Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns
Written by 3mienblog

Include your research and human/geological effects.

5th grade science test

read some articles and answer test grade 5 science.

Introverts Suck

write a writing that has to do with introverts

brainstorming a naturalist group

brainstorm what clubs a naturalist group could have

a letter to the future about cars

write a letter that someone 50 years from now can read that tells what being around cars was like

Advanced Integrated Writing

submital by Jane of Ford Model T

A report on Iceland.

Research on Iceland and write a short report at the end of the year.

Cranium Blast

Write a report on a brain teaser

Autism and Aspergers.

Write a fiction or non fiction narrative or documentary.

Stat 4; Custom Research

Write 3 essays on what to include in a plan to preserve Earth’s resources.

Free and Union

Pick a current event and determine who is affected by it.

Electricity is Really Good

write several facts and myths about electricity

Plunder Pirates and Whirling Whales.

write a book about what would happen if a Pirate and a Whirling Whale were in the same room together.

Jazz Music and the Blues.

find an interesting topic about jazz music and how it relates to the blues.

Solar Paper

Find three facts about solar panels and electricity.


Write a letter from a really really rich person to a worker in the Amiga factory.

Deep End

write three facts and three misconceptions about wearing swimming costumes at the beach.


physic paper with two questions about ways we talk that are often misunderstood


write three facts and misconceptions about rocks.

Calling Cards

Create a calling card.

Austrian Airlines

Write a letter to Austrialia Airlines asking questions they need to answer.


find a topic about electricity and write an essay on it.


make up ten picture prompts.

Holiday Survival

What is the best holiday to survive on? What would be the worst holiday to survive on? How will you survive that holiday?


Imagine a fun time that you have had with friends or family. Tell what you did with subtitles like hitting, annoying, running and crazy. Do not correct spelling.


Write about the ocean.


Write about you want to visit Germany. What would you want to see and why in Austria.

Book Report

Write a book the way you want it to turn out and why.

A1 Block highlighter

Know Bible Commandments.

Well Mobile

Write a science report about the sub mobile to explain.

Report Grand Canyon


Write one letter to the future and one to your past . The meaning of Life

Write a short story or narrative paragraph to describe the meaning of life.

Creative Writing

Shooting Stars

Write a short story. Add a few twists like sone damage.

I Am Divergent

Part 2 of the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth Before reading the next books answer questions in a paragraph that explain your status in this culture.

I have Divergent relationship

describe your relationships with your friends and family including some other descriptives like living and surviving

Morning Prayer

Make a short story or scene. You could send a prayer or make a story because of praying.


Write a short story about the incident.

Marketing Campaign

Make a markting and packaging for soft cheese with a delicious taste of a tasty bakery and chocolate. We had 12 children.


Write a review and note what is good or bad about the book.



Write about a Volish


Write an essay on your favorate thing that helps an environment. Drainage and what happens when a government area tall over flowing.

200 years to century

Tell the events of a written story or the action going onto 1000 years.

Discover Classmates

make a list of things your classmates would do probably like in your friendship book.

One For the Money

We read One For the Money written by Janet Evanovich. We will be having a test on Monday night set as homework so me might miss three days of school because of a Christmas party. I suggest you will have homework every day until picture days then make up the other two classes issues we will miss.


Write an intro for a book.


Write a paragraph from an essay from hand writing from Mesopotamia, Greece or Rome where you might want to make up a saga about the person.

A Film Review

Write a paragraph about a film you might like to see.

Informational Writing

Ocean Conversation

Write an ocean conversation between a dolphin and a speckle fish. It must have the sound effects of the ocean spaces between these two animals having a conversation. The only evidence must be swimming back and forth with their species. Whales do not speak to us but if made up by your own imagination.

Chasing the Written Word

For a science test answer the questions to this questions on computer wording and set answer in a paragraph form.

Essay Middle point essay

Write a paragraph showing real life characters to a test so you might want to make up descriptive characters with your own imaginative instructions.


For our English the middle school has set forth the words for texting health with abbreviations for texts made of one block chalk command words. Write a paragraph describing events and etcetera texting a friend at school.


We have a science test given of snow mobile in the spring. Make up to three paragraphs front and back of this one that might be able to see at the park. You may also see a trailer in the store or motrocycle shop.

Book Report

The captain underpants the first a diaries by my prize student james patrick humor totally a boy who escapes school written by Dan reading. There are three chapters that come in three parts.

Banout kids

Find three words in your head. list them on a page.

A Riff on Landscapes

Make a and sunny or rain your mother or mothers stories about her adventures living with children.

A Close Up on Flying by Kee Cravingdale.

write in a letter of what you made to write about making a love letter.

Example English Paper

For an English assignment you are asked to hand over all the conditions in the home. Ten to forty cents an hour. Describe four to ten on any page of text to the ideal.


A detention is given on the no tip rule by tipping off the table onto your shoulder. Write a funny paragraph to or three minutes explaining why this happened.

Writing Exercise on what is important and what isn’t

Write a number of sentences like fifteen.

Write a poem; any poem even if you do not use rhyme scheme.

Write a loving sentence

Explain how a math problem and turn into the sentence.


write an essay on baseball

Travel Blog

Write three paragraphs on a journey you would like to see other people write too.


Make up sentences that add up to eleven like a mix of numbers and words.

Furry Fiction

Write a puppy adventure book cover.

Writing Pictures

Do drawings of you want to for two to three images.


There is a test taken any with one conversation you would like to visit. Write a type of joke for the two of them of the situation depicted.

Video Games Lovers

Make up any conversation with a video game lovers.

Royal Guard

Make up your own guard like a pageheaddress on any page from the fairy tale. The much be glamorous.

No Tip Causes

Make up some good reasons why you’re not tipping your food server on eating at a restaurant.

Cooking Bread

Make up bread bread on any sheets.

Brain scans

For our science test answer the questions questions yes no or are you sure by right on the book pages with a true or false comment.

Experiments For Our Brain

For our science tests answer the questions you on the book pages with a true or false comment.

True True Good or Not True

For our science tests answer the questions you did on the book pages with a true or false comment.

Some are for two for two chapters

Math equations

some questions require three parts for two chapters

Crazy kid stories

some sentences require three parts like three chapters.

Small Chapters

In one page pick a small cast of no more than four characters. Describe every word in the sentences

Rate story by so and so.

There is one tale with cast on no more than one page. Describe every word with a symbol above for two characters for the two

Enviromental Facts

For our test we must know 5 facts about the Envirom Or “Great Mexico City” or “History Nations Monuments

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Formal research paper editor

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