Tell something about this region! Dependency Many important things happens in this region! History, Geography, Popular spots, For all ages, For kids, Activ, Pergola, Wells, Ancient belfries, Medieval castles and more! Gardalika to Říčky nad Jizerou, nad Skiareálem, nad Rychnovem nad Jizerou, nad Harhova, nad Náchodem, nad Národním Parkem Šumava. Top

10 min drive. As you are on the way, visit Lazina. Lazina is one of the most beautiful places in the place. At the same time, while you are traveling to Gardalika, you need to see city Ná is only. If you like to ride a bike, you can also rent bikes near Gardalika as well as in Náchod. You should try some activities in Gardalika, such as: relax and just enjoy the view (uncommon vacation), 9 hole golf course, mini golf, tennis court, horseback riding to ride, bicycle, pétanque on the special fields. Top

In the Chateau Garden, private gardens or the Botanical Garden, you can also hunt for Crabs, which do not hesitate to come in the winter from neighboring forests, usually rushing out of the ground, especially at night, when the temperature is below zero, as the soil around the trees whithentwines and turns into a space for these creatures. The best way to spot them is during their nocturnal crawl, when the temperature has dropped dangerously below zero and the forest floor is covered with snow. Top

The day after trip visit Schlotheim Village. A beautiful little tower stands in a tiny and beautiful village. Ride in the saddle from the village of Schlotheim towards the brook Radbug, near a former brick factory. You will note the flow of the brook and the location of the former brick building molds, but most of all, of course, how it goes and how highly calcined, as you will never forget that you were in a former brick factory. Top

Later, you can once again visit Gardalika castle museum separately or jointly with the neigboring art and culture of the West Bohemian town of Sezimovo Ústí. You can look around the castle premises and at the mansion, which is located in the middle of the park, and you can watch different exhibitions that have been made here. The exhibitions can be viewed by the visitors in architectonica spaces at the South Bay of the English Garden, in the Museum of various architectural styles and periods, as well as in the Castle Builder`s Studio from the years 1722 – 1728. Top

Opening hours Gardalika Today, you can use Gardalika almost all day, from 9: 00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.. Opening hours are displayed at the reception desk. Top


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