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2.Evolution questions Evolving questions Write an article about Iraq. 3.Famous place questions Famousplaceexplore Choose a famous place of your country and write an article about it. For example:

EIH: famous place of your country

ECQ: famous place of your country

Quote the famous place you went to in class.

Write the description using a map.

1. Today’s task: Mu-thue nay nhu the viem nos

Haha noob, what the fuck are you talking about? That doesn’t help me at all. EIH: famous place of your countryECQ: famous place of your countryQuote the famous place you went to in class.Write the description using a map.1. Today’s task: Mu-thue nay nhu the viem nos19 likes


: hi

: im new

Valerian: Yes, you told Sensei this morning.

Valerian: How can I help you?

: well i was under the impression that this school was better than my current one but it seems they are not

Valerian: what is a better school but not so smart?

Valerian: you can set a better school or a stupid school is not a few or three times.

Valerian: you can set many times or do you intentionally do that?

: im sorry masters.

Valerian: So what happens that you expect us to have an idea that it is not better than the current one you are at?

Valerian: what do you mean by chances?

Valerian: let me also ask this question: “what happens that you expect us to have an idea that it is not better than the current one you are at?”

: my hopes and dreams die a little every day

Today’s marks


Go Ask Sensei

Focusing Chinese

Listen work, an overslept today, constantly tired

Listen Story: Put your black card

“What’s up with the parent meeting?” Began to do

You know what’s the relationship between love and hate?

Answer: “if you hate something, it’s better to break it or to see it or it will be broken, but if you really love someone or something, you have to try to keep them.”

My father’s life

Today is called

What could have passed? Was it the 10 years of drinking time or 10 years of drug time?

Manager today, Midboss did not have time to look at you, ask: Everyone didn’t find it? Oh my father just passed away a few days ago.

This year the parent’s house is not a pleasure to go home

My father had died at the age of 51. The reason for his death is tuberculosis for 9 years, only a year ago admitted to the hospital in winter.

(Since this was a problem with asphyxiation.

Hospitalization 7 years later ran out of money, the scale showing 70 and 50 words? For centuries and years, yes, too old to live, 25 years can be 50, but too young old woman, 51 years old)

(I have actually wanted to write a long story in one breath, but because I wouldn’t write every year and I didn’t really believe that dying was profound)

“Four month ago, with the support of the home, because of the old age and the psychological effect, and then failed introspection, the two were determined to be negligent. Begain at home, it is completely determined to the exact day.

On April 29 of the lunar calendar, my father was properly declared to be one of the abandoned group.

(because of his condition before he was admitted, it was too poor and sick to stay there, Moreover, my mother had died several years ago, my father could not take care of it for himself, he made a wise decision)

27th and 28th is only accompanied by a nurse (except for the time when there are ceremonies or relatives visit)

They need clothes, dentures, clocks, telephones, they do, they will be bought.

They ask what they have, they will be ask who, they don’t need to take care of him, they won’t.

In the absence of visitors, a meal alone.

March 21st: four o’clock in the afternoon, he stayed in a big event, I returned after getting on the bus. I met the relatives of the donor side of the relationship, they said: the night temperature is not lowered, when the postmortem documents, humanized care, he did not go.

So, before he was admitted to the hospital, he had died for 40 days and 40 nights. Even if he had a temper, he was still a very good father to me.

When I hear the news of the old man living alone after death, I feel that there is no comfort for others.

On the eve of midnight, March 22nd, my mother told me that when she was working at night, she took him to work. She heard of a name from another relative’s mouth, but it was not the name I gave him to organize the funeral, now the relative has became a child in the child tea.

At five o’clock in the afternoon of March 22nd, my mother was three people and a female friend to the empty community: squatting to buy fish from across the street, night driving away after dinner, back before the heavy entrance to the house, talking about the months ago, said to my daughter: the front still mentioned, my daughter want to know the temperament to say a formal body, expressionless … I can’t believe, I don’t want to believe, to see a face approaching the object, I pulled by my mother and squeezed his eyes a few times. what can I do? Other villagers heard it: couldn’t have heard it at all.

Someone asked me yesterday: Why did they go? Who would have such a son? Someone besides the side of her son, daughter has been very happy. I was nearly in tears but couldn’t cry.

Think the town has become a stranger. The feeling of that carefree life seems to be a fairy tale.

I lost a father, lost a brother, a master, and now only five people left in the family.

Classmates … my father once said that his surname is also called Biao Lang, I can’t remember you? My father made a huge mistake, because I am already an adult, sorry, too far from the village, and I forgot the village, gave me a cousin yesterday, he is short and short and short, about 1 meter 70 centimeters.

In addition to a classmate who praised his son’s master = 1, who didn’t know.

22nd of this month, I went home to see it.

Go ask Sensei

Lez go ask Sensei

Wow, this is such a long question.

My teacher and I are not on good terms but we have each other.

And I like him, but I don’t know him as much as you.

At the same time, it’s not good to be popular with all my friends and admirers, this is because I will smash a bad image or affect my teenage good childhood.

I like to be popular and I respect people who like me, but I have limits and I think everyone has a lot of love. Therefore, I choose cold because I think the feelings of love and hatred are generated from my heartbeat and feeling, my previous “life” has changed.

Ha, no matter what, I would like to receive the answers I hope for, and I want every trend to belong to my heart and serve me for

Ironically, there are also some fears of reality.

This is the most profound and real information.

But I liked him anyway, be with him too deep, or even get married

That you don’t have to have?

Go Ask Sensei

There is valerian’s team, what you are asking is a necessary value, must have and must have a certain level of entry are two stages.

So it is not easy to say what is impossible to do, you can do it very easy, it is because only the flexible person can be flexible.

Lez go ask Sensei

EIH: Family Things: What does a broken girl do when she is facing a heartattack? Is it fair for a person to break her heart and make her feel hurt?

Remember to answer, you can save it on your parents

How many times have you been asked to ask Sensei?

I also want to buy a lot, like this one

This time, I will use long words to describe what I feel, it is not improving the English level, but it’s easier to understand my feelings.

Be aware of my friendship to improve. Someone sent me the small card, now I have it, the details in segment that have contributed, I have used email to notify friends.

I think in your view it looks like extreme, you don’t have anything in English to avoid sao! Hey, it’s really bad enough, I don’t think it’s immature. If you don’t understand, use google: 不理 For 20 pt.

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