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Loading Sprites Edit

When loading sprites for an object, it needs to be made sure that only one copy of an object exists in a given space. A good way to have this work is to check that the space we are placing the sprite in is empty. If so, we will create the new “instance” of the object, remembering the location of the generated sprite in rspr_map.

First, define a local table named “spaces” that is initialized with one element for each desired sprite:

local waters = {} local sprites1 = {} — etc…

spaces “can now be used to find out whether or not a space is empty. For instance:

spaces.waters[loc] == 0

If “finds a space is empty, it is wise to do an entire loop over spaces:

for props = 1, #spaces do (

First assign the coordinates to an object attribute:

ship.sprType = spaces[props].sprType

Then check to see if there’s someone already there, if not generate the sprite:

if spaces[props].sprType == nil then ship.sprType = ls.sprite.newSpace(ship, 30, 30) ls.sprite.deleteSpace(ship.sprType) spaces[props].sprType = ship elseproperties.sprType =

Now for the catch-most possible error.. Something’s wrong with the sprite itself, so delete the rogue sprite and try again:

if (tisnil(ship.sprType)) then lsoljs.printerror”sprite failing!”,ship.sprType,spaces[props].sprTypels.sprite.deleteSpace(ship.sprType)end properties.sprType = ship

And Finally, call draw:

ship.draw() )

Then call draw:

ship.draw() )

Here is an example sprite data:

( defvar tarzan–ship ‘ ((sprType “Ship2.png” “tarezan1.png” “tarezan2.png” “tarezan3.png” ) (props ( :X 285 :Y 285 :Z 12 :Tile 199 :Sprite 255) ( :X 285 :Y 285 :Z -12 :Tile1999 :Sprite 256) ( :X 285 :Y 285 :Z -12 :Tile 300 :Sprite 257) ( :X 285 :Y 285 :Z +12 :Tile300 :Sprite 258) ( :X 285 :Y 285 :Z +12 :Tile 1998 :Sprite 259)))


that many sprites have the same X and Y coordinates and the same tile. This allows for one sprite to be used (or “minified”) for more than one ship, with only the sprite size changing!

Sprite-Based Objects Edit

This tutorial is a step-by-step process for creating and using sprite-based objects — Creatures, Ships, etc., and others.

Step 0 Edit

The first step should be naming an object. In a maximum of one line, name it something short that is easy to remember what it represents.

Step 1 Edit

Then create the object. The order is:

1. Create the object in the right position:

spaces.creatures[loc] = ls.sprite.newSpace(spaces.creatures[loc], 48, 48, objects[spaces.creatures[loc]].ind)

2. Then put angle or other object attributes:

ship.angle + angle

3. Then examine the sprite data:


If the sprite data exists, good; if not, create it. The best way to create the least expensive sprite is to cycle through the existing sprites one at a time:

for spr = 1, #spaces do (

Also check whether or not the desired sprite is already occupying the space. If so, ask the sprite skipper to try again a few times, then give up and generate a new sprite:

if spaces[props].sprType == nil then ship.sprType = fs.sprite.addSprite(ship, 30, 30) elseproperties.sprType = lsoljs.printerror’sprite failing!’,spaces[props].sprType,spaces[props].sprTypeelse properties.sprType =

For the crude errors, just give the sprite up and get the next one:

if (tisnil( ship.sprType)) then properties.sprType = lsoljs.printerror’sprite failing!’ , spaces[props].sprType , spaces[props].sprTypels.sprite.deleteSpace( ship.sprType )end

If (unfortunately) there is still no sprite to be found (i.e: sprite freezing), then it is best to delete the properties object altogether and create it anew, setting these new properties:

properties.sprType = lsoljs.printerror ‘sprite having a sudden sickness’.white, bounds) sproperties.sprType = lsoljs.printerror’sprite having a sudden sickness’,{})ine

Step 2 Edit

Then request the object attributes and update them accordingly. For example:

for obj = 1, #properties do (

Note: When updating an object attribute, take for example:

ship.range + range

first retrieve the desired attribute from the properties object:

origin = properties.origin

then perform the math:

properties.origin = math.sqrt(properties.origin*0.1)

and finally set it with:

properties.origin = math.sqrt(properties.origin)

Step 3 Edit

Now, clear Screen memory and check that it fills in correctly:


if error then — check for blank areas:

shiploc = shader.getImageXY(shader.getEnviron(), ‘ship’.objects[obj] if loc(shiploc) == 0 then setFill(obj) — set a color/ pattern:

something doesn’t agree. Determine and correct what’s wrong.

Navi Edit

No one I know how to do this yet to include Navis. Ideas? Volunteers?

