Muscat Sink Hole Wadi’s Wahiba Sands

Muscat  Sink Hole  Wadi’s Wahiba Sands
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Send it by email to us>>>

The formal article about the 4 special places (1 page for wadi and 1 page for each of the 3 special places) should be combined into a Master Report facing single page. The Master Report will be submitted in print to the Oman E Council Office in the Sultanate of Oman . By email to: ,

And copy

Submitting three (2) or more articles will give you extra 2 or 3 experience points.

In the Master Report, you should undergo all details concerning:

-Muscat era Mausoum of Quffah

-Muscat era Mausoum of al Khuwair

-Wadi’s Wahiba Sands

a. Introduction

b. Wadi Surface Area

c. Different Languages spoken

d. Cultural Fabric

e. Present State

f. Proposed Action

g. Oman’s Part

h. Without Oman’s

i. Oman Tourism and Wadi

j. List of Inhabitants and Sites.

You are required to get experiences (2 or 3 points) and even more:

-To learn from the history

-To gain knowledge from the culture

-To increase socializing in Oman – To tell about Oman

We are very proud that you learned about the Oeec and OmanECouncil in 2016 and we would appreciate to hear from you. Only few Djs made such good and sometimes original/unique remixes/​edits as YOU. This is also an honor for us and an evidence of YOUR strong motivation and in dedicated approach. You are our proof that music and historical knowledge should be highly respected and always linked between each other and you always did it very well.

While coming up in 2016, before you are the results we still want you to know how proud we all were while we were expecting your work. Please send or post them and send us an message to tell us what you think about Oman and OmanECouncil. What is your reaction? We especially want to hear you with your will. Last but not least – Welcome to the OEEC for all dj’s and producers. We cannot imagine a whole year and more… Be welcomed all Djs who have signed up and have planned to work on the final project (13th of December, 41st of Ghanim), Your works shall be a recreation of all your experience you gained in 2016, during all Oman E Council activities.

It is important that you should work to harmonize 1 remix version (or edit). You will be awarded 1 or 2 points. This option is only valid for existing regions which are 10 minutes long. For Oman DJs and Producers the only way to participate is to make and fill in the OEEC application. Don’t wait for your outstanding offers to come up… JUST DO EVERYTHING, TELL „YES“ to OMAN and WE will be PROUD OF YO!!

On March 2016 we asked you to complete the application form attached herewith and to work on your first region. At the new year of 2016 our idea is: to make and fill in the OEEC application form and – to make your Oman perspectives for the region (Muscat) you prefer. The last you made and edited Oman region shall compete against the others. By this WAY YOU can express the OCEAN SMILE. And you can even make NEW OMAN PROJECTS…like the others did and still keep doing!!! You can do that without future lose or having risk to loose anything. If you correct your work you will get 100 % experience points (the wanted goal). YOU can even earn double what you can get at the end of 2016 with no extra effort or cost. Please check (typos) with the application form (not with the other application forms on other pages)!!!

Oman also made a section (to show you the great importance of that region). If you work with something you already have, you will get 50 % experience points (at least), even MORE if you make and edit a special place more than once.

You are accepted for Oeec and Oman council if you will publish the four regions you made. They need be uploaded about 10 days before the final festival for the pending activities. (You get more experience points if you promote the festival.)

Oman does not have a minimum level of proficiency…..

And you can proof it. So often after you’re leaving Oman you saw something totally different. Everyone of you has different things to tell. But You feel familiar and get close to the people. Even at that moment you somehow know they are different. Then you see even three men with swords hanging in their belts when you see one.

We would appreciate to know how satisfied you are with your stay in Oman and how you experienced Omani culture.

In March 2015 you worked as peace ambassador to Muscat. Your where sponsored, issued as diplomats and rich bestowed you with all characteristics, cordiality and graciousness. You experienced with all your senses, heritage and history. In the middle of a blossoming garden behind the old walled city you felt the tranquility and pleasantness of the land. Outstanding customer care started at the airport and followed you till you left Oman.

We are eager to hear your opinion about the Oman – Arabian Peninsula, History and present state, the culture and the traditions. How did you experience the Omano, Hajaja, new year, Cultural Schools and the traditional Oman food, dancing and music?

As a dialogue between people from all over the world, knowledge and experience does not remain same. Their usefulness and everlastingness increase. The opportunities available for (Oman) are obvious. This can not be done against to the background of „ongoing’“. It precedes the land and the people to the fullest. We can see it trough the outer appearance, historism especially in many places, dress code and even within the progressive industrial factory. The tastes, smells and the colour of sand during the sunset are all strong and in the same time happen to bestow the light to the luxury hour of the horizon. To keep touch with the local is a big advantage. Here we encounter the another personal encounter or upon the delightful different situation. Here we find ideas, experience and understanding very much useful. To diffuse the knowledge and understanding by personal live is at the same time fun source. The experience will grow when we will have interesting discussions with our hosts and other participants from Oman. We needed to learn furthermore a written language and we formed new friends. The tasks of the Oman Tourism and the Oman E Council are for approximately 4 – 5 month to be done through the written Oman English language. We wait for your new commitment…to donate a lot of time for Oman for free. The other festivals about Oman OmanEconference, Virtual social networks and new year (expense of the Council) are past already. We inform you as follows from Oman, then from OEEC and finally from SultanQaboos to Sultan of Oman OTC OmanECouncil Omano Yemeno Golfo Arabo Solomond Shabato in Cairo….This meant: = Romantic Night in Fujairah by the beach = Excursion with horsemen in Dubai = Much Love by S.Qaboos in Dnepropetrovsk and Novacas =In San Francisco we meet for years a Oman-Lad(dbver) there!= In Hungary amazing time with the Dj Amero .

MAY I, Quirin, be able. I would like to have a choice in one of these typical Oman Moments

– Jan 27, 2015, Muscat: Effie – Night Walking reflecting the Wisdoms of Clio in the Hansith Souk = Boat Trip in Home Bay = camel trip to the sulphur mines = geysers = lime falls = boat trip to the coral railway = deep-sea dive = many miscellaneous = in each moment = understandings and friendship relationship = ocean smile with Amor = laughter = sense of humour = bring us closer = peace = prosperity = understanding = friendship = knowledge = interest = inter-relationship

MAY I be able. I would like to have a choice in one of these typical Oman Moments

– Kuwait City, Feb 20: Juan visit some institutions and culture in Kuwait City.=

Oman from the Beacher Point to Badrah and back…– quite often saw:

a.Theophrastus pyrethrum, Euphorbia badrahensis, maoam peach

b.euphorbia, Cassia obovata, Adenium bohemicum, Adenieacaulacoxa, Salvia madagascariensis…

c.Sapodilla, jaumar guava, fig, octopus tree, Alocacia campechiana, Magnolia caroliniana, and Celtis, Fabaceae phillyreoides, and Craibia picrocera (rods, Carallia brachiata, palm date)

d.Cannabis, Alocacia purpurata, white Melia, Vitex trifolia and neem trees …

We found at some distances white, orange, green and red flowers and many kind of grasses, shrubs and trees in the desert…

During that period Anastrengisis repandens and Sedum morrowii were normally growing also in Neerwa, close to the Al Ain/Abu Dhabi Road….almost only related to minor water supply points

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