National Day

National Day
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Topic: Make a scrapbook about yourself.

Topic: Present problems as if you were a reporter.

Topic: Write a letter to unknown friends.

Topic: Make sentence frames of the names of animals.

Topic: Write a fortune-telling article.

Topic: Make pictures to show events of a story.

Topic: Write a story with a time-line.

Topic: Make telephone cards showing places you’ll visit.

Topic: Write a newspaper article about a planned event.

Topic: Make a board game.

Topic: Describe where you lived when you were little.

Topic: Write an article about meeting a famous person.

Topic: Make a crossword puzzle about yourself.

Topic: Report something in words and pictures.

Topic: Make a crossword about famous people.

Topic: Do you want to be a detective? Find out!

Topic: Write a letter from a winner.

Topic: Write articles from daily events.

Topic: Make a bookmark with a catch-phrase of your own.

Topic: Make a supermarket receipt.

Topic: Write an article about a place in your neighborhood.

Topic: Make a calendar for 12 months.

Topic: Make pictures on postcards to send to a friend.

Topic: Write a restaurant menu.

Topic: Make an article about your parents.

Topic: Make a video game.

Topic: Make an event announcement.

Topic: Make a cassette card.

Topic: Write asking for submissions.

Topic: Make a report on what’s perfect.

Topic: Interview a parent.

Topic: Make a travel guide of Okinawa.

Topic: Interview an author.

Topic: How was your summer? Write it.

Topic: Write about your future school life. For Vietnamese students in your target language country.

For basic level meaning of this topic, read my suggestions below:

The National Day is a very important day for every Vietnamese people. It is on 30th August, the day of Independence in 1945. The day is making them happy. See my inference & deduction below.

National Day materials:

background music of this date

video with history excerpts of this date

order a certificate

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