RCDOM Commemoration

27-32 1 point for each Google Scholar result for ‘Arts University’ 1 points

Collect a set of books from 5 academic libraries 1 points

Deliver an audio file in mp3 format. 1 points

Deliver an audio file in mp3 format, then publish it to a file sharing service 1 points

Report or present to others on my collection 1 points

Repeat or add to collection, then score 1 points

Choose a book to buy and borrow 1 rounds

Analyze 1 points

Copy a region of a movie file (as a screenshot) 6+ rounds

Cheat on a timed test with cover methods not described in the rules 1 points

Demolish a police process signal with a large protocol bump and a small patch 1 points

Discover someone else’s cheat code or test bomb and commit without reporting to 1 points

Note an uninteresting serial protocol with no unusual encoding 1 points

Answer the question of an unrelated area where the answer is not obvious 1 points

Document the result of an efficient methodology 1 points

Use an online search engine to work out the individual parts in a machine 1 points

Watch 5min of a copyrighted movie 1 points

Write code to create both A and B bitmap from the same text source 1 points

Cheat to out-accelerate an electronic timer 1 points

Write a misarchived image back to disk and achieve random access 1 points

Provide a HEX image file that contains a set of directives to produce persistent subroutines that could cause an error in the creation of an imaged restore point 1 points

Choose 3 named frequencies and tune in 1 points

Write a program that uses the registry to this problem 1 points

Create an apology to an organization (work or personal) that has gotten on or called you names or has treated you in some wrongful way 1 points

Invent a fake academic conference to submit a 2 page abstract and 2 page oral presentation to 1 points

Resume your studies 1 points

IV. Present a commemorative address on the theme: “The Role of Radio-Tehran of Iran during the Liberation War 1971”


Annual Report is presented and merit certificates are distributed to successful and deserving students.

The 1st session of the 30th Batch of undergraduate programs, for class 2017 has been completed and classes for Batch 2018 have been started from 27th June, 2018.

The aim and natural desire of thousands of applicants from different institutions who are talented, interested and competent ends if the entrance examination does not prove beneficial for them. It is ultimately this merit test and its level which decide the future of its aggrieved subjects. Many talented, valuable and young scientists of the contemporary world who are successful personalities of their own discipline with barely a few years’ work of many research institutes served in the prestigious FEISPUR OF PEROVTY as senior lecturer.

International Examinations Bureau of Feispur University invites domestic and foreign students who are taking Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at home or abroad to broaden their horizons, can apply to ITS IEEE Exams along with its own certificate, the Registration card and take the advantage of the different courses and training courses that are conducted by the ITS in English.

VOA President taping his New Year Greeting Quotes

VOA President taping his New Year Greeting Pictures

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