Mangroves waterways and temples

Mangroves waterways and temples
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Elaborate article about Venice destination photography service provider. The article are about features and offers for destination photographers.

Simplifying Everything that Transports

Regarding to transportation writing post. This is one of the subjects I write on that help me give prominence and know how they operate.


Researching the way to read the basics of affiliate marketing, very tedious job but need to know what the niche affiliate is, who are affiliates and affiliates ranking. For years writing each and everything related to this line. Find potential products that was a very big headache. But it pays off after being promoted.

Structured way to read the fundamentals of SEO and paid SEO (link-building)

Being SEO Manager helps me know and understand the major concepts of SEO, the basics are the spice of this career. Here I need all the sources I could find.

Product releases

Writing and creating a good relationship with product suppliers is becoming harder, especially for marketplaces that are getting more difficult to reach, I tried with e-commerce companies and suppliers and also creating a relationship with product suppliers daily, but not all responded as I had expected. Reviewing products for future writing for trial programs, editing and especially adding images by using my gola. I am now learning from a new friend he is a photographer. The team is responsible for reviewing the products, capturing screenshots, and arranging them in ranks, or not.



Worked on the content writing of Apple’s top is not just a laptop brand, Galaxy S9’s capabilities and outcomes of hardware development, the first flagship phone. Also a Samsung’s flagship phone Galaxy Note 8 product review, including camera, memory and lenses, and the performance and more. Each paragraph was consistent and the main point and everything said carefully by the writers and editors.

Content writing for low-medium of E-commerce companies that started from Alibaba to Shopify, Shopify, BigCommerce and etc, they always have to be on guard because of counterfeit claims as well as the marketplace competitor copy and pasting of the unique product, color and design. I always updated by writing a longer and better version of the product information, better than original material. Turned out quite useful because the readers, the product reviewer is buying stuff based on those content related subjects, later the editor-in-chief reviewed the content and found it useful. The third editor was a bit suspicious but they started to do their best.

Launching new products, store or service

Product Promo is not just images and sentences, as it is important to know how the media buy, services and pricing. The supplier’s launch of websites and transferring services from one system to another could prove a concern for the user. But, it is also important to relate the main service or maybe we call it “the product’s life cycle.”

Strategic Marketing Plans

Strategic Marketing Plans, which help the management know what customers want, what competitors do and never know those things. The marketing team is rational instead of emotional.

For the past year, more than 12 months, for CCMonitor, an affiliate management solution, where we offer a commission to the company based on their channels. This is a tool to manage parts of affiliate management. And keeping it competitive by launching its online version is a strategic marketing problem. I sound like a savy marketer here. This plan is something that keeps us competitive in terms of our online inventory or online store.

Content curating

Curating content is something to watch out on because it can have a negative effect too, but in my case I was used to curate the content writing via social media, curators and colleagues. Feel free to give free content writing review and promoting your site on your dashboard (news category) But some people become annoyed because I used to photobomb their site or service (with permission)

Photo Fun with Friends and Kids

Taking pictures just for fun is actually fun, I found out that I take pictures of landscapes and things as if I am editing photos, of course I was. Now, my life is fun. I am excited to think of a photo trip and getting great strength from something towards the Buddha side of nature.


Designing flyers for clients and posting them on e-commerce company for specific listing of the chosen website, I am in charge of flyering company, be aware of the impact of a flyer. It needs to be clean and relevant, effectively communicates to potential clients. We can search through photos and supporting text to participate in several publishing products or online shops.

According to content in the editing, I took part in a sustainable tourism director to develop content writing design, it aims to improve the quality of online and offline content, content writing and its updates that can help people know more. Your job is to understand the essence of the project and developing a natural format according to the template needs. The importance of content is to build the database and feeding information to the world wide web.

To start with the whole process of information, e.g news, websites and knowledge. The planet to release, find and also develop content in a form that can be easily understood by users.

News item entry (Copy / Pasting from Magazines)

For this type of work, need to do the job thoroughly. Descriptions must be detailed, in the correct position and paragraph for smaller screen is better. Editing work, you need to be aware of the sentence and sentence breaks, arrange them based on relevance.

The platform is WPZorg, it is my own or Self owned social network, I use this platform to write content and future activities as a part of integration.

Relevant platform and content writing

With the company’s development of the environment, there is a series of people, projects and opportunities. Although he is employed as a manager of the company, which is not home to practice and work on a customer’s requirements, but the job he has been designing this platform is all the content writing. Including: social media, customer feedback, slide of online courses and content, plus drafting the description of each product by the client or list of hotels on the Network are also assigned to me.

Recommend business directories and Content writing review page and how-to-do items

Reviewing the website and only offered some quality advice on the establishment of business information, small and medium programs and e-commerce company for seamless communication. 6 month down-the-line tasks as chief content officer. Author worked as a home-based consultant, connect and lead beginner types of – setting up a niche to write articles. Or “Varicose vein treatment – finally an effective answer”. You can write about almost anything about the new trend. You can get topic for the article from Infobarrel writers or from any popular topic.

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