockchain, it’s not decentralized, it so-called cryptocurrency is actually nothing but random garbage, the recipes to make something better, but still nothing more than garbage, that is already accepted on pornographic websites.

The cryptocurrency is not even new. The CURRENCY is not even new, it’s PRL which is actually a currency used for child pornography (yes, it is tested, VERIFIED, and proven to be true on multiple different sites, but you’ll notice this professional review of ICOs doesn’t focus on information from pornography. The only reason I bring it up here is because people who run these companies pretty much share the privacy concerns and morals of child pornography users.

They want to corrupt and ruin cryptocurrency, so that the more unworthy, foul and disgusting charlatans, who just want to make quick money and not actually do what they claim to be doing, can be the new babysitters of the system, while they slowly ruin it by buying out weaker currencies faster than they have in the past, plunging the market value into a loss state where it either flames out or breaks down.

PRL, SWEETHEARTS, and the like are no better than the other, SCAMS where they just invest anonymously into any crappy ICO that comes along, just in CASE their currency and the activity that is going on with it, gets destroyed, or it just tanks, they and their buddies have a solid foundation of that almost untapped currency that they could come back to, put it on sale, and reap the insane cash in.

This is a call to action, this is a heartfelt, sincere attempt to show all of you the lowlife scam that attempts to be a business rather than just a community and/or social experiment.

Tell them to stick it where the bees breed, and use Bitcoin to make payments, win lotto’s, and convert money into blocks, use Ethereum for everything else, and go shill their ICOs on Shark Tank, where it belongs; not on the one and a half year old platform for Blockchain Whales.

I knew I could trust the blockchain not to let something like this happen to crypto, but because something like this never happened with crypto, I am sadly mistaken.

Sad it is.

$5 million is a lot of money, and I’m sure many of you can quickly identify with the fact that they say they’re a decentralized blockchain, while they still haven’t so much as bought you a goddamn drink in their original website setup.

This might sound fake, but I’ve downloaded their whitepaper again, just in case they do something stupid with it over night and stop me from seeing their original first impression.

END of document.

Now head to their gituser, and read the source code if you’re not wholly convinced that this is a scam!

Words from others:

“That analysis was great, even though it is clear to everybody that this shill-person is biased and tries to get a few more coins on top of his investment by pretending to want to help people be aware of the real intentions and nature of this scam, this ICO was doomed from the beginning because it has been expressly forbidden by the Admins, other than the OP, to shill ICOs or to post anything that has the form or appearance of off-topic advertisement –including referral links–. This thread has to go.” Tezzigator, BitcoinTalk Poster

Here’s some pictures to help your view of what we’ve covered here!

Skim the website, then why not just go right

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