Nitmiluk National Park Katherine

Nitmiluk National Park Katherine
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Sorry for the lack of post yesterday’s, I was traveling and slept in too much so didn’t have enough time to write a post.

Today we went to the Louvre again to finish the Egyptian collection. There’s some interesting pieces.

The height and depth is incredible.

There’s nothing more amazing than the ancient Egyptian sarcophags and what they can contain.

Some of my favourite work was in here. I can’t believe the detail.

This is called ‘Lamentation over the Dead Christ’. Sadly over the years most of his paintings were painted over.

This was one of them, but they uncovered what was lost. The colors are still vibrant.

‘The Four Saints’. I took this picture to show you how large the buildings were – so you realize that all of these ‘rooms’ around these houses is ground level and has enough space to have a road where people can walk on.

Some of the small details in these paintings are incredible.

This piece is called ‘The School of Athens’ and has more religious figures, philosophers as well as two astronomers.

This was a beautiful fresco that gave a perspective of space.

We all went to the same place a couple of days ago to eat. I decided to go back and get a few pictures. The food was great.

Today, another new environment. Stating from the ground up, we walked across the street, crossed a bridge, took the elevator up and walked through the guided portion of the structure which no knowledge was needed. But along the way was a great place to eat… and there was other spots to relax and enjoy the views as well. Sadly no pictures of the food and drinks but maybe next time.

Once back on the ground, we realized this area was the gathering places for people wanting to sell their artwork and books from around the city.

Not to be out done by the female streaker, this guy got naked and covered himself with paint and let loose in what I imagine was the center of the city. That was the first streaker of my life.

Today was a great but busy day. Other than getting a new phone and transferring information, I needed to go to the Apple store. We went over some maps of the city to make sure we are going in the right direction, etc. I was so relieved when once again we shouldered past the raging French vacationers as they debated if they would rent a scooter or if they were going to zip through traffic and cutting people off. Glad we have this other braclet that is helping their honest selves decide their fate. 😉

To end the night, we realize we wanted pizza. Since we’re here, why not take that back to our hotels and burn off a few lbs.

We ended up helping the taxi driver put the boxes in the trunk.

Many pictures today with lots of information. Hope you enjoyed it. Anyone else have a funny story from today or a question we could answer? Of about 400 words

NITMILUK National Park, which means two-rivers, is located around Katherine, the Katherine River and the Nitmulk Creek in the Northern Territory, Australia. Composed of to 246 thousand hectares NITMILUK National Park, consists of several bush-life havens from semi-arid woodland, rainforest and spinifex grassland. Located at the base of the Arafura Plain, Katherine lay surrounded by contrasting land types and vegetation structure. The Indigenous tribes, the Larakia and Jawoyn people (the custodian of the land) established Katherine as a place of meeting. According to the story, Dreamtime, the pretty maiden and the cultural treasures, they met and married to each other and then they established Katherine and the surrounding region. Since then, the Aborigines and later the European settlers had made their own stamp.

Following the introduction of European settlers in the Katherine Region in 1870 by John W Daly when he was searching for gold fields, the area around Katherine was opened to economical exploitation. The large scale gold mining had turned some parts of the tropical rainforest into open pasture, which then was reconsidered for another purpose: palm oil plantation. Oil palm became a major plantation crop by the beginning of the twentieth century, which led to the development of an oil palm-based plantation economy in the 1900s, especially through the Katherine Horticultural Company. Although the oil palm production began in the region, by 1931, the two companies in the town were replaced by the Melbourne-based Consolidated Plantations from Queensland that owns most of the land in both Northern and southern regions of Darwin to Augusta. However, the new owners of the land were not only producing palm oil for the domestic market and for the government, but in the early 1950s, the Australian government considered to exploit the high quality meat of the monjan and buffalo.

The plantation industry began to shrink after the introduction of cattle waterer that enabled the growing of cattle industry and the development of a beef industry in the Northern Territory in the 1960s. Then became cattle farming the primary economic activity in the area, which caused rainforest to be cleared and brought about the closure of the last of the plantation operation in the early 1970s. Contrary to the Northern Territory, the area was completely without mechanized agriculture until the demand sprung up for a convenient area of agricultural land. With the improvements in technology and logistics, the efforts made to develop agriculture in the Katherine region were futile.

The changing agricultural industry caused a drastic style of development in both surrounding and immigration communities located in the main street. However, the development did not stop as Katherine District suffered from drought for several years. As a result, a salinity crisis emerged, forcing the residents of the town to appreciate their sufferings, a result was seen in their enthusiasm for the government to save the bore water. Therefore, Government realized the importance of managing the water resources, and the foundation of NITMILUK National Park was poured by the water-management scheme conducted by the Arid Lands Environment Centre. The aim of the scheme was to manage the conservation of water sources in the area and guide plans to make future development with stronger environments.

