Like The Deserts Miss The Rain

Like The Deserts Miss The Rain
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Album in your own words. Include background information and an evaluation.

Imagine that you are the manager of a movie theater. Write a sales write-up on all the advertising posters, tickets, etc.

Interview a Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. band member at their local coffee shop. Prepare a 15-minute presentation based on the interview responses. (Be sure to dress appropriately.)

Create a commercial radio station featuring the music of Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. Write a script and then film a 15-minute commercial program.

Write a scene in a high school or college drama club play. Include Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. in the cast.

Write Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. lyrics for the following songs: Serpent Temptations Petals Falling In The Rain All the world is watching.

Make a filmstrip of the life and music of Like The Deserts Miss The Rain.

Choose a song from the record. Research behind the lyrics and tell something about craft of the song. (what do you like about it) Write how does this song help to professionalize the greatest musician’s career.

Reline Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. recently released CD now to fit the Columbia House average pricing standards. Justify the change of price. (Be sure to explain the impact that your changes would have on the retail price of an L.D. like this.)

Write your own detailed biography of the band members.

While the band is on tour, you have been hired to write a series of articles and a story based on interviews with the band. Prepare a script and then film a brief editorial news report on a current topic or event.

Plan and host a fund raiser utilizing the music of Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. Create a video and write a detailed outline for it.

Write an advertisement and then design a poster to sell the new record.

Write the complete story of one of their songs.

Write an unpublished poem that one of the band members would like to have written for them.

Highlight significant points of Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. debut record and think about the ways in which it revolutionized rock and roll music.

Write a highly detailed biographical analysis of music legend Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. . Characterize each song from their new CD and prove how it is a great album. Did they change their style the past?

Choose a title from the group’s repertoire and analyze each song individually. Which songs are heavy, and which ones have a slower tempo?

Revise the band’s schedule and give a detailed account of each concert. Include ticket prices, locations and opening acts.

James and Dave studied in law school together. Why don’t you make a libretto about the band? Think about the musical structure of the songs and then write a play about a band’s worldwide tour that starts from the rain forest, summer through south Asia, the cave art and finally goes on a trek through the desert. Include in the libretto people, history, politics and folklore.

Make a fictitious radio interview with the band members conducted by a local radio personality. Make sure to use probable questions, facts and reliable quotations given by the individuals being interviewed. Continue the interview by e-mail and answer the question above.

Write a Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. concert program with a detailed advertisement, ticket and price schedule that is sold during the next tour. Specify ticket prices among different cities.

Separate the group’s songs into types and then list any key words relating to them. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Describe the band’s most successful albums in your own words. Use specific details to help paint the picture for your reader.

Write a diary entry under the assumed name of one of the musicians in the group. Address topics such as personal background, future plans and specific details about the band’s recent concert tour.

Write an occasional letter to your wife about the band’s recent concert tour. Express your views, feelings and impressions.

Choose one of Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. ’s songs. Develop a scenario which provides specific facts and ideas surrounding the song.

Write a letter to the band. Discuss the group’s current tour, any recent accomplishments and future plans. Explain that you are doing a project in school and would like to know more about them.

Hard work is the common trait in each of their lyrics. Write a 100-word slogan that focuses on the band member’s characteristics.

Create a music video presentation based on one of the songs. Design costumes, sets and make screenplay for each of the characters. Use your creativity.



Make a news story about Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. . Justify the pitch in 15 seconds.

Give a performance of your choice from one of the band’s CDs.

Make a 30-minute video of a Like The Deserts Miss The Rain. concert. Most of their songs are quite dramatic. Write a screenplay for each song.

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Read the previous 5 historical stories about famous persons in this activity. Remember Group 1 is located in the e-Modules. Respond by Writing a paragraph in which you: a. Explain the contribution of five well-known people from their area, which you have studied, at inventing something you take for granted today.

(The author identifies the five people, their innovations and the potential impact they might have had on civilization.) You can discuss any additional ones you may want to include with your tutor by e-mailing your internal tutor at You can submit your additional information by the end of the week.

(The author correlates the descriptions in this material with those provided in the module covering the expansion of Europe in its early history. www.dest.los)

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