Sun Kissed and Running with the Wild Ajummas

Sun Kissed and Running with the Wild Ajummas
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I know I should have titled the post ^ Above for it is really me in summary but. I’ve lived in Korea for way too long and I can no longer put up with the treatment I receive when telling people exactly how to pronounce my name. I do, however, try to put up with my friends and family in America, as it’s just more of a temporary annoyance than anything else. But I HATE when Koreans, who I have ALWAYS been polite to, settle for a pretty bad imitation of my name and judging from the looks on their faces, don’t care. It’s even worse now that a lot of them have seen some TV show about American high school girls and decided that I must be an American or ethnic of some sort because the entire planet doesn’t look like them, I assure you.I always try to pronounce their names nicely during introductions. One girl would NEVER let me get away w/ putting a consonant at the end of her surname. She was Korean but we quickly became friends and I never had a problem calling her Chang like she wanted. However, there were things that would NEVER convince me to change. Some names were literally worse than the two I had. A female teacher I knew, while I was taking the placement test the first year, was called Placket by me. I couldn’t pronounce anything else because the sound she made, try as I might to imitate it, had no English equivalent! As rude as I tried to be…and there were never any problems.Even as awful as they were, they certainly knew that I had some. It makes me cringe when they butcher my name to fit their guts. I’ve had so many teachers THAT I refused to even TRY to get them to get it right. I’m American and that’s that. I know that my inability to master the Korean language is my fault and my best excuse. But if you can say it and know it well enough to remember when to use it, it shouldn’t be so confusing to others (to me it isn’t). But as much as I love Korea and I think the treatment I’ve received is worth it AND I love the people I’ve met in Korea, I really really really really really really really really really really really really really dislike this part that rules over literally EVERY MEETING of teachers or colleagues!My first year, 2007, some other teachers and I were practicing speeches and presentations on the computer and in the corner, conversing in the teacher’s room, I noticed a very nice teacher quite frequently mispronounce my name in an effort to…fit it? I hadn’t noticed her face but I thought, DAMN! What is she thinking? By the end of the 2nd year, I had just about had enough but strategically walked out the back door so she wouldn’t notice my entrance into the teacher’s room and by the very next morning, I had decided that I could either speak up or just accept it. I chose the former.The fact that everybody there worked as school volunteers (at the end-of-the-school celebration) and I was the only non-Korean had no bearing on my decision. We stand at entirely different levels of respect and I expect more from them. They were volunteers while I was TEACHING THEM ENGLISH and the English language. She turned red in the face, never to say my name incorrectly again. By the way, they were studded pearls.You know what my friends are calling me? Postcard with an “A” at the end! It’s kind of cute so I’ll humor them for now.By the way, ronakim is rude to get on my nerves so it’s not much of a stretch for them!

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Guide to Business Korean Blog: This article on Business Korean has a lot of useful links, especially the one toward the bottom of the page that asks what skills you need to succeed in the Korean job market. This will give you some links to the “Step Register” exam that you need many employers need their potential employees to take. Email in Korean:(This one is good for emails or other Korea specific communication) Has a bit of an annoying file er and autorun.

KoreanDict.Com : Is a really cool dictionary with great tools and previews the word, radical, and different context sentences.

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How is things in Korea

I joined my rugby club in travel Team Korea as an assistant coach to spend the 10 weeks with the boys. It was more teaching than coaching but I helped select, scouted, and sat at every Korea rugby player table. Every weekend our teams would play rugby in the city of Seoul. I also spent a couple nights a week with a Korean family. The boys I coached are in their late 20’s to early 30’s so most have their own families. I have a twin brother that is 3 years older than me so that helped when I hung out with them.

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