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THE-LANGUAGE-VILLAGE Salamanca has a king of different expressions. You are reluctant to go back? It’s normal! Why turning around when there is so much to discover ahead! Get up early and ask an apple seller the way to Plaza de San Martín and the beautiful church of San Esteban. We head to Convento del Espíritu Santo – try its “batapiña” -, one of the first Cathedrals, then to Catedral de Santiago, a Romanesque style building, and the first of this kind in Galicia. It is known as “La Primada” and is radiant in two parts: *La Portada*(the façade) and *Las Torres*(the towers). Do not stop for them, it is time to move on, but take a stroll in the quiet and narrow streets of the neighborhood. The rich and beautiful city of Calle de Rúa Santa María provides best atmosphere to all the city. Try some more traditional tastes in *La Praza do Mar* (La Tacita de Plata, La Praza, La Bebida Francesa) and in Praza de San Lázaro, enjoy your shopping time (El Corte Inglés). Happy time and happy people – Salamanca invites you!

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