France’s Beautiful Cote d’Azur

France’s Beautiful Cote d’Azur
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Learn some English words, then write a number of sentences with those words.

Write up your own version of the Jurassic Park story.

The room lights suddenly went out at the main powerplant facility. At 3:32 a.m. the most terrifying creatures on the planet appeared – a herd of Tyrannosaurus rex! The officials who normally ruled Jurassic Park encountered more difficult problems than they had ever envisioned. Now they had to survive and escape!

Children really enjoy this. Put your cutouts into a bag and draw one at random. Put the name of a character on the board and let the child tell the story or write it out just as they hear or remember it. If you like, you can write the child’s name or social security number on the back of the card, and if they lose resources or forget the story draw out another one. Later on while using the finished projects they can tell who said what. Would they recognize each person if they were to meet them?

The above prepares a child for art project, drama project and television program learning. Art materials, clay and block form modeling are invaluable. Step 1. Creative learning through painting (5 minutes) Ask the question: (four standards)

“What does it look like?”

“What kind of creature is it?”

“What is it doing?”

“What’s happening in the scene?”

Step 2. Creative writing (5 minutes)

Ask the question:

“What does it say?”

“What does it do?”

“What is happening in the story?”

Step 3. Identifying the body parts:

This step uses the standard of directionality. Have the child identify and trace the head, the arms and the legs.

Step 4: Representing the creative activity

The child manipulates the story in order to make it more of a story.

1. Let them talk and act out the story!

2. Have the child act out the story like a puppet.

3. Give the child a drawing of a dinosaur drawing (and maybe some paper) and stop when their mind goes blank and ask them their name, and the date and time. Explain that their mind went blank and now think about what to include in the drawing to help them remember their name. WOW!

4. Have the child end the play with an ending! Hints: Children like the ridiculous and the silly. Ages 4 to 7 are fun because this seems like make-believe. Easiest way is if you act in it. Ages 8 to adult want to be the directing genius! Ask them to tell you the story of their playing.

AGE 6 to 9 Science games & crafts are exciting and they find out new things but it is usually more open ended. Please follow the instructional guidelines for use of the activities to get the most out of the teaching experience. Make them pay attention when you teach them. There are about 3 to 6 days worth of play. During that time have them ask questions and think. These activities for open-minded kids

Children pour things into a container. When their hand reaches below their lower chest, they have to have help. (Lines of demarcation on shoulders and below) This is to encourage children to learn their own limitations and to start learning to ask for help. Yet at a later age they might not need the limits, but they won’t act due to fear of disapproval.

You make balls of wax that has color added as desired. Then you stick up some tablecloths around the room with your child by inserting the stick into a protective place on the tablecloth. Sometimes it might be helpful to blow the ball off the plate several times before sticking the plate up with the balls of wax on it. Now they are the scientists, their hand can reach, experiment and investigate and this encourages the use of their arms, hands and mental processes rather than the highly dependent on self all the time auto focus use of a television screen.

Age 8 to adult PREHISTORY: If you do the things that are encouraged for children below your- eight to ten year old will know a lot more history than usual. They are encouraged to ask questions. Instead of doing a storytelling project I encourage them to identify each person by where the information was derived from (character, book, video, internet, etc.) and going to web space to gain the information so they will be motivated to do something interesting and not just a dull pile of lies on paper.

When you play “Princess” ask them many questions about ideas shown by the sleeves, colors and other decoratives clues like the border colors or the Chinese Tang or Indian Mubarak marking or embroideries.

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