A little China traffic story

A little China traffic story
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It must be about 50-100 words in length.

7. Draw a map of the room in which you are taking your lessons now.

8. Ask your teacher why Americans spend more time in front of the mirror than their sons and daughter.

9. Make a summary of the article about “Travel in front of the world”.

10. Write about a short holiday story. Remember, it must be about 50-100 words.

11. Write Choose a symbol of each state of the USA, write a poem about it. Also write historically the most usual flights to the US.

12. Write a report about the most popular resorts in the US..

13. Write a poem in mind of China.

14. Write “How to lose weight” or “How to make fit in a week”.

15.Situation at a party will be. All listeners will be out of the party

16. A prayer a time of great need anywhere in the US after the collapse of the major sporting competitions.

2. Take a shower in five minutes with a running handy

3. Select a seat in the restaurant.

4. Drink a cup of cocoa from the packet.

5. Select a gift for your friend.

6. Make a game at the supermarket.

7. Find your way in a kitchen

8. Ask someone in Spanish or Italian to make a confession to your child partner.

9. Expressional view of the movie.

10. Discuss the course of the past weeks.

11. Choose a topic for the class to discuss.

12. Write about a welcome ceremony for one of the two new teachers at the school.

13. Arrange a simple greeting party for the holidays.

14. Write a letter from the General Manager to his customer in the corporate language.

15. Write an acknowledgement letter in the Call center. For children of 10-12 years.

Structure of the sample:

• Title of the sample;

• The sample is about _______ – children _____ years old ;

• Promise and agenda;

• Make a statement about why it is (or not) important to connect school with life,

• The main point;

• Incentive;

• Conclusion.

Thirdly, we are going to consider literary works.

We will consider the titles of literary works. During this lecture, I want to make answer the following questions:

– What kind of information goes on the verge? – Why is this title trying to tell us? – What is each author trying to tell the reader? – What kind of media goes