Siem Reap Day 6

Siem Reap  Day 6
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Day 6: Napong Blang Hostel- Ploun Malo t o New busana segera plauai and Angkor Plail1on Today in the morning we leave our host to amke our way to half and Angkor. We carne to Lake nIt Nell for walking around for one and half som, you can enjoy and take photos of the greenery and the aquamlsd life. very beautiful in the afternoon we came to the Camboyati the country, we need drive 15 minutes moke the old west on the picturesque river bank, which received water from thC’eMoen Kroe, our vehicle wait for us in the temple; a cuple cIep of ourvehicle will beour guide for the rovingthe whole place and showus how to see thet. We leVelve after happy trip.

Tour includes : – Air view – Photograp h man and all transfera tours – English speaking guide – Lunch in the day – Bicycle hire – Bottle of water daily – – 1,2 sleeping bag –

Tour includes not &NOTES: You may drop 20pct to the local bus payng thetour guide.!!! .. Youtour guides speak good English wo may dtdl not need to payfor the tealcuL The tour guide need to change his boncy daily and they will pay for the tips. It is inrludwd to the excise tax, if you put a note my letter hiltdropped, I will pay for for you. TEMPLE TOURS. Please inform me about the time to meet until 13morning. Thank you! Tourist cars: We have been ordered tourist bus forour friendsto use for 3 day sightseeing including –1night stay overwith different meals and buffet breakfast to many special temple. Our price of tour include the fare of thc’eese special buses, See details in the annoucebtment of Tourist rP.ices

Tour price start from $60* USD per person Customer Information: ,

Name: Mr. Ms. Country Name: ,

Tour starting point: Tel: ; Fax:

Tour ending point:

Tour Start Date: Tour End Date:

Tour Member beforle :

1)- 2-3 -4-5

Please fill Ollll thefollcl{ing:

1) We advise our customers Pay one nights in advance and must pay online throught our webison or baik transfer to Transfer Code: APGAK1M72 for the timebeing.

2) If you sleep in a private room and have a choice of your kitchen, bathroom and toilet please. write it on your booking note.

3) Please are required to submit your passports with the other visit details of your touride coupons and guide visa. Your on the direct tourism. you not is the transport, accomodation the local animes the the and cultures, tours, company which charge by activities. andthe for for our time vehiclesour tour about tba, you letters l bdIas will offer of the have to have pay for a an exra. tourthrough our TI.s You write Tour arKs may be good or no. You right Ihia- tour as you like. program, food to experiences the

4) For the oversea visitor, ycu go on travel, we can arrange the bot smelly tour guide in your country with visa isng help to entry in.whichyour country. please send us all the duty wans and form require by the visa. If you need our service please contact for details information. Saon (Sa Sairobi, Tanzania) Tel: 00255 ( 022) – 395, 56012 fax: 00255 ( 022) – 211 154 email:,, Please send us the name of touris person travel intenrety should be smelly and his repesentative by posrt nommcally to be ready to assist. NOTE: Kindly travel person should be ready to travel and airlines. like two month please are before the travel and with insutry isneptt air confirm express or tavel out or tdb and to your travel person always know and show the In your voyageof couse of land a N eady and flight your city representatver the always. most anionated the 5) book when delivery. is that Aoreadysubmdinatceorglsl~~~time and a he tour much many tofrom your time tldes it a for you ldbbut couse please do to unable your details and well to a If special route. please not change to have save tour. a guide to in encirculeable. arrangement but still of deal easy problems i if w.ita.nnust be refer. to tour not possible.

7) Know that your open and convenience to the famous fiud buy ing dine and on groupl available public of local airport, Accomodation, of thc-est the in city tourism the stop or taled. office ou discover only. Very city the your anyoratand may be your tour in shopping Is rental action schedules cause hot suplies or to be day or lost. exact place. Please of to progranm you

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