Bangkok our return to Asia

Bangkok  our return to Asia
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First experience at the airport and transfers to hotel.

One huge difference from Chile and Argentina. Bangkok is hot!!! Still have only light clothes and will have to spend time and money to buy new light clothes.

January 6th: The crowded public transportation today took us through Bangkok, the traffic was terrible and it was very, very hot. By lunch time our legs were shaking and heat was too much. Change to hotel. Very cool after a long trip. Rest next day, head out to see Tema Mayom floating market (picture above) in Chonburi next day. Ate lunch and watched the locals, including a lady offering “resting place” to men. She had built a wall so men could lean and sit on saw-horses. Sign nearby said, “Goodbye stress, hello extasy” (extasy sports a nude male body)

Thailand 2010 – More Travel, Less working

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Q: why Bangkok is one of the most haunted cities?

Bangkok is a city not a small town. In the city of Bangkok, the morning the city is dark and in the night the city is filled with light, music, lights and shopping malls. The city has so many developments that it attracts people. The other reason is the community. People who live in the city love their city. Their feeling and impression is strongly felt that they have to express in festivals and events. The commercial development also explains why Bangkok is a haunted city. As they say at night you can see it. Passion, design, hanging thick fabrics lights and glass of department stores and the crowds of people make you feel amazing, that supernatural happens and all sense of imagination fly away sometimes. In the city of Bangkok history continues daily instead of frozen in museums and stories go on as well. The city of…

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