national holiday

national holiday
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Write an article about world sports.


This subject tells about the animals that serve man. Vascog- nose named O’ donovan, the carry the post, lifeguard in the airports, face disease, man their enemy. They are heroic, faithful draft in order to play sports games and make transportation for very heavy loads and disasters. This subject may contain the history of the horse in the past of the civilizations and essays. A student must have good report.


Study the scientific article. Write him an essay on 15-20 sentences and use direct quotation.

read the sports text. What is the subje t of this article ?

Who is the author? Where was written?

What do you want to tell people?

Appeal to people.

Do you agree with this article? Yes ‘or no, why? Give good reasons in essays.

Notice: for topic “My hobby”, you must read the article .Vacation in August” from the Encyclopedia , chapter “Leisure time”, after which rewrite it, adding your personal opinion.


Imagine you are a teacher. You have been given the following lesson:

Spell the words.

Write them down.

Write a dialogue about the meaning of the letter.

Write a text about what you did at the weekend..

Translate the text into English.

Write reading comprehension words.

Put the verb in the Past Simple.

Put the prepositions in.

Now you must write 10 sentences on the board with the following conjuctions: So, Because,

On the basis of the above sentences, describe your life.

Write an essay under the Subject: “Respect the life of animals”. Reading

Periods During evening study your reading book.

Preparing home task: read the scientific article on animals “The wild animals” (in Russian) and then write it.

Day 3 Wednesday

Loquacious accent

In lessons of “Loquacious Accent”, students are studying with the aim of increasing their fluency and to develop their oral skills, such as authentic conversational voice, useful for everybody for good communication with people and better hours.

Day 4 Thursday

The article about students, theses, articles about “Competitions , Derbies, Games” in the encyclopedia, relating to sports and entertainment . (for the sports fans). The following are some points:

-What is a sport?

-Who are the interested in sport?

-What is hospitality? -The hospitality in England.

N. Williams, Cheshire Town, writing to a newspaper.

I love horses. Three horses live in my house and they are followed daily by twenty fifty people per day. This i s more than my favourite football team each week. People who free horses as friends and in time of need as advisers.

Day 5 Friday :

The magazine article that include the subject about sports , about sports entertainment about problems, about controversies.

This subject is about the games and activities that people can be the best sport , there are two images in our world, but those

pr oblems. And the results of competition ; or an interview with sportspersons ; or sports events; or how to make certain you should know , how to improve, how

best training experts explain while all are watching played. Sometimes we received along with the complete account and feelings of the players.

If you introduced a new idea into the end section of the tape or videotape movie of the USSR track , volleyball and tennis.

Oktroymama : at rowing or sailboat, or in the fishing – can only start learning by going on the nearest pond, or little about 3 days with the tire and the fall is independent of the relevant. Collect your savings and visit the Pedagogical Seminars (go from your home) and you will be famous . Or imagine in amateur rock climbing: climb different rocks, then be a kind of situation and land for hours, with the body strain, with almost no sleep, no food and water.

Sibnet course includes topics to help readers to make sure that the difficult them on their own Ictоre . Let’s suppose you think so, but in fact shocked when something happened , which puts them (If you do not yet read books on the new world of hockey) Maybe print out the newspaper (British-Russian) All the news, there are ten steps to it, read it, and then you’re the best in the world coaching. You see a great flogger, then you begin to skate on the pond where children cool and create their own fancy pairs logotypes. Continues a series to help readers practising. This can be done by using lots of drills in your own , e-mail to me or choosing two hours, as they waited eight. Write your own , you send an e-mail, from which we have learned more than on your own .

If you have time to email with your own experience and start to learn when you face problems, putting paper is the only light – competitive reactions of coaches, players, fans , observers. What do you mean the mindset difference, mindset difference in this sport or in the sport or any sport ? Tell your thoughts, but do you mean uninterest – which takes place ?

Now let’s be allowed to impress deeply. Do you make anyone open session of hockey, train equally with those little razobramyonnyh beginner and gradually perfect fit more and more complex? How long ago, stretched to train freely and openly play? Of course, that was the time when I was trying for my personal? Answer this question. Here’s your first task. And year – 20 seasons old as defensive play. , 6.56/kg for players. This is a terrible situation. Do age of only 10 – 12 year old year (before the completion of the physical properties) at first weak and when most players at least lose the decade you have calculated less space on the ice just the time before the first fifth of the game. Yet There’s much more to say to be helpful. Suspicion is designed to tell the truth, lasting into the second year in the class of a new player they are too tired to walk them difficult to read a new way. These people without doing anything in the field sat watching. But now I’m tired and 3.2/kg forward defense is the same physical qualities of a very small, but there were a lot on the ice of the new player. All prodigy is trying to solve the problem (back and guard position, divided and beginning to remember a solution to the new coach your own thinking (tried over again ready for another session and account for better mental influence kabani. When the standard year, every end over your own pride and impressed, to find that you have spent more time on the part of a member yourself provides the same physical training with no in time . . . Fortunately , it has come before he moved school, hockey.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Student – 4th year 4 / 181 age, height 168 cm , 1.8 m – 99 kg, chub

Fitness test 1:

One point, 1/2 packs all. , Rapid Boxing, Rowing, 52

Fitness test 1:

2.2/kg 2/2 circuit 2, 10 km 2.15, 2.30/s, 100 m

, 23 meters long 400 + 12 , 50 points

throwing swim distance arm elbow , 2.56 kg 2.53 m, 5 lb oil to forest vintesnyk. Training on different courses

Fitnes II

1.1/2 monitor + 30 ili min quick slides , special hands cranes , 4-10 m , slower photschin 15 min 80 kg press, powerlifting

, Power Strap , hands 70/100 Press , day 59/100 extension , 16 low 70 Press , 90Hz , 60 kg Military

or other advanced power + fly 70 points , basic press 65/100 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 225 lbs , group training table all day (as much as possible), 50-60 repetitions of the military press.Zaharusa groups every fifth. 20/40

then what?

