Saturday 3rd December 2022

Saturday 3rd December 2022
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Good: 3 Points.

4.) Think about going to the cinema on Saturday night. Describe the place you go and the movie you see.

Answer: –

5.) Tell what your class will be doing on Friday.

Answer: –

6.) A list of the things to buy for your family.


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7.) What kind of job is it?

Answer: She works for a large hotel and waits for celebrities.

8.) What is going on in her life?

Answer: She has to follow a VIP and to get all their free time.

9.) Write an article about five people who you like very much.

Answer: –

10.) Write about your family member who has had the biggest influence on you?

Answer: His name is Italo. He is my friend and he has always encouraged me to help him with his musical things. He is about 19 years old and lives in a small village near Siena. He is a great songwriter and has pen many nice things.

11.) Write about ten things which you want to do or know in the future.

Answer: My wishlist:

1. I want to travel outside my country. I want to go to London. I want to talk with a fashion designer.

2. I want to understand the things better than my school teacher. I want to improve my English skills.

12.) Write about a trouble you wan to take for your friend.

Answer: –

5.) It’s your special day. What are you doing with your friends?

Answer: My special day is every day. I make every day special because every day I meet my friends and a young guy who is Aledro. – (flirt)

14.) Is it your husband?

Answer: My husband is Aledro, I don’t have a husband yet.

15.) Write about the holiday which you spent by yourself. What places have you been to? What did you do?

Answer: –

16.) You are going to a met For writing purposes.

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