Egypt by bus

Egypt by bus
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Egyptian Mountains by Bus

like Gebel El Fagarah Mountain, Ahmed El Darzin Mountain,

Bahariya Oasis Mountain By Bus

The Lost Oasis By Bus

Cattle Desert by Bus

Combo tours to Fayoum

Combo tours to Aswan

Markaz Fayoum Paragraph

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Aqarib Tours

How much :

Farafra 2days 1 night = USD 400 per person

BeniSuef 1day = USD 400

Bahariya 2days 1 night = USD 400

Kharga 3days 2night = USD 700

Sofra-Luxor Tour price including transport and full board accommodation

4days 3 nights 250USD pp per person for group of 12adults

3days 2 nights 165USD pp per person for group of 2-6adults

2days 1night 125USD pp per person for group of Group of dozens

One Day tours 65USD pp/

Seminot Tours

The triangle (Nile, Aswan, Luxor), Luxor, Abu Simbel and Hurghada.


Tour of the Nile: 650 USd/p/n in full board conditions

A tour to Luxor and Aswan + Abu Simbel / Hurghada : 1200 USd/p/n in full board conditions

•A tour to Luxor and Abu Simbel + Hurghada: 800 USd/p/n in full board conditions

Trips prices::

Luxor : 150 LE by car.

Aswan: 100 LE by car

Abu remble and Hurghada: 500 LE and 1000 LE by change

Luxor prices

– Who live in Luxor and around the New and the Old Catarac

– On Saturdays and Fridays do all year around

– With groups: 1/10

– With students: 1/5

– With all the benefits which you will enjoy please you know:



El Qababa Tours

El Bathra Tours

Abu Simbel Tours

Shalil Tours

Perso Gulf Tours

Tiang Denda Tours

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Egyptian Nile Flotations resort: One Island is the first floating resort in Egypt in the form of a giant traditional Arabic house .

The Resort is organized around a main lobby area that accommodates both the bar and the restaurant area.

The restaurant faces the Nile and allows guests to either sit in comfortable booths or at tables for two or four. Quite a few tables have an unparalleled view onto the Nile.

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