Colombian Coffee Country

Colombian Coffee Country
Written by 3mienblog

What unique aspects set it apart from other coffee producing countries? Who characteristic do you think you’ll like most about life there?

Write a post or article about your specific niche. If you want to become a game developer then write an article about what game programmers ought to think about before they choose to become game developers.

Write a LinkedIn profile (for free). Tell people how you can make a difference in their lives.

Write an email that you will send to engineering companies (for free). Tell them how your whitepaper and article gave you the tools to improve the lives of mental health workers.

Start your WWW.PROFILETODAY.COM video channel with your first video. Tell him/her how much you looked at the dashboard when you were she/he was doing their chores. If you have kids, then this is the best knowledge package there is for them.

Launch your online blog for at least 1 month with no promotion whatsoever and compete with other blogs. By the end of the month, you will have the scoop on the purposeful strategies that you need to be on top of the SERPs in N number of months.

2. In addition to 40 business minutes per day, empty your “reserved” tasks for customer service every day so that a new customer can eventually appear. Every hangout/video call you have falls into the customer service category. When you collaborate via email, send your work to the other enthusiast so that they can do customer service.

3. Use mentor minutes to mix-and-match skill an hour until the end of the month. Each mentor minute can be a forum which is like another language to you or a meeting in your city hall which you attend N meetings a month. You can also redirect mentor hours to mentor minutes.

4. Decide upon your personal mission. The Bible gives us four characteristics to help guide our next steps:

Sacrifice. What will you sacrifice for your personal mission?

Cooperation. Will you collaborate for something beyond yourself?

Authenticity. Will you make your voice count?

Retribution. Will you leave a legacy?

Chose one and spend 1/3 of your messages on that principle. It can not just be a text but something that is constructive and appreciative to you.

The space I have is quite limited. Therefore, I could not supply everything that you need to know to become a true master of your industry. However, I can give you some residual educations. By the time you finish reading this book, you may feel the need to know more. If the reading exceeds the allotted time for that day, then it may become knowledge enough for one week. Therefore, if you have weekly planner book, a lesson for one month may span for 2 weeks and a month can be broken down into 3 weeks. A week is divided into 4 days since every fourth of the week is a Friday. Read or study the information that is instantly applicable for the day. In the next chapter, I will present the next aspect.

Practice, in the devotional time you have in the evening, give God a word of appreciation for the effort He has given to bring you this far without you even having to ask for it. Acknowledge Him even though He knew that you would never acknowledge Him. Regardless of your religiosity or race, recognize that no man is given the opportunity to be a superappreciative. God teaches us to appreciate Him because we were created out of His love and wisdom. All activities in your life point to Him so that He can be glorified. Unthankfulness is the non-approved gate to hell.

By once again assigning all reactions you have when you are alone to be thankfulness toward God and to keep doing that until the end of your calendar year, you will inevitably become surprised by the fact that you became interested in so many things that you never knew before.

If, unlike others whose businesses are in your city, you have not put any thoughts into your businesses, then that is a whole lot worse than not keeping your schedule. Without planning, you will be shot down and sentenced to hell, for the suspicion that you have suddenly honed a talent or skill without acknowledgement from God. It is always wise to pray before stepping into your business, Insha’Allah. Also, at a time when you have no knowledge about your business, you will look so ugly and foolish to others who expect you to have the skill to be admired. It will not do you any good if you don’t listen to the voice that God gave you in the beginning. Until now, it will be inconvenient. However, when you become an adult, you will certainly need it. Till today, God has never told me anything negative though his inspirations are one million percent real to me. He might not say anything to you either, so don’t worry. He will certainly do it when it becomes necessary. Until then, make God happy by being appreciative when you get to that factor.

