Fish massage and sunburn

Fish massage and sunburn
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Critical Assignment:

This is the basic and the most common assignment commissioned by business students. This gives students better understanding of writing about real life situations. The project would be that for each student is to produce at least ten real life situation articles on different subjects and rank them as per their specific audience preferences and the demographics. This will show the students how the an article and similar articles related to it should be written based of the subject.


Accommodation Facilities

Building Construction


Financial Institutions

Stock Market

The last part of the above projects should be that each student has to show how the article should be written and what specific word or word combinations should be included and mention how the customer of that firm would like to get to know the topic.

Write a formal article in English about: “Fish fetish and underwater world”

Write a formal article in English about: “А coral reef and your health?”

Write a formal article in English about: “How to choose coral reefs?”

Write a formal review in English about: “OMG, what have I eaten?”

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