Eightyeight Days for another 365

Eightyeight Days for another 365
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The Eightyeight Days Blog Rolling List

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1. Cynthia Sanchez (Cynterati)

Before her accident, the last words that my sweet girlfriend said to me the night before were: “If I don’t see you tomorrow, I love you.”

2. Sarra Winfield, Netroots Media & Voted Readers choice for craziest/loopy blogger

Experiencing sexual and physical assault as a war refugee in your teens isn’t something most people would call sweet. I thought I was a goner, when the water came rushing under the slum we’d been herded into like cattle. Those soldiers must have killed Ali.

3. Criken – Fucking Shocked

I was presenting a research paper about the Aztecs – one of my favourite tribes – at university. For once I paid close attention in class, mostly because there were other girls I was interested in. The lecture started on social structure, but by the end I hadn’t taken down a single word. Not that it really mattered. My up-coming vacation had been arranged by the guy on the desk and the note he’d slipped me had said, “I’m really looking forward to getting to know you in a more familiar context — John.” What the fuck?! In the next days one of my female friends found herself to be without a place to stay. Hooray for hostels! We parked our belongings in a communal woman-only room (our flight time was already booked, so spending money was not an option) and hit the town, having our first alcoholic drinks ever. Try slammind a Russian bar when you can barely speak the language and alternate every second beer with shots of something in a plastic cup. At some point we stepped outside to puke (doing well with avoiding each other’s puke, of course), and drunkenly headed back to the hostel. Which is at that time was being cased by a very drunk two or three western men. That’s when the pick-up requests started. Aproximatély said “loco, I thought you said there WERE perverts in Russia” Well, we’re in Russia now, too.

4. Claris from Sexy Little Wretch

5. Scarlett from My Empty Valley

I think I’m going to catch up with everyone else, y’see speaking out about an upsetting incident that happened to me doesn’t help me, but forces me to flood out my angst to the world, so instead of sharing the story, I will only say I hit my lowest point in terms of hopelessness, I didn’t want to live and the darkness found me again.

6. Teri from Thoughts From A Southern Mama

Its hard to admit that you need help, when you look like you can handle it, but anyone can fall through the cracks, no matter how ‘together’ they seem. So reach out to someone someone, if only in hopes of strengthening someone elses ladder.

7. Bobbi on Friday Night is Mums night out

I was 12 and my friends took me to an all male rock concert when my mom was away feeling bad, sad and still dealing with getting over a recent break up. I was excited but scared. What would my mom have said? I had never been to one before. The minute the band came on the stage all of my fears went to the back of my mind. It was my first rock concert. It was classic rock, shit I was 12 I didn’t know ABBA from Aerosmith. Anyway, there I was..12 years old surrounded by men, some older, some younger, some a little creepy and some just aspiring musicians.

I don’t want to say I had fun, but thinking back I think they just didn’t know what else to do with me so they put me on stage. I figured I needed 3 of things – guitar, bass and drum. So I grabbed what I could find and began to strum, finding a rhythm. I was anonymous, forgotten and nobody was watching. I played so hard I lost a couple of nails. Someone put me on bass and after a while put me behind the drums. Between up and down beats I managed to grab a picture of the evening – looking a little scary but damn alive. Even though one of my friends ended up sneaking out to have sex in bushes behind a building she left me in the crowd. That’s another story. Needless to say I was freaked out by the evening but in ways it has stuck with me. So when their grand daughter took up the guitar a few years ago I showed her what I remembered from that long ago show.

Can’t remember the band, nobody knew one another’s name, we were all strangers, but I know that many years later a couple of us still remember exactly what was on the stage that night.

8. Danya from DanyaTrades A Tale

I guess my 80 Days with is this. I was abused repeatedly by family members – Cousins, 3rd cousins, 1st cousins twice removed, a third hand cousin , and their ex-husbands. All female — and all before I turned 14. When I finally said something, I was told by two of the ones that were helping that this was to be kept between us. They told me that I was hurting the family – and how could I do that (the family had never helped me as children). So I kept quiet instead. I never knew just how many people were being molested and abused by their parents, their fathers friends and other relatives until this week. This information makes me sad and angry. Angry that I did not fight back, that I didn’t go to the police and report those things. This must have happened to a great of us – the world would be a different place. If I ever have a girl or son I will cherish them.

9. Liz from Hanging Art

I have only been able to discover the light from a dark moment, from a personal and painful experience, this one falls in a long line of them, when I was adopted at age 10. I was really happy and excited to be part of my forever family, then I was forced to learn that my forever family was not my forever family, they were very quick to send away my two new adoptive brothers and then my forever parents themselves were adopted. I learned that my forever parents were nice only when I toe the line. If a kindness was not earned for me, it and the love went away straight away. I was lightheaded and dizzy with sorrow. I love my forever family and I am still in the best and most forgiving and civilized relationship with either my forever mother, or my forever stepmother, I am no longer loved by my forever father, and I can’t wait to be haunted by him forever and ever in the twilight zone of my mind.

Numerous times I thought I was going to die, but thankfully, I was wrong. After becoming an adult, I was successfully wrestling with issues of abandonment, rejection, struggle with homosexuality, alcohol and drug addiction, homelessness, a sex addiction, bouncing around in and out of therapy, psychiatric hospitals, poor choices like dating women and cheating on those women just to get better, a terminally ill mom, her lengthy illness and her slow demise….lots and lots of very personal, embarrassing stuff.

10. Steph from Steph on Beer

One day my dad came to me and told me that he was splitting up with my mum, he had fallen for another girl, whom he would soon be marrying. The night, or morning, before the day all of this took place, I had had a weird dream, where I was flying around the universe, and finding God, I told him everything, my aspirations, my fears, my dreams, everything about my life, and I woke up the next day, feeling glad and powerful. The day after the dreaded conversation with dad, I became depressed, and lonely, I missed my Dad dearly, but now he was gone, flown out of my life simply because my mum wasn’t good enough, he would always be my brother of course, but that was it. My sadness started to destroy me, to ruin my dreams and my aspirations. I started to watch everything I did and said, and I expected to be judged badly at everything, I had no idea I was dreaming however, and I wasn’t in complete control of myself.

After a while I started getting angry, furious by the fact that my dad was gone, and how I was feeling half the time about it, I was fine when

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Examples may include the professional success or setback of a person, the interpersonal relationship between a child and his/her parents, and the reaction of a special or a friend in regards to our problems or worries. Every one can quickly recall a number of such situations that took place in the past and/or nowadays. They had a negative or positive impact on us. For example reciprocal insults can escalate conflicts, praising can encourage and inspire. Warmth, sympathy, love or greed can imbue a personality with the power to realize his/her main ambitions. Just imagine how different our lives and the lives of others would be without these issues!

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