Free Hop on Hop off Bus in Perth

Free Hop on Hop off Bus in Perth
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Make 1 Article (unknown) with one picture about Gym, Exercise and Workout in Melbourne.

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Create 5 Ads with active traffic, related topics, different cities. (Direct Approach) Bonus: Completely Built Ads Ready to be used HERE

Write an Article about Media Buying/Planning in Singapore.

Complete 1500 visitors to our landing page in 3 days.

Make 1-2 videos with minimum 3500-4000 views in 2 days. (Approach: Pinterest Subgroup, likes giveaways, Traffic Exchanges)

Estimated budget: $20-$28 which would include traffic for offers and for some extra $ for pbn building about $3 – $5.

If interested partners can apply for the job via PM, please include:

> Contact details: Skype/ICQ

> The Digital marketing job you will make.

> Proposed Time-frame and articles/links you will deliver.

> How many Backlinks will you deliver to our websites/ landing pages


Deadline for this job recruitment is 2 days.

Following budget will be taken into consideration when choosing the winner among the best applications:

Rank Country Traffic United States


Views = 150K – 180K

Budget = $20 Worldwide

Views = 3 – 3.5M

Budget = $28

Thank you and good luck!


Bazic Team

Your article should include, among others:

-the essential information about this specific type of transport

-the prices

-the different routes

-the destinations that are capable of being visited

The article must contain

-further resources

-examples of pictures that illustrate this kind of transport

Use the references list but do not repeat the complete reference for each and every reference in the list.

You should organize this article in an objective, presentation and well planned structure. Make sure you read your article to check it.

This is an academic essay in many ways!

LENGTH: 7600

Mature language, no foul language. First person ‘I’ form of English – therefore a formal text structure is not advised and should NOT be used.

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