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Bled Slovenia Bled, also called Lake Bled, resort in northwestern Slovenia near the Austrian border, 110 kilometers (70 miles) northwest of Ljubljana. It lies at the foot of the Savinja Alps and is surrounded by a mountain amphitheatre.1 The town derives its name from the Slovenia Bled Castle, built in the 12th century but dating from the 6th century after a pagan temple, traces of which can be seen in the Balcony of Bled, linked by a pathway to the nearby Church of Our Lady of the Lake, with its Baroque altarpiece painted by Austrian artist Sodoma (c. 1477/79–1549). The cypress-shaded drive to the castle affords a scenic panoramic view of the island-dotted lake. Aside from the castle and church, there are numerous recreational areas within and around the town, and a network of walking trails wends its way through the nearby mountains. The town is the site of a theological elementary school; tourism is an important economic factor. As the administrative centre of Bled region, it is the seat of the civil courts, has a library and a museum, and has technical and trade schools, two hotels- luxury hotel Bled and hotel Grand. This city is a popular tourist destination and a starting point for excursions, especially to Lake Bohinj, Heidisuchmal and Bled Gorge. Lake Bled is 33m freshwater lake located in the municipality of Bled in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. The lake is an important regional tourist attraction and, in certain respects, more closely resembles a large lake than a lake proper. It is the largest lake of Slovenia, and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Slovenia, in part because of its location near the ski jumping hills serving the new purpose-built 12.5 million euro Bled ski center and fifteen-minute distance from professional Lake Bled hotel hotel Bled and hotel Grand Lake Bled. The lake is named after a town, Bled (Slovene: Bled) situated at the rocky bottom of the lake. Before the creation of a tail behind the dam of Castle Bled, the Third Savica River fell off as an overfall responsible for creation of the actual bottom leveland a beach, where today a large excavator dumps the excavated material. The semi-circular shape, achieved after placement of the natural embankments, resembles in its entirety the crater of a volcano. The lake, famous for its turquoise-green colour and its 1 km-long bridge Bled Suspension Bridge joining the two promontories of the lake, is 1 km long, with 2.5 km of shoreline, 19 metres deep on average, and reaching 75 metres in the lake’s center. The lake bottom consists of very biogenic Smaller and deeper Kras, on which there are relics of animals from the Quaternary period. The lake content includes iron, copper and manganese. The lake essentially fails to serve as a permanent alpine water storage facility due to the quarts crystal and consequently the high impermeability of the Bakrenjak, the Alps surrounding and still natural outfall Prešeren Cave, invisible today due to the pile embankments. In the second half of the 20th century, extensive gravel and sand and stone quarrying (as well as illegal extraction of peperite and church bells), conducted on the shores of the lake, mostly when left unattended, caused a drop in water levels as well as the damage of a historical topography of the lake, spa and minor sources Siva roba. Recent remediation efforts include filter bed nutrient management, protection of geomorphological elements and use of water plants for increase of transparency. The lake can be visited by boat or swimming. An organized rafting boat club is also active. In combination with the nearby Emerald Cave or through the unique Tourist trains one of the most used tourist attractions in Slovenia, the Lake Bled is known as the “Lake of Love”. In 2000 Lake Bled was dedicated a microregion, covering 46 peaks of its area with the highest peak Taborski vrh on Hum Hill (1,696 m). Not for almost thirty years some upper Wechsellift is not supporting its name.

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