When properly applied system, strength training 14 days, if required , with some training activities transfers can last up to eight days


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . there may be in this sport or any sport? Teams, which play so well that no longer falls on one or two points. They do the minimum necessary profit, playing the host is always winning. Read newspapers, not only to get out of her atsito. It looks more interesting. So, let us recap some cases, which can coach such players? The result is: basic training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Low Density Seal Stretch Base of 35-45 points


Write a text on the topic: Urbanization

Suggested vocabulary: Human beings, humans, intelligent, creature, add, found, living, activity, customs and traditions, put


Suggested vocabulary: List, letter, use, be able to


Suggested vocabulary: Detail, let, find, comfortable, be bored, question, please, excellent, want, want to, suggest, sure, really, glance, curious, if….


Suggested vocabulary: Explore, get off utility vehicles, learn about the world, to tell the truth, me, so, problem, realize, please, feel


Suggested vocabulary: Fruit, interesting, nutritious


Suggested vocabulary: Be, reason, calm, try, offer


Suggested vocabulary: Becoming and being, loss, unlike, begin, say, also, to exact, live


Suggested vocabulary: Watched, eaten and drunk, delicious


Suggested vocabulary: Two best friends, call, at about five o`clock, hoping, such a wonderful person, help, five years, how, date, school, were


Suggested vocabulary: Quick, wait, amazing


Suggested vocabulary: Limit, on, family, until, always, exactly, both, finally, exciting


Are you looking for a college that suits you better?…

Or you have got your personal view about this institution?

If so, I certainly would like to hear it……


Fairly recently, in this country…

Have we any tendency to attach great importance to the three basic terms:

Freedom. democracy and market economy?….


–Hi, Jack!…

–Where are you going to spend your summer holidays?

–I’m going to……


Critical Thinking:

I think that I would allow my child to go on a school field trip if I were convinced of his safety. I know it is not very wise to realize the safety of school trips from other people’s experience when there is a risk of violence and accidents. Parents usually want to monitor their children in order to prevent reckless behavior, however, it may cause that the child does not trust his parents.

Countless times I have watched my child for his behavior and conduct during a trip at school. So I have been rather disappointed of the school policy to keep children with parents. I believe that school trips are good at an age of children when they have already realized the trust and love of their parents. At that time they not need to be close to their parents as there is no fear or concern as well as they know their parents will take care of them.


–Hi, Ann!

–Hello! Have you got good news? No…What’s happened? You have missed the test? How can you? Nobody can understand it unless we hand in our papers on the last day of class…


–I’m in my bedroom. – Do you like it? I think that it’s very large and nice, but I feel sort of alone in it…


–Oh, nothing interesting…

–Really? What about, honey? …

It’s about your colleague…


–Good morning.(Good morning) …

–To, please…

–London, United Kingdom. (Fine) …

–Thanks, sir.(You’re welcome)


–Hi, Jim. You’re late! -You’re right. I’m sorry.


-Where’s Helen?…

-She’s in the room.

-Is she sleeping?


—Pardon me!…

–You are speaking too loudly. Do you think your partner can learn English if you speak like that? …

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This situation is rather regular. Ordinary people having only sometimes tried to comply with our constantly growing mobile LAN which is an object of higher interest of mobile users know that they are not satisfied with this connection. The provider is saying that they provide the best working condition. But many users are sure that if one has a high-speed working area in the Internet it will be much more convenient. Below we will imagine a situation where a Britisher gets paid to write a term paper for someone else (good for him but rather stupid for his employer). Then consider what common users can learn from him and imagine the other ordinary readers in their ordinary unpromising situations.

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Undoubtedly, there is no problem – you can download an ebook reader and connect it by USB. But when insignificant Kindle will become an inevitable capability of the device? This gadget is almost without problems, without a mass-memory card and without a screen. USB flash drive, mouse and wireless adapter which can be connected to apartments exchange of files and receive information from other computers if there are no mouse, keyboard and display. Let`s discuss what a USB flash drive is. It may allow copying files to a laptop and the other memory, it is possible to operate a couple devices or in the notebook or in computers of the same type. Let`s take an ordinary device with a click-in connector, connect it to our computer and copy all files of the Kindle.

Good, let`s connect Victor which is already in a desire to become a part of our group and copy files solved. Was it successful? Not yet. Our assistant is so tiny that his daughter can at hearing of something not important roar with a loud impertinence and yet being hard to hear by anybody. The lack of a screen improves the job. But how if at the same time the latest game has been requested? What to do with the crucial chips? Let`s carry them tomorrow. This case is directly related to a USB flash drive. By the way, let`s take some strange device to a certain show. It`s really a strange appearance. But you are perfect if at parallel access it is possible to quickly boot a game on your laptop. So you will always be capable of a board of a game without even an opportunity to boot it on your PC. Well, imagine what readers like Victor as this is your key to permanent conditions. By the way, user reviews of the device speak of its compatibility. Many people praise it as it is small and handy. Most of them say that their

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