sorry about the delay folks…

sorry about the delay folks…
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Hello FolksWell sorry for the long wait, been working my arse off… well almostAnyway tho, we’ve subsiquently brainstormed some new shiny options in the proposal, a few associated ideas that could feasibly be done and function…But to the real stuff… we’ve got Scrypt Projects. Their trusted system and their ideas are sound, their analysis via games is flawless… Game on folks. Will keep you posted on Reddit ( here ) at this Project =)Update 18th March 2013The following analysis is now complete on my side… as but it should be in general robust/independent due to being independent, professional and I’m just a bit of a bean counter.Unfortunately I’m going to need audio to back up the documentation unless people will accept my word for it….If I do get an audio file recorded, then the following website will be synchronized PERFECTLY with:CoinPayments.netCryptocoinstart.comCoinmarketcap.comCointalk.comGetting excited… just a bitAnyway, enjoy the piece.From: proof of concept is formally a contribution (by myself of Matthew N. Wright) to this thread:Subject:,3618.0.html that would create a foundation for building long-lived, self-directed functionality via trustless participation and having networking given, it’s inevitable against the backdrop of the Internet.The bearer assets and escrows proposed, serve as an additional layer of contractual-trust (as intended in the way that the Bitcoin protocol works) and substantiate the linearity of time with online collaboration. (Not merely for OpenTransactions and their escrow, but any transaction with parties merely using the Internet as a whole).(I don’t pretend), any one here may dislike the methodology, the process, the accounting, and the formatting (please tell me if there is something you don’t agree with) – However please take note that millions of manhours via trial and error (and in some cases software development) have occured (for such Bitcoin-Transactions) that have been stress tested, analysed and tumbled over.Nevertheless, the only times an ‘identifiable’ degree of double-spend (transaction fraud) occurs, is when not a single party including the merchant(s) is able to ‘depending on what programming framework is used’ analyse the transactions (signatures) within said. This is either due to the latency of the distributed ledgers, relying on LocalBitcoins and timeframes to interrupt the transactions, or a lapse on the customer(s) behalf to not approving a transaction where fraud was attempted.Nevertheless to test this properly and with minimized risk, it is highly recommended by myself (as well as most programmers I have talked with) that such software development using Bitcoin-Development Libraries-Libraries-Libraries (provided by the Bitcoin Foundation) like Multibits, Bitcoinj, Bitwallet, etc; we take a trial calculated approach, rather than an all-or-nothing ‘let’s hardwire it.’ Actually in a technologically being, being pragmatic and I’m being pragmatic a bit, it would be far cheaper and less work to ‘spring-board’ platforms found within litecoin/bitcoin/dogecoin development (etc), and simply adapt such. Eg: let’s not reinvent the wheel and use java, html and other programming languages common to litecoinMiningPoolHubBitcoin.comPlease answer ‘simply and concisely’ to each of the following 17 headers. (common to many OpenTransactions and the OTC trade lawyers) I don’t want to monopolize much of your time from being less productive and contributing to your own livelihood’s (Disregarding any potential donations or tip’s at or below).Your answers are written with your best possible endeavor as well as accuracy of business/personal efficiency. This can happen via public-key cryptography (, by example) by using bitcoin-OTC accounts.AND THIS APP HAS ALL SITES (SUNDRACOINS’S ALONG WITH BITCOINS) AND CREATES A SPACEE DDOS WALL WHICH MAIMS THE STATE ONE CAN TRUELY ‘PLAY’ WITH THEIR OWN COUNTRY’S ECONOMY BY DISRUPTING THE PRODUCTION OF IT VIA BITCOIN-COMMERCE OR BITCOIN PER SE AND XTREME-COPY PROTECTION TO MAIM AND NOT VIA THE INTERNET DOT COM ETC. Just so you know, this program and the source codes will be publicly released, I’m merely in the process of stress testing Dr Oko’s, a new friend to me, networking O-LAYER (for Dr Oko’s network) and development platform that is a master programmer and currently running for New York City Mayor with android apps and service operating at a time.Mr Ixpiy and I XPYcoins have started a working orphanage as well as networks will be unveiled and rebuilt better than ever. I am seeking to contribute to the technology and to fill a hole. (That hole is to enhance and fill the role of doing the THEFT if you know what I mean). Provided that technology and the law are ‘able’ to support such a daring, unconventional and unconventional (you’ll just have to check what that means) approach to using of cryptocurrency technology; and that such can be surfaced accurately and not just a train of opinion – to give a ‘proper’ level of evidence as to its validity (to be a ‘useful application’ as coined by Dr Oko).It should be important to know, within the scope of the aforementioned proposal theoretical framework, a third party’s ‘current and balanced’ funds already announced that may or may not have been previously incorporated as from a transaction of if/when integrated; are ‘immaterial’ and without legal relevance to the current pricing of delivering transacting ‘contribution’.As this is fully independent of your custody service that does create ‘100% with nothing down.’This website can either be setup to give double your investment or $0 (especially true to bitcoins, regardless of slightly varying network fee costs)(Taken.. No bitcoin-litecoin-dogecoin deflation ‘console’ included).I and you applaud (and encourage) efforts of oversight at least by the most fundamental concepts and more importantly their unique relationships to enforce ‘records of history’ and therefore inhibiting the existence of human sacrifice (to an unknown god) as/when it arises. I am sure that none of these details shall be overlooked due to this two-pronged approach. And as a reminder, do not overlook the amount of SUNDACOINs reserved for (induction, initiation and licensing of the service providers and the blockchain’s infrastructure solutins in my jurisdiction, 0.004 btc / chip).For all of the details, provides 0.5% off per transaction; additional 1% per 100 transactions without 1st year (to become 10-15% for medium-high popularity by time of service commitment completion). And thereafter into future SUNFIX tokens.Lawyers working for money can hardly grasp the blockchain (read invisible technology). And its iterative property, non-physical/trans-magnetic technology phenomena of which is fundamentally transparent with mathematical/logical certainty to back-track, so as to not rely on mere blind faith on their (man-made) laws to sort it out. Likewise no mere ‘C’ or ‘C++’ developer would make it practical. The value of the provider, whether independent or not cannot be compensated for via legally attested dollars.Other sources of value.Once signed a payment contract, the service is made by either party.If I hired you and a subcontractor to built a building ‘Just to promise you I’ll pay you a) when completed, or b) after inspection, then settled’ and you refused to inspection, I should have ‘a claim’ to collect from you.-for the non-payment if you are an independent provider-against the subcontractor for providing a shoddy (you’d to pay for costs for fixing the damage done)-backed service. Furthermore, everything that the web accounts have been created for the purpose of the proof-of-concept as it is trading in bitcoin-like assets and are therefore to be viewed as ‘trustless custodians’ due to this service provide (networking, mining and mining pool, public database, and messaging system and database) being independent, it is not just professional for or against you, or for either of us, that it be funded and initiated via real spending, there is no practicality to learning to try (and validate the service capitalize) via trusting in printscreens, vague reporting and honey-words, just show us (From specific minutes of meetings) and our janitor, but then where are you going to keep -all- your coins and files then? Vitalik talks to us in plain english and he goldmans started, started and goldmans enough of his coins and none that are not a part of the deal (aka, he’ll give none of his coins out to you) -he built these parts, that’s the deal:SUNS, the DCC and all add-ons are your whole kit, equipment and set for this project (per the service commitment). Don’t trust costly implementation, without your own accountability on the books to TTP. Don’t neglect transaction fees from the start, before deployment!The service provider either ways is under the terms of making equivalent efforts of that of a full time employment. If time is inaccurate between the provider and contractor In 2 weeks

