Silk worms Buddhist monks Fireworks

Silk worms Buddhist monks  Fireworks
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During the Tang dynasty (dà shù), and the Song dynasty, holiday celebrations included the release of wheel-shaped fireworks called Monk’s Firecrackers which represented wishes for monks and nuns to enjoy long-life. However, the Han dynasty celebrated different holidays as Buddhist holidays evolved into ancestral holidays. The Chinese Emperor would command his tributaries to exchange gifts every year. However, during the Han dynasty, officials became corrupt and so the emperor decided to reject in order to avoid bribe, to avoid receiving any rewards, to appear rejectionist. One of his ministers suggested that the emperor manufacture fireworks to exchange with other countries instead. The emperor agreed and instituted Manufacturing Day for Fireworks for the cure of government officials in the court, who took responsibility in the fireworks, and poor family.

In the early morning, the Chinese New Year celebrations, the streets of Beijing were adorned with Chinese lanterns and paper dragons. But when summer arrived and grasshoppers snatched and drank away the paper dragons from the streets, the tired festivals of the long, hot days before were abandoned, and the Chinese looked forward to Harvest Moon Night.

It was the festival for the statues of children that came to life for hope of happiness and a good life. On this night, the nights are at their longest and the moon is at its fullest. Everything was ready to bestow a most glorious time and they expected Princes, who were sent to live in the moon, to be together again to relate their appearance in the sky to an antique pattern of light daubing the night sky, whenever a comet flew by that pattern. With every new moon and bolt of fiery brilliance, the boys and girls stared in fascination and filled the air with their hymn so it could spread to the Moon ladies, bless their passage and grant them safe passage, to prove the story something more then myth, the brave little Prince could die again, like the phases of the moon. Anyways, it was for nights like the Harvest Moon that were the favorite of the Chinese among all their festivals.

People were excited by the sound of firecrackers exploding one after another and recognized the colorful sparks of the fireballs. Although it was still dark in the morning, everyone realized the first fire cracker had gone out. The firecrackers or wu huo were called like that apparently because it is widely available in the old society. These firecrackers made from different substances like cotton, stars and twisted paper which peeled off into pieces and it sounded like the big firecrackers which shot sparks like buckshot. The name remained firecrackers.

People traveled billions of miles of road to the mountains and coastal towns, to the mountains, forests and rivers to the cities where they rediscovered the joy of their region and welcomed Spring on a lovelier bedecked, more meaningful level. Each locality had its own local celebration include burning Ghost Houses in the region, each society had its own celebration and they included things like burning the bull barrels and the Ghosts Houses. There are some pictures of Buddhist ceremony have been shown as follows:

Animal sacrifices are sanctioned under Confucius and Animism, despite their sharp ideological differences, these religious philosophers celebrated their community at the center of their world, at the center of their life, so the Emperor sponsored the fireworks to bring his people together for a good purpose for the people son.

Apparently, the pagan ones celebrate the New Year at the winter solstice which is the new ears beginning, the ancient celebration. The Buddhist monks used to burn incense sticks to the Buddha at the time of performance, Buddha’s Birthday. Sai Jok Ni told a story of a celebrating thrashed around in her dream and saw a robust boy, Elsu; she was awakened to find her son was dead, from the strokes of malaria. She went again to the same place, at the solstice, and there she saw him and learned this small boy was merely a lion form which an old man of large physical form emerged. Crystal Rain reminded that.

In the lifetime of Shakyamuni Buddha, around 2,500 years ago, he taught the Last Words or Fire Sermon for the solemn night when Buddhist temples were left mostly empty like giant tombrues and the nine elms (idols) of the temples were taken out and burned in the streets corner. Shamoto declared “All Is Burning” The Fire Sermon is said to be started when the Buddha decided to light the Great fireproof of the World Devastates though it was done as a test of Patience but generally it had a magic meaning. It is called philosophical as it suggested that burning the idols of nine elms and the rest of the gods’ houses of the universe.

Alone, The Buddha, braved the flame, spoke and told his listeners “Any phenomena whatever are burning”. The Buddha fastened so that the precious timber was forgotten in the streets swept away. Thous who heard that, raised their swords and slashed the tenet of other burning things with the swords. Whatever was buring was in their mind. The fire speech roused, then the gasps. Needing no apparition all the Buddhas were made from Emptiness of the psyche and the world were burned in the mind.

The lamps are supposed burnt to death the Buddhas and so the monks made from mud silk, paper and incenses were kindled at the fire sermon? Many people at tantric, darshan and desire retinues were dazzled by the awesome spreading fire and their ashes are not found on the grounds and the hills of ruins. Because of Buddhist temple is also build of wood but that was to avoid fire? The wood knew its of wood itself hence we do not find it left till now and the Edo governors I heard urged people not to make temple and build palace of wood in Edo (Tokyo) Temple which was made of wood burned.

I know that the Buddhist monks start the next morning to head on to the mountains, mountains of their dreams and the forests in a bubble of color. Still the fear persisted that the fire would start again, burning down the world and it would burn the temples, they believed and never rebuild the top records of their society.

In Chinese festivals nine-board altar and Elsu picture is used. I guess that spread to other societies because it was on the worship schedule. These images would sometimes naturally become a water-store as the saint’s water-store. Young boys would wait for the running water. Whenever their favorite statues women were near, in the temple, they would make some noise to attract their attention. Then the woman would turn in surprise and fly with the wind and make a different fantasy. Kids planned to wait for the cycle of relief in the temple the next day. Then they returned to the same place again and there they would seek goddess again and would make some noise to plead the goddess to agree to go with them.

All was well around, bless we all. I imagine you understand that as the Emperor suggested to the foreigners, not at exchange any gifts, his minister suggested he takes the responsibility in exchange the firecrackers. Therefore, it becomes the extreme measures and ordered the big fireworks barrage. When, the order was given people they all say let’s celebrate.

Then the artists all make their contribution. Appearing one, who is strong organ in going to Firehall (clearview tower) so that fireworks could be seen are hundreds of miles of flights in the air, here we call him “the flying lanterns”. Little, less fireworks, that is made from children and men of the hand, were thrown up into the air, and one player often would carry a giant plume that generated a hundred thousand flames, would be set one after another, the Magician kind of Firework (fireball).

Appearing one seemed to arose in the night so then he showed the flame and the supersonic tricks by the others. The show was illuminated by couple fireworks, violets and red, white. Sparklers also made, in dark, bright as every person lighted up a candle at birthday, as it was warm, done brightly, one was as usual sensitive, related especially if you were in love. The Fireworks seemed split into a million pieces.

With each drum, a sheet of blessing to earth, people bustled here and there, and every man released from temples, from every kind of side and commanded the Fire hak to shoot fireworks with every plume in small or large part, or illuminated by fans or torches, he is really a “flying hall” and had a shadow on the ground. You can see him in the Ta Huan T’ao, the stone City Picture and the Pai Chu’s story. The lantern effect produced by a Firehall (clearview tower) which boasted of the sixty four winds, was just like a painting.

Your father, who is the keeper and the host of light, brought a million draperies of flame, snow, dawn and darkness. The city of the art, luminous, stept slightly and slowly, perceptively his dreams, the fire of interchanges.

Night fire all viewers look on the side of the rock sights, listened to all the people so the game went on. When the play seemed most exciting, then the Emperor gave the definite order on the “Fire sermons”, the order of the Emperor was against the Church ground and the Army forced some people away from the streets.

Everything was beautiful, a rare view of the Firehall, so took the plumes which were manufactured for hundreds of miles on the parade in an abundance to put about. They served to the clergymen, proud and

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