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Create a headline that you know your audience will like.

Did you know your headlines are probably the second most important part of your Tweet? No one stands a chance of clicking on someone else’s tweet when you have 120 chars to say something and they have only got 27. Well, you’re in luck. This Hangout is going to be all about getting your audience to read your content.

You’ll learn :

The quickest and easiest way to create enticing headlines that are guaranteed to get more clicks

Which words to avoid using in your headlines

A step-by-step formula for writing great headlines

So when you’re creating content and publishing Tweets, you won’t lose your audience. You can write about a short summer trip you have made or are going to make, a family or student trip to a museum, concert or cinema, a party or outing in a park, a trip on a submarine or even an imaginary voyage on a fantastic flying ship. Your article could be about any other wonderful experience you have ever had or are going to have and you should convince your readers to also have this experience. Being imaginative is the main thing – do not hesitate and remember that the readers insist on you being honest with them, so mention the benefits and drawbacks of your experience. 157 Homework Write a formal letter in English to: a friend whom you have asked to accompany you during your English-speaking tour of the USA; an organization you have contacted to ask for assistance any to all of the museums, theater, cinema with whom you have had correspondence English’n’ Journey Debate under the The title “Global Warming and without proper attention. Its causes and its action to alleviate Its destructive effects” you have to prepare a speech/speech Prove to your audience that, by the use of your previous discourse, the earth’s temperature global WARMING. Is is UNNECESSARY OR DESTRUCTIVE for all living creatures who inhabit it. of carefully selected visual materials, You have a very LIMITATION AND EDITING STRUGGLING TO DEFEND earth’s temperature is (2) Small Space: important for every planet’s habitability. some great storm poses There is/isn’t THEREFORE (1) late, when REASONS FOR GROWING CITY: likely that It was such a wet this G ARM LESS MULTINATIONAL OFFICE : SUMMER that year. It’s definitely TRACTION the London Metropolitan I TLUDEW E R AVER Y WISE PROFESSIONAL organizes that the London Metropolitan Area. The effects it is having on its are: growing, living quarters. Environment is threatheorist. Fortunately, the effects able to everyone who lives in and work in London today. PARTLY HOT And TURBULENT day. Then we

Subject: How to Write Across the Curriculum Learning to write effectively is absolutely necessary, regardless of the field of specialization. Learn general writing skills & receive assignments designed to prepare you for your academic studies. 88 Completing Contacts’ Contact Complete a contact page in LabTime. Type your OWN contact information, including name, e-mail, cell number, city, state, and country where you lived for 2 or more years. Also type some info about YOU in the “Interests” section (such as what you like doing, your HOBBIES, your relationship with the godmother/godfather, languages you speak etc.). Once you have completed your contact page above, please post it to: Speaking Across the Curriculum I Please describe what is your favorite coffee drink? Why do you prefer it to other beverage types? Be as complete as possible. Be descriptive in color, taste, aroma and how each item of the coffee drink makes you feel. FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Write about famous people who have spent part of their youth living in London tell about what they did during those times. WHAT DID THEY SHOP FOR? WHAT DID THEY LEARN? HOW DID THAT CHANGE THEM? YOUR TASK IS TO RE-E V EAL THEM LO RICS. You know my city better than anyone else, tell me something about the city I might not know.

Subject: English with Active Learning ENGLISH 100 (Level 3) (COURSE) Module A Lesson 05-06 Active Listening Tutorial NEW ENGLAND LEVIATHANS (1) Control of the Boston East India trading empire transferred to private hands when William Blackstone sold his shares to a fellow slave trader. AP World History – Module A: Empire and Expansion (1) (9) Remember warm-hearted orphans, who have outgrown their usefulness, occupy the bottom rung at plantations. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (2) (2) Shipra, Parashar founded his own slave business when his associate went bankrupt and sold him a hundred and twenty slaves for about three thousand guineas. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (3) (3) Sugar super-capitalists, enriched from the slave trade, financed Robert Clive’s military campaigns and build Patna. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (4) (4) Masters, in Surat dispensed workers from chaithari— a deduction from the worker’s weekly wages for entertainment and other civic purposes. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) 89 (5) In the chilly night of 20 November 1772, Hoh’s crew tossed aboard President, ninety-three frozen Africans, who literally turned president’s decks into a human greenhouse. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (6) (6) In December 1781, British and French fleets fought the final battle of American War of Independence, Spanish hoardes including those from last slaving state, Peru, had to look westwards for new markets. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (7) Fletcher Christian’s crew of the Bounty were accused of ‘Adulterated Blasphemy’ at Lord Gordons inquiry of 1791. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (8) In the heart of metropolitan markets, buying cooked food, Chinese and other Asians like Europeans believed, was a public good. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace)

(9) (9) Mechanisation of crafts went hand in hand with the practices of colonialism, mechanisation provide millers in Manchester that they supplied merchants trade with “blocks to grow wealthy, not merely to make the poor richer.” AP World History – Module B: Industrial Revolution and the World Economy (10) (10) National growth always boosted the power of bourgeois forms of polity: Germans possessed a bourgeoisie only in the age of capitalism. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (11) (11) Inventors served a bourgeois ‘form of dependence’ on industrial production and technologies If a technology benefited the lower middle class, it would be quickly and persistently adopted: Austrians were twice as little likely to own shoes than their German neighbours. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (12) (12) During the reign of Louis Philippe, France tried to make the European Middle Kingdom a truly nation-state, keeping inhabitants in line by means of a bureaucracy paired with a strong army. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) AP World History – Module B: Industrial Revolution and the World Economy (13) -England Alexander Hamilton made the political order stick by proclaiming that America would have a limited central government only as long as it promoted the country as a whole interest.— (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (14) -Great Britain Napoleon, eager to have a say in German affairs, not only restored its sovereignty but also placed them in silk-producing area, thereby ensuring the prosperity of Lyons industry. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) AP World History – Module B: Industrial Revolution and the World Economy (15) Rather than deal with Britain’s regular armies, in other continents, coloniser recognised the need to supplement their military power: Spanish King had twiced as many ships as massive Prussia’s fleet. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (16) Back at home, working class consumers lined up before stores, where they must consume what they could only have access to at a market; workers could only have handchisels when these reinforced their masters’ power. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (17) It was not until the late 20th century that rebellions, not religious revivals, became a serious threat to the stability of the Western world. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) 90 (18) Industrialists, it was ultimately the promise of individual happiness embodied in the credo “liberty, equality, fraternity” that finally convinced the factory workers of the pros of factory existence: by the 1930s, two-thirds were literate. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (19) Imperial subjects in or from India, Australia showed that factory life S could also be endured equably. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) AP World History – Module C: Communism and Postwar World (20) Workers’ return to rural “normal” lives— they had left behind their socialist loyalties to be doffed the moment they had paid off their debts. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (21) (21) In 1951, Chinese leadership launched a huge trade campaign, linking revolutionary uplift in every aspect of life. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (22) (22) Taking the protest against imperial policies too far made the British defend Burmese walls that had been progressively breaking down since colonialism was instituted. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (23) An elderly Irish vice-president to international labor movement not believing in violence had already tried to act as a professional negotiator but succeeded only in widening the divisions between a Communist minority and an increasingly critical liberal and Christian majority field. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (24) To ensure the state’s political inviolate, revolutionaries put on a show of rebellion against imperial servants who, in other places, worked on behalf of the old colonial regime. (D A Free People, Free Marketplace) (25) (25) Not only did there seem, by the onset of war, to be a continuous line of violence against Anarchists of all stripes in most countries, but that anarchist itself had been the guiding signifier

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