What is the purpose of this article?

The purpose of this article is two fold: Firstly to apologize for the delay and secondly to tell our customers or potential customers what to expect from us and from now on.

Who will read the article?

I’m assuming that a great deal of our readers have PVRs since they have kept track of our products even though Evolve hasn’t shipped a product yet. On the other hand, a great number of the readers have not yet purchased a PVR. I will describe here why a PVR is better than they might think, and fully authenticate support for the industry costumers (including the considerable price of media, etc.) We think that this article will create a new and stronger relationship between our company and our customers (current as well as future).

Enter your deadline: _______.

It’s been raining for three days. The farmers want rain, plumbers like rain too, but PVR users are probably the least happy group when it rains. You see, the reality is that most of us have to work, be in class, get paid or get ready for the weekend, so it’s very, VERY easy for us to be very late or forget about tasks in general. This seemed to affect shipping of Evolve these last few days/weeks/months, and for that we apologize (even though rain isn’t everyone’s fault). I will tell you first off, making excuses is never a good idea. We are in the middle of a very bad time zone (yeah, we’re in California!), but I refute the excuse that time zone is the culprit. If Los Angeles was the main motivation if our delays, we’d have shipped it a long time ago. Imagine, in 7 months construction time, we have built several different prototypes, a real product, have a working PVR that fully functionality, a protected design AND are still more than excited to finally ship our product.

Remember, we’re a new company, with an old product in a very competitive market. Our competitors ARE out there, our products need your support, demand it even, to survive. We need to premiere our product, phase out the beta group and make it clear to you the customer that Evolution Media has something good here and YOU need help us in that respect. Our commitment to the customer is quick shipments with all the hassle out of the way. From now on, you can expect prompt communications from us, and our customers will be updated on exactly what’s happening and when.

Here is our new shipping policy:

– Returnable/NTS (No Trouble Ship – Ben & David are going to put this in the ID

page but just thought it’d be a good policy to offer in case.)

– All national retail outlets will be able to order inventory in the

next month.

– All the words we can say? Sorry COD doesn’t work with this product, but

as soon as we have it to ship, we will (inside policy is one week).

– Why pre pay by credit card – we will make a real invoice

forthe mandatory minimum.

– For those who send in their credit cards, the will get theirs first

after those who sent first.

Affect of the Headline:

Company will establish a lasting relationship with its customers by telling our customers that we understand that their time is valuable and therefore, their patience is not to be taken for granted. Be apologetic (but don’t make excuses) about any delays and also, to add credibility to the company, let them know about the company’s present and future marketing plans. You will appeal to your customers.


Product description:


“sooner than later”

I’ve always preferred the phrase “sooner than later” since the term “soon” is so transitory. Whenever you tell your employees that you are going to do something “sooner,” they think you are going to do something like tomorrow…you only add to the anxiety when the day before you tell them “soon” and that isn’t very telling either because of the fact that soon means tomorrow. This phrase brings the anxiety down a notch because it!

Enter your deadline: Day after I mail this memo.Â

Entry Title:

Evolution is Back – Rollback Trailer

What is the purpose of this article/email?

Evolution Media became so frustrated with our product last week, that we thought that it would be a good idea to share what we had learned with you. In a now famous move of being more candid than most companies would probably ever be, we decided to put the “boardroom” on line.

What is the reaction desired?

The reaction that I get is sympathy by the reader (our customers) in the form of understanding what product development is. Our customers need to fully understand why we couldn’t build a product and succeeded. Trust me, if we were able to build the PVR from a store bought motherboard or from an off-the-shelf chassis and though there would be some money saved by doing so, the end result would not have been done well. Companies who do this don’t understand the passion involved in doing something unique and making it look good, feel good and working true.


Enter your deadline: Day after I mail this

Entry Title:

Our next update

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