A Day In The Life Of …

In addition to the morning activities that you have scheduled time for, there is still work to be done throughout your day. All chores, knowledge gathering, and personal mission have to happen throughout the day. They don’t have to be in one bout but throughout your day. When you get up in the morning, go to menu for that day which contains the additional time for chores and the knowledge you have to acquire for that day. As you are going about your day, If the moment comes you see an opportunity to acquire knowledge or a routine has been misplaced, complete it immediately

Evaluate your progress at the end of the day and write them down as lessons you have learned that week, which you can use over the following month on your calendar. Evaluate your week at the end of the week and place them in a Monday calendar.

Make sure that you contact that person 30 minutes before the call time.

You can start your video hangout on Skype by clicking the Skype video camera icon.

If the discussion goes beyond 30 minutes then extend it by 30 minutes more with the video log of your video call on

Use the knowledge packages during the period of your Hangout/Video call. Use them while looking into each other or listening. Write down the lessons of the day on your Google Calendar every day.

If you schedule in someone at an ungodly hour, don’t be offended if they decline your invitation. Don’t kick yourself for not being an invited actor. If you have to do that all the time to make better relationships, cancel it out at the year’s end and focus on inviting professionals that can work with you more because of how much you understand yourself and your own business.

How to Start Your Email Alerts

Sign up at Google Alerts.

Go to and click on “Create Alert.”

Create a search engine alert for the words or phrases that you now search for at least twice per week.

Add your search alerts to your email mailbox.

In your email inbox, click on new “message” for the search alerts a bunch of times per day and check the headlines to see if you have an opportunity to help someone have an “A” student or one smart tenant or one fantastic junior or your ideal candidate or one successful leader or your ideal colleague or melding property manager.

If you respond to those informational bulletins, you may build relationships that will make the tasks that you want and need to do done in less time.



Plan your work and work your plan

Have you ever convinced yourself that you could easily conquer the world? Without a clear and manageable plan, this never occurs. Always refuse to take off randomly into the day-before-tomorrow. If you do that then you will be like a bullet in the coffee mug on the road – going anywhere, messing everybody up in your way, ending up at the bottom of somebody’s cupboard or a lost collection of dust and not ever having a chance to prove to yourself or others that you could be productive. Plan to succeed without fail although the faith you have in yourself is the only way to win.

You are to write your Bible because you don’t have enough time to read the lessons. Life is so very busy in Miami that you only have time twice a year for summer and winter vacations. They only last for about 3 weeks every time. As long as I can remember, this has been the model for Miami natives. People are usually asleep on their chairs when they embrace the day through their car windows. The other day, I could count how many cars (and there were 70) that slowed down and waved at me to obey the road laws. I didn’t see anybody who smiled, laughed or showed lop-sidedness. I guess they lived in the city, crammed it, and then rubbed shoulders to rush to the other side of town until 12 so they can chug it to 5 pm as soon as Monday’s day-off.

Early to Rise is a novel by Benjamin Franklyn. This book tells the story about how Ben became really rich when he worked for himself and most of his jobs he worked out of his home. He was so smart about money that he worked without a moving pair of biceps. To him, the idea that working hard wasn’t enough – the quality and quantity of work an employee produced.

To Ben, timing was everything. To provide the reading audience that enlightenment , for publishing.


Appeal to the sympathy of the audience right at the start.

First sentences have a direct appeal to the senses – particularly sound.

Bold or Emphasize important words / Good use of connectives.

Some key words & phrases to emphasis / make an impact.

Develop an argument.

Establish some common wisdom or even certainty.

Restate the thesis in a different way at the end.

Consequences of the thesis / appeal to the senses.

Where does the thesis meet reality?

Example of a formal article.

Example of error in a formal article.

Repeat important points.

Use transitions between paragraphs.

Place transition at a logical spot in the story.

Two Sentences –> One Paragraph –> Two Sentences –> One Paragraph ect.

Make links connect logically.

Put links of similar kinds together.

You Did Not Pass!

One big idea across 35 minutes


Edit but don’t delete.

Never duplicate.

Only one criterion of good writing –> Say what you have to say.

Be sensible to change.

Good technology is NOT good writing –> Having written work in the computer does not necessarily equate to having good writing.

Find your own voice –> A good writer speaks in his or her own voice, not in the voice of the computer.

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