Hello sunshine

Hello sunshine
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Do you love Evan? And a light bulb lit – this is the most obvious giveaway, but I never saw the daily updates until they happened!

Do you love Evan? tell us in the comments.

3. The link to the daily update post isn’t in the first comment.

9. Look at a word in the first comment but ignore it.

10. Look at the word in the second comment, on the second line and perform the code that corresponds to that word. This was a typo for ‘word’ and it ended up the resulting line was part of a Fibonacci sequence.

I frequently look to the second comment because it takes some users longer to post and give me more room to find code

11. Using the Fibonacci sequence, convert the number to decimal then to ASCII, which ended up being ‘’

12. Take part of the words in the third and fourth comment and put them together, then convert to ASCII, which ended up being ‘aliephotography’

13. To get this imgur, I had to click on ‘Links Clicked Twice – Results Not Found’, which ended up being ‘’, where a file was waiting for me to download!

I thought the link trick that was used was incredibly clever and would have never gotten the page otherwise. However now it seems the team are splitting links and how the information is hidden this is a great way to distract the problem solver

14. At the top of the file there’s a link to Evan’s daily update (July 18)

14. This is where I go horribly wrong!

The solution to the main bitcoin wallet number was actually in Evan’s daily update and I bloody missed it!

But anyway let’s look at that daily update now:

A bit closer…

Yes, there are definitely words hidden in that picture!

15. If you look closely at the people on the beach, you will notice they all have the same code

Let’s concentrate on that woman in front with the black hair, she’s holding quite a cocktail…

16. Look at her cocktail glass, which I think is LISTERINE CITRUS, it’s a bit tricky but you’ll need to see the top of the image

Now for the easy bit! Go to and tick the 5th drop down box for prefix for ingredients – with clear where it says ‘none’ – Hint you can use that Bitcoin tool from earlier here

17. convert hex to base64, you get ‘#ce54348724733462e9b9248ee7d34c056dd4586375f40cde54348723cfc8863aac7b2c434211a’

Convert the base64 back to hex ‘echo “ce54348724733462e9b9248ee7d34c056dd4586375f40cde54348723cfc8863aac7b2c434211a” | od -t x1 | tr -d ‘r’ | dd conv=unescape” and it is 6 spells out the word RESIST!

18. End of fun

Some final thoughts on this puzzle

I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one serving these challenges but with even a low amount of traffic sent by the tech authorizations, there is quite a bit of infrastructure to serve these files and as mentioned with the expiry on the files, hellosunshine isn’t exactly a short term project and at times I expected certain challenges to end (which I still don’t see happening or won’t for quite a while).

I really enjoy this type of puzzle and I love it when people use technology to make the puzzles more difficult, such as the expiry on the files. I would be more than willing to pay a small fee to people to take up the challenge of riddles, but the main issue at the moment is this –

I am searching for a transfer to a Polish school in Boston, Massachusetts though I am willing to travel up to 60 miles to find the right school. I have just completed my language study and want to utilize it without making too much of contact with Americans. Even though lack of speaking would not be a good sign for the school, I’m 100% sure, that the contact with the American students would be unavoidable. If there was an English speaking Polish in the school, it would be extremely nice.

Hello. I am Stephanie, a student at the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria in Valparaiso, Chile. I would like to improve my English so I would be more than happy to give as much help as I can in exchange and exchange some points of view with someone. I hope to hear from you and to meet you!

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