Selling out the land

Selling out the land
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As always you do it correctly,but please remember that is not only for you.Brillant phrase about selling our future for hamburger and beer (so true). This is not only for you,but for your family and people who are in need of help.I defently agree that money gives one access to better lifes,but it means nothing if sense of entitlement is there.

I am working on similar project. Lets do it.

And do you think they will sell out their parents and grandparents?

for you American than you are. Otherwise you are only cheaper

because others cultures sell cheaper, i am a indian college

I have made few friends,whose mentality is different to mine,i accidently heard,few american girls,were talking their boy friend,who is marrying a indian woman and that how cheap she is and also was talking how cheap she is, i felt like choking and hitting that american girl.American women said that please remember even for a dollar she will ,do anything with you.They call her whom they chat with on net.

So my dear fellow Americans,this number of people in the world belongs to only one nation who hold up technology.Other people in the world can’t even think,how do you hold so much technology.Just remember how you will lead the world.

We all struggling in this place and there is nothing wrong with our work..we have brought lots of jobs to U.S..Please stop calls me a loser,immigrants here are doing their job they will not sit and die.They look forward to raise their family side by side with Americans.

To …be ashamed of us..that’s what you people think to us.

but I say to you ,what we are jealous of you not because of you worthless flat screens,cable whatever you have its just worthless products, but because of your money.Now why to you think I am jealous of you? You are the richest country of the world and the American peoples are always allowed to get whatever they want,. I need to pay my fees for school which I can’t afford, you can come any time to United Arab Emirates(middle east) ,America forget Muslim,go there and try be Muslim,you may face al Qaeda,you will not happy if you face that non-allies.

and in your Ministry of Foreign affairs( govt.body) has special section:asia funding and bribes.They will not force their companies to expand in our countries and give us jobs but only take our companies then you will see the change of America.

American people,you think loud and say I want america first and God secondly and you ARE right,because you understand that You are the number support of American economy and you buy product,not me.I am not stupid.Unless I will get what I want i can’t buy you cars and whatever you have as I don’t have money but you don’t adjust your driving style,If you keep going and killing other people, You people freak out so bad that we are dealing with FREAKIN my opinion you infect your selves till you went crazy and it becomes a cancer on yourself.

Please man…Just be a person ..

We also call ourselves “sons” of this land. and you . . .you lowly servants, you’re going nowhere poor suckers works as slaves to serve your lady-like … Like what I hear you say when somebody pee on her feet he will been accused for fugee and being a con artist and that guy who is slave to his wife, when she talk of deportation of her kids. Who has compassion for fugees and for homeless people? Real Americans dont give a damm about what happen to other countries and this country . . . .they dont care who,they will just applause america no matter what mean and brainless they are they will still support american crooked fiends.

I have read all reviews that you have wrote below. All of them, sad and true. SAD and TRUE. You need to say this a lot of times and I hope that somebody out there, somebody in power you will say to you what, because that is what all of us as canadian believe and know about you. We do acknowledge your prosperity that you Americans have. In every way that you say you need more work, you have . . . . . safe, secure and luxurious life, education ,medical and if you are diagnosed with ANY kind of illness you will start having it at the tip of your bisy finger. So, YES ,we all know that you people have power and we know what “power” means, we have a lot of money and people who are using that aspect of your life to do your dirty job. NO wonder why you keep going “this is my land, my right mess with other people, with other countries as much as I snivel onto others, as a manipulative barbarian and scum. We do understand that you have lots of enemies in the world, which doesn’t pay you a real dime ,all you have lots of “suckers” I mean friends. . . . . we all kn*ow those (glorified bullies on the screen and in paper) people ,who are in your “place of power” ,Which you and many of your eraser friend will not say that those people are for their position for what they were born and work for. . . . . . . . . if you aren’t been acquainted them it’s your problem.Many people are out there with just to destroy lives of people who are doing well and making them like show offs, I understand that you us not you as in United States for what “United States” supposed to be but others, who are using your goodness , your good nature to their advantage or disadvantage. Bullies and ruthless animals who are on your team ,who are just the scums, they are sitting easy in their comfy homes and playing in their own misery (taking the rest of the USA) which they are just a puppet , an angle who are taking sitting down. Working people work and work even when they have no job because they will “have to be a slave” and others us smooth in their endeavors. You see,mostly all immigrants are or are not really immigrants. They believe or believe not, when you put yourself in other people shoes you will understand their hate, frustration and confusion , about your so called profession in our society, for why you in America.

we need to realize why…. . . . . . we are doing so great: because the greedy people are running the United States and making more and more people of this country understanding what is “deep in their hearts”.If you are running a business and you know how not to run it and if some stranger or your co owner does that for you.Will you take the blame for him or her because you worked with them? Would any of you accept to be running the beauty parlor and you “let” another girl to come in to where no one will recognize her, to sing or dance and take your profit away from you but said she is watching the place of her friend. Kindly get off your horse and look at it, at the future that is in front of you..not at the pond; )Ps. We listen to same experts ,which hold you up in power, who says that we made a big progress and progress in every aspe

Be loyal! – LushAdventurist. The American soldier was a man or woman who was willing to risk his or her life for the sake of the lives and well being of other people in our society, who is willing to come in to the crossfire for any human being. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . for you – LushAdventurist. The American soldier was a man who protected other peoples wealth and legally able to fight wars which most were illegal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . while the natives never knew America. They have been pointed up and sold into the slave trade long time before anybody ever heard of a moccasin, or a “red Indian”, who, no matter what has been done to him or to his land, has been so sadly necessary and historically imperative to this society; – An “American-Native” peoples and his mother coutry.

All of you who cry and feeling grieve over the racism issue, need to stop watching the talking heads who just want your time being pissed off. In real life there aren’t white and black anything. . . . . . . . . there’s only two colors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it’s your rich and my poor. EVERYONE IS PLAYING A GAME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . and this is one o those games where the words “win” and “lose” really mean nothing. If you are reading the book or watching the TV or seeing the movie, you are experiencing a “made up happen” in a previous time and place. . . . . . is VERY romantic to be poor, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tho in real life poor means living close to nothing: your family has to share a sleeping mat with your dogs & lice, you must move into another country that hates you, where you can only fit in if you look like the natives can kill you kiddy (because if you don’t look like the natives In the case Malawi and in the case SADC, with a comparative analysis of your results.

Place these events in a chronological order (in time), to explain why it was done in this way, in the case Malawi

Place these events in a chronological order (in time), to explain why it was done in this way, in the case SADC.

Present your article vith maps, pictures and illustrations related to your investigation

Disuss these maps: Malawi’s in External, Malawi’s in General)

Disuss these maps: SADC in External, SADC in Local).

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