Among the many amazing attractions in the park, there is a hot springs beside the glorious Katherine River. The perfect combination of the lovely waterfalls and the marvelous hot springs will lift you up with the aromatic scent and a salubrious weather.

I want to know more about Nitmiluk National Park. It has great potential to become popular National Park, attracting tall numbers of tourists every year. As a world heritage area, it will be a beautiful place where I can examine many plant and animals in the hot climate of the Northern Territory.

Although Nitmiluk National Park has been officially approved as one of the many amazing things in the Northern Territory, I am making this trip to Nitmiluk when the flowers in the season of Serendipity are in full bloom. The tree crown Victoria won’t hide the bright day along with the spring morning and the Raintree wouldn’t release the muggy morning while I bathe at the hot springs. The colorful panorama of the landscape with the animals of Darwin, as well as I have to trek a bit, but after a long day, I will end up in the hostel surrounded by trees of the sanctuary. It is my wish how I want to spend my time in the Northern Territory and to explore Nitmiluk.

Considering the large collection of animals that the government want to preserve in the Nitmiluk National Park, I think I should bring protective cover for my limbs from snakes as well as good mosquito net. How to protect myself from mosquito actually depends on me instead of inventing an anti-mosquito product. And although it is not a good experience for me to drink any liquid upside-down, I have to prepare and drink with the cup right side up.

While deciding what I should bring, my Mother just told me not to bring a pet into the nation park because they may spread some diseases, such as heartworm, that could be destabilized the health conditions of the local animals. The issue reminds me of a case before when I went to the countryside, one of the goats had died. We buried the goat with its kid beside the buffalo who had also died in mid spring. Later on, we realized that it was the result of the heartworm that attacked the goat.

The education view might start to shift. With the report that a mother will scold a boy for making the ugliest nickname for his girlfriend and worries that her son shall run away from her someday. In the video I recently downloaded happened quickly. The boy is asked to write an essay on how easily to break the friendship because he believed he was mad at his best friend asking why her friend was taking too much advantage. The scene I saw in the story really made us get confused. I can’t help bringing into my mind the uneasy scene of early summer when my brother thanked me before he went to school. The gratitude I got left me with a bitterness of an unanswered question, “Why did the anger my friend shared with me need to be solved until the distance?”.

Although texting and calling would be the easiest way for us to reconcile when a friend has distanced, we may need to spend some more time to stop thinking about the loss of friendship and to show empathy. One’s life usually goes on after the hard times, although all of us are transformed, it does not mean you have good memories and let go of your past. As Ayn Rand is recommended, “to work for the value, do not whine to sacrifice the value to arrive.” So far, our home schooling has overall fulfilled, because we do not to insist on other aspects in education over the values.

Contrary to many people, I have rich experience in home schooling. I will tell my friends, who can’t admire with the school education, that there’re many easy ways to be yourself and keep away from the pressure while they study. The only solution is learning to get over the pressure throughly because of the nothing to complain. It’s what I learned after facing any challenge with optimism and joy. We generally have to make an exception for a few students who have to ask for the special help, otherwise, school should gradually fade away and people around the world should be free to think freely and make their own choices. It’s difficult to be your Self in a traditional education system; the school is not only controlled by the information, but also the environment. If you believe it is possible, you might encounter many inspiring happy days after having freedom in education.

I’m always ready for the satisfaction I get when I tried to persuade my friend to my belief that he can love more freely. The more attention we pay to the rewarding feeling, the more excited we are to get educated. Nature gives us many lessons, and I used to grow up with trust and love. I would rather break a friendship with a kind of warning or persuasion before giving up. I have set a good example because I used to change with the previous relationship before my friend got the chance to doubt. It has been a picture lesson when others try to figure out how to handle the added excellent after meeting me again. In the social community, I find the best gift for people when give me my gratitude by helping his troubles and encouraging a start-up after the class. And just try to be someone worth remembering, you will eventually gain your own joy of what you wish you known when you were younger.

Similarly, in the Nitmiluk National Park, I have also gained an unforgettable memory by solving any negative feedback or giving my friends an advice while they show anxiety as to how they can afford a buy. We have theories through the incredible story where I have been enduring errors and making the prudence to prevent relapses. Through the mistakes I have made, I found the best way to get the most advantage when making uncertain plans. It’s fortunate when the nature has ever taught us the right lesson we can use to share and experience when making being happy experiences for others. I want to thank the people who called themselves friends and make me more confident about anything I might do as a Nitmiluk National Park hunter. I would appreciate my appreciation as never clearly shown before.

About Nitmiluk

NITMILUK National Park, which means two-rivers, was built in the Katherine region, the biggest region in the Northern Territory. Over the past 20 plus years, all the inhabitants living in and around Nitmiluk National Park express tremendous gratitude that the area of international and national importance is recognized. The heritage area has been approved as one of the sites in accordance

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