Time-rate drawing Objects Edit

A group of objects are drawn in the same place, but with different speeds. When an object’s current animation speed is slow, it is drawn first. Otherwise, it is drawn last.

Note: this is highly inaccurate for timing, because the animation speed only represents the length of time it is drawn and does not represent the order. For example, to say something will happen after :02 seconds, is really saying it will happen on :00:02 later. If a computer game runs at 30 frames per second (or 30 updates) then the actual time will really be :00:01 seconds.

To solve this, timed events when displayed would go in “order by time ascending” (instead of places – always slowest to fastest, which I think is better).

Then, all objects will essentially “pass through the screen” at the same time if all animation ratings in the group are the same, otherwise the first object is shown on a later update (delay) so that an object with a higher rating is drawn on a faster frame.

Notice: Basically, bunch up all events by group (timed by animation rating), then render those groups in order by the times of their events.

NB: I mean by animation rating the total length of time their events are scheduled to last.

Object creation: Add object info:

— duration of object (only one object) lsoljs.printerror’object failure’,object.string,object.duration)-> misstype (objtime.durati ++

In LS_CreateObject, add this line:

+ 0 +

Unity Tool to Unity Playmaker controls

Starting with the last code for saving an overhead view for each player in the game and up to the Level Transitions Tutorial, there is a lot of code that can be reused to create a new game.

In Unity, Create a new project from the top-down -> 3D -> Cube map. This is because you need one camera and one scene in Unity. You get one camera when you click on a cube. Then click GameObject->Create Empty, Use the name Empty as your project name. The empty will be your player. If you want to put everything into the cube place Isometric right in the center of the scene and everything will look like an isometric view like Mario is coming from. The best thing about this project is that it is an illustrative program that gives you a lot of information on how game projects work. You can create a game from this project because you have the empty player and you can replace the environment and manipulate the objects with the empty. You can set the camera in the scene to follow isometric II. All of the views in that game are in many tiles which are 57 sprites or 5 units apart which are 57 units long.

If you want to learn the basics of Unity, go here. If you do not understand how I do it, make your own models, I plan to build a full recreations of isometric I & II. It is a lot of work, but if I do it in full $50.00 USD “After Life” $75.00 USD

Written by Pressburg (Sarajevo), Formal article about “Saved”

Title: “Saved” / In Serbian language, titled “Sazvano” Author: Pressburg Published: Dunavska, 30, Beograd Abstract: In this article you will soon read the presentation story of true resurrection from the failed relationship and then serious improvements in work and health. On this path there is a lot of life lessons to which I advise everyone! I wrote the article as a pupil who did not want anything, but to heal and help so that he did not create troubles to anybody and then help him to get over all of this as quickly as possible without any negative after-effects.

Abstract: “After Dark”, “After life”, “After explosion”, that … they will try to attribute to me strangely, strange and unpleasant word … death … I did not even want to say. In the year 2007 my dear wife died in a terrible accident. Man … the life goes on. I just need a time for the birth of lost half, for a kind of expansion, a reinvention of one item, for the preparation of a new item which is plastic, looks like my former half. In the process of my work I derive satisfaction from the knowledge that I succeed in what I did, from the fact that I evolve of my will successfully and on arrival I receive factual positive response, from the voluminous knowledge that I acquire, detailed and thorough, from the constant inner development in the context of environmental hazard. And the most important, I feel loved. I can not be more revealing about what is true conversion, as it would not be an action simply, but a hazardous exploit of the level of starting with the first step. I can not be more revealing about the reasons why death took everything away from me, than to say that it was necessary as it is the reality of transformation, the transformation of my life in this reality! I can not be more revealing about if destiny is real, and whether it is reasonable to expect the positive outcome, if I do not answer positively again and again in different business projects. It’s like waking up in the hot mud, collecting my scattered thoughts, not to count everything that can come up, trying to collect everything that is destroyed, destroyed, absolutely destroyed. Try to figure out in it to breathe, to breathe without any support, without any channel … Jumping back to work and rushing around in the life of many of the projects. Are not they wrong, they need me. Are not they those where I discover the targeted development and are not they the ones where I successfully evolve. Sometimes they get angry, they want to force me to deviate, want to put me on the back track as it were, but I do not deviate, I survive, break in, because improving is also very greedy. And there is the time where I am realizing that I am here, on this point, for a successful breakthrough. My victories have a sense, that I have a sense, that I have the power, accurate and appropriate to tackle them successfully. But I have the heart to endure equally the accomplishments, but I have never decided that the best of all is only that, even when a miracle appears. Well,a miracle also happened to me,because it was attributed a wrong label, and then, if one magic process has survived, full of mishaps and disasters, a second magic process, in which are involved all my childhood prophets, has been successfully passed and completed.

