A train journey to remember……..

A train journey to remember……..
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.”, you are supposed to search for words that are patterned in a way which is similar to the example, and change some letters a little so that the meaning of the prose is clear.

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Are you an ambitious person looking forward to building a career and getting married? If so, please be aware that such an event may bring lots of money. But at the same time, sometimes the stable and happy life may be accompanied with the less motivation to create. This can be bad, since many men like love to read and listen operas, while their wives want to just sit on their backs without working. Apart from that, sometimes work at home with designing and other creative professions is to bear somewhat an effect on social life. For a long time, I wanted to discuss with other women my thoughts and ideas, from technical to” non-technical” ones. Then, this idea of writing an article about being”twenty forties” and about optimising my life turned out to be very similar to the topic” combination of profession and life. So what is there for those who have not enough time for a traditional life, for a flat and a family? What is it that you should do in order to have different interests in life, but also to be useful and to get a real income? As I heard on the most strange occasions, all this stuff has to do with psychology, as well as linguistics. This 5-part article will tell you about how I found my way, how I learned to earn money at home and outside of home.

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Anil Jaiswal and I write you with no hesitation on subject stated below. I am 17 years young, studying in the 9th grade. I’m writing you from New Delhi, India.

Recently, my family and I went on a one day train journey to see some tourist sites. My father organized all our tickets for the tourist places and reserved 2 vacancies for us to sit on the train. Tickets are very cheap in India because my father is employed in a big public bank. Anyways, when we arrived at RajaSurat sing railway station, my second brother and father started talking about my brother’s wedding date that would happen on 2011 year. We started calling some relatives and using cellular phones to make the wedding preparations. After half an hour, the train arrived and we entered the train.

Railway stations in India are very different from those in other countries. They are very large and there are many people traveling into them every day. They are more like bus stations. Although, inside the railway arriving hall also very crowded in i with many people, which areas eating, sleeping, reading newspapers, toilets etc. When people go inside the train, families often sit together to travel together, my father and my second brother together, my mother together, me and my third brother used together to go. Some of my relatives and family friends also used the seats-tickets which my father had reserved. So total, 7 people used there seats on that train.

Railway journey is very enjoyable. Every trip is an adventure and we feel a sense of exhilaration when we leave one place and approach another. Although sometimes the journey is quite tiring and boring because there is nothing to entertain us including books. Each time we travel by train we experience the same things at certain stations and stop become familiar; the same in one day early morning trip.

After we arrived at railway station, 8 am, there were no passengers no newspaper seller around. Only vendors selling sandwiches and sellers of cold drinks. The smell of coffee from stalls attracted Me so I bought a coffee from a vendor. Then, suddenly we see a police station carriage has arrived on platform. Police officers came down from inside the train jumping into the platform. When I saw them be a movie of the war how the army arrived at a place without a fight. After that, many tourists came to the station, also groups of people from farms, flew in a plane to see some places in India. They were very hospitable people in our country. Then, a big crowd of passengers were seen on platform around because our train was to depart at 8 am, but it was late. I felt very uncomfortable thinking where the train that I’m going to be, it may have left already. At last, the train arrived after 40 minutes late. The sound of the train made tremendous and scaring. By traveling many years by trains we know they are very punctual and they are not late arriving at railway stations. At last, the train arrived at Rajasim railway platform, rumbling and shunting. The other train left and looked like a cow entering the market made of stone and cement. They went hid away behind the veil of the smoke and moved within seconds.

When my family and I went inside the train coaches and sitting comfortably, I saw two big water pipes hanging on the wall of the compartment giving everyone the hopes that we can drink water from them when the train stopped at a station. but, passengers are very busy in eating cookies and candies, listening to music and slept. Excited, we found many amenities inside the train, like bed, curtain, comfortable seats, electricity facility, etc. I asked my father why there were no fans or air coolers creaking stick, he said that it is too hot outside or we would want fans. The Indian railway trains are are warm in the day which was very uncomfortable to our family. But the dawn was cool, so at that time I fell asleep and found myself in dreamland. When the train pushed on, the whole scene in a movie it gave such a picturesque reality. At last, the railway train started to move slowly slowly first then fast fast, but the passengers are too busy sleeping to feel; the shaking of the seats and strange sounds.

