Electrical Training

Electrical Training
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Knowledge sharing is the primary purpose of this topic post, and the guide ‘Electrical Training online’ is a collection of useful information and multiple links to the best articles to get a training certification in electricity.

Table of Contents

This is one of the most comprehensive resource for trainers available on internet – Dr.Kumar Janashia have compiled a large collection of topics and have written 70 percent of the book by a time I stopped my service. The book is still on going – they are adding new information and publishing revised contents, but this is one of the most complete resource available.

Stage 1 – Basic Electrical Education

Stage 2 – Advanced Electrical Education

Stage 3 – Some Electrical Non Practical Subjects like DC Motor, Capacitor, Alternator

Stage 4 – Extra Stage – Basic Electronic Engineering Education.

HSC (Even Year) Electrical Engineering Candidates feel happy 🙂

HSC Electrical Training Content Notes:

Introduction to Electrical Engineering

Measurement Devices

Another Introduction

Electromagnetic Induction


An Accumulator

Capacitor Superposition

Dc Generators

Dc Motors

Phase sequence

Phase sequence and single phase motors

Two phase

Three Phase

Rectifier Operation

AC Motors




Electronics Course Notes – Part 1

Electronics Course Notes – Part 2

Electronics Course Notes – Part 3

SCR Theory and Applications

High Tension Transformer

High Tension Transformers

SMPS Working

SMPS Operation at Detailed Level

SMPS Construction

SMPS Construction by photos

Motor Control using SMPS

AC Drive using SMPS

SMPS Circuit Diagram

Other Electronics Notes

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I have received many emails requesting more resources and comments. Here is a collection of some of the feedback received during last 5 months.

Good overall really helps understanding and basic ideas. Easy to read and understand , easy spm style. – Farhan Malik

This post has a lot of good info. Great Computer Mech Help. – Noah Schutz

US has the best educational resources. Your information is simply a replica of that. – Bryan Barton

I am in the upper level. Its very helpful. Its like solving some questions in advance. – Ahamed Rahman

Fantastic sharing by yourself so kindly Bhargavi! Machine solutions as i need urgently. 😀 – ABHIVRAJ [ABHIVRAJ.PTETH@GMAIL.COM]

Great Topic. Definite Resourse Mate, you never know we might need EMS help later for our final year project. – Thulasimeera Jayakody




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