Ger baby. Very Ger.

Ger baby. Very Ger.
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Download Top Stars (Virtual Piano) [It’s a play on “very Ger.” Like if you said “very burger.”]

Then: Write two funny stories in English describing why I should name a hamster “Tuscan” or “Barrel Aged”

All entries need to be in English.

Submission Window: November 18th – November 23rd. Please submit your stuff to by 11:59 PM PST this Thursday.

I will then send out a survey and allow one entry per person.

What it Takes To Win

2nd place gets a little something from the merchandise shop and a thank you on the blog.

1 Place will get a custom mead and a super crazy beer glass for 1 year

You Stuff Can Be In A Video

The video will provide a great showcase for your work. You won’t have to worry about imaging for the videos or having your stuff live behind user login forms.

Here’s What Is At Stake

If you don’t enter, your dreams of Grand Meadaship and Ger Baby status are crushed like a glass wearing a spinning top in a blender.

Join The Crew

If you like making things (videos, art, articles, jokes), and want to included video of some anyway, you’re on of my kind of people. Consider joining the Newsletter. I share behind the scenes work, what I’m learning, and upcoming videos and articles.

Sharing not required. I like to share more way more than I used to.

Please note that due to travel & gear replacement, I’m shifting my Patreon focus to monthly articles on craft beer, podcasting and satire.

People seemed to enjoy the craft beer content that was released in 2014. Being “down with beer” means I prefer to review smaller, local breweries and am turning my attention to that. If you’d like to help support the site and my upcoming book, consider joining the Rewards Tier.

In 2015, expect to see: long form critiques of very disparate world beers. There’s a chance I will visit the US after a 2 month European vacation. This book is happening! Kickstarter next year?

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