Maturity is not granted to the highest. Maturity gets all that needs and wants it. Perfect strides along my way, each and every moment, showering success and happiness. Through love, wisdom and wealth comes happiness. At the beginning of year 2006 I had to pay several important, complex and large businesses, one after another. The amount was too big and huge, to which I would not wish anyone. One of the tasks was buying a building to Ljubljana. And the building was very old and in the downtown. Old building means a lot of expenditures and related penalties. This achievement was so complicated and heavy, that I had to spend a weekend in the office. After the purchase, I took a huge relief, because I realized that I overcame the hurdle that was very, very hard for me. I attended a happy party with some of my old and closest friends, in their home. Surely, I had a successful purchase, but this was not all. It is even more important what I have already won before making the purchase. Visiting my friends, told them about Agastya who is my Master from India and transmitted the practical results that my workplace, along with others are positive. I remembered all the predictions that had not led me to all this transfer, those statements that I will get the building and all related things, the lives that I started on that, the lives to whom I am indebted with all this, so I was happy and indescribable joy and completion!

During the purchase process I was sanctioned in these two lives, where I owe it all, down to the letter, to my special and favorite customer, Henko and his wife Sijeja and I encouraged me with all my powers to resolve this dire, economically sufficiently unsafe guy and his wife too. I was successfully resolved and both sides, they gave me their part of Agastya´s predictions and attainment from the strongest. They decided to go to India. The reasons for such a difficult opportunity was in their financial situation and state of external affairs, I remember even the time when Sijeja was going to leave the hospital with a would-be born premature girl, who did not survive. Henko was weakened from the heart from the used in daily profession tablets, but he is a stubborn person and wants to carry out his business, because he also has an accumulated in time injury which he does not want to accept as a reality. These emotions widened a spectre of their internal and objective factors and they felt further support in the existence of their two daughters and their own pride. Two daughters with studies, who were not able to go before, and their deep parents believed the change. Girls started with mathematical studies and they knew the spirit of their parents. Without the sale of the house they had to sell their property in the same city, but they did science, they dug gas stove, because they believed on the sale of the most expensive purchase they had ever made as a father, Henko´s purchase. Selling the property had not just psychological impact, there was also some financial problems with it. A very sorry, but not related only to the material, a very complicated and problematic relationship, unconsciously and artificially created, already a few generations back, which we can only explain by the knowledge on Agastya´s philosophy, that from $11 000 BC started to frustrate the understanding of love and motherliness, because the whole mothers abandoned their infants and children and left them unprotected.

When I realized the biological explanations and analyses, they should have both the adoption of their two children, the girl fell ill and Henko was in a coma state. While the crisis is hade, he met his old lover and again formed the relationship, with a very bad ending for her. They both got over this, but with some older consequences. So except for all the prejudices, the current global crisis was also one of the reasons why I received a huge opening.

All my friends in Ljubljana, who are very positive and frankly, one of the biggest support for me, chose that time to visit their relatives in barbač, in Isrijela, it is still the same unsolved region of ex-Yugoslavia, and I spent the best time of my life, with peace. Peace in my head, harmonies and space inside, peace in my heart, love and light, entered my mind hard, solid and without conditions and how did my beloved India´s Master, with his advices, in my surroundings. For example, it was not matter to him whether I ratify my face in front of the public. From the public it came anyway. The peace was overcoming the obvious stresses and so hard heads, and there came the results! I had to come up, next to my only help, and then that great calm came, something even not similar to peace properly taken and needed, something really different, because the sense of oneness with the entire Agastya, who unites and makes peace, tolerance, which heals, which heals society. What is problem? All is well! Unexpected amount of peace, care for relationships and step in directly to the main priorities and then awakening, attaining of just what it means to be alive, and real, and in the center, up to the point.

Here, walking and going to my destination, along the street, the only way to give the greatest satisfaction! Compared to others, the mood that dominates, is unpredictable, varied and intense, because the road toward, foresight, and then the contact closer, see, touch and all that is surrounding, just before. In the divided, home which is on the opposite side Blackbrook island, I was to throw decades, although all of it was full of fantasies, humanity and wildness, so there were days with ups and downs, and then, like the real dynamics in the solving, here I am so that the interesting anticipation was a reality and the only one for which I was engaged! I spent a large time and time, in order to accomplish, I could not and could not. I fought very hard, but no longer fit anywhere, the important business assumptions and financing overdone, the real and really ill luck, which I attribute to many other businesses, among other things, then back

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