Comidas de Guatemala

Comidas de Guatemala
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Carne Asada

Corn is an important staple for Guatemalan meals Carne Asada: Typical beef barbecue that comes with two types of sauces, “roja” and “verde” blended together from tomato, onions, and spices including jalapeños.

Sugar Cane Tum

Sugar cane wrappings for tum Chicken with Rice, Fried Plantains and Pineapple: Puerto Barrios city attracts many travelers since there is a lot of farmland and it’s beautiful.

Plantain Empanadas

Plantain filled with vegetable or cheese Empanadas: A pastry that is common in Central America. It consists of pastry dough, corn flour and enriched with lard flavor.

Sunscreen is a necessity

Palm Fronds

Palm trees are plentiful in Guatemala Coffee: Guatemala counts with excellent coffee and the benefits with having a flower that is productive like coffee can be used to flavor alcoholic beverages and to make ice cream, which is made only with powder and milk. The call “Postre de Almendras” is a dessert that you can try.

Postre de Almendras


Cornbread is a good part of breakfast Corn Muffins: Gladly, Guatemalans are well-known for the great use of corn, that this is the reason why it is called “la tierra de la mazorca”. They use the corn for bread, soft drinks and hard liquor and tamales.

Brick Lane

bricks were used to cook the food Brick Lane


Pineapples can be found in Guatemala Chicken Nachos: There are several ways to cook tortillas, but in Guatemala you can find them in the restaurants with chicken or without.

Las Delicias

Las Delicias Restaurante Lanzarote

Strawberry & Banana Shake

Strawberry & Banana Shake Strawberry Yogurt Pancakes: In this typical breakfast you can have a balanced breakfast by adding some protein with yogurt and fruit. But there is another version that also exists, that is the “diet”, which is actually a cream only, without fruit.

Blue Muffins

Blue Muffins healthy drink Smoothies: Those who come to Guatemala and eat on the streets, little by lttle try the local snacks, many people complain about the obstacles found in public places, but this does not stop anyone. Strangers need a language guide that can lead them to good cheap food.

Taste Breakfast

Taste Breakfast

Guatemala City

Guatemala City botanic garden They already know about many types of fritters, some are unknown, but still are delicious. Those caught by the sweet are not left out, only a large variety of pastries, from tarts to gelato, and to cool off, there’s a corner of ice cream or yogurt.

Jugos de Frutas

The idea is to enjoy this street in an authentic way, to eat and talk in an open-air area, without any problem of food quality, the city waters, with the right mix between transport and food, you’ll never believe it’s true. Once you try, you’ll be surprised to see the number of residents of Guatemala city who prefer to spend their leisure time in the streets.

If get hung up on food, there was a variety of restaurants that are excellent, within reach, clean and cheap. Foreign visitors say they like the food very much, especially Spanish food and French food, but do not forget the typical dishes from the indigenous peoples of the hills.

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