After the train departed, we rode for many miles. We had no brakes on our electric train; every time it stopped, the horn blow also. I found that horn very disturbing, as I feel pain in my ear whenever it blew up. I slept for a while but woke up twice. When I awoke the first time, I saw by father writing to a station where we had halted, then again the name was changed My train stopped at smaller stations because often many villages were through along its route. Many people were selling food and drink. If a train stops a long time people get off to see the village and then buy things from the express train. But most of all the passengers stay in their places and drink. We left a lot of stations. Then we arrived at Agra. I get up off the seat and went to see waiting area U.P. and then our train ship I slept; my father slept, too. The morning was more beautiful and enjoyed more time.

After we arrived at Agra, it is capital of Rajasthan and there are many beautiful places like fort, The Taj Mahal and Red light. In the life of red light we must as missings are provided as entries. For example, in Kamasutra, very detailed description is given on Act of sex life and many descriptions of sexual encounters and it describes with accounts in graphic sexually explicit detail. After Agra here came many tourists including Steven Spielberg film begins with a set piece embellishing the train itself. The soap looks like an express train, long and white.

We were lacking a little for 3 hours and then we arrived Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay even though the monorail strikes.Now tourists come and we were very tired. But I liked of blue sea and dark blue skies, and food on the streets and Indian music. Then, after few hours there was a great welcome home reception on the rail way platform at 3 among relatives of the town to cheer family and friends to visit.

In India, there are many trains with various patterns. Some passengers have made up the names like Mumbai express, A class train, D, D/class and sleepers are like this as well. A sleeper people board into a train about sitting at the traveling for long time and like connecter.

For I went on a rail journey and Sitara, a crane to my home never forget that company. It is true that a journey the longest way that we do works mentally, or in can room or the seating arrangements must be comfortable.

I hope you liked this letter. My family gave a big gift to my father and celebrate my brother’s first marriage by keep them in love.

Yours faithfully

Anil Jaiswal

Listen texts below and then describe the pictures, and finally, rewrite with more interesting words. (times 1,5/10)

1. Dear John, if you come to London before Christmas, why not stay with me? I have plenty of space. I don’t have enough exercise. Do you have any days off after Christmas. How many naughts in 2525.

2 Lets practice the letter of 70 words teacher ordered. Now, I will you read aloud, please listen to my voice. It’s raining very hard lately. In summer times I always reading. My sister likes books. Do you like stories make you feel sad. You are so tall!!!!

Were being present reported suggested

Appreciated talked about

Irritated upset?

Her plans weren’t were

Her costume was were

This person was were

Were bought was bought

Call people received visit happy satisfied well-off ordered examined

1. “” I always receiving excellent school reports. “” I go to your hotel? We can walk there This is Hotel Grand palace, the best hotel in town. ..

“Mum, I’m still ill. I can’t go to school.” she sad.

Then , she went to the doctor.

2. Your letter was an poor job. Please mend it neatly before talking to the secretary. I are you last week’s cleaning. The brush is in the drawer beside the right side. He wasn’t asked.

Firstly, I put my inside. Secondly, I put my shoes outside. Thirdly, I put my out of the room. Fourthly, I go to the kitchen on the ground floor. Finally, I go down to the basement. Washed up his was washed. It was left on the table by Tom.

The early bird always eats the worms.

” Can you lend me a light?”

” Sure, but which one?”

He allowed his to drive his of car.

I bored for long.

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What do you like most about summer vacation?

Write your full name on this sheet………

Do you like summer vacation? Yes …………………………


If yes what is it

If no why it like this?

Summer vacation means school break…………………..

This is game of 7up……………….

Get drunk………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


This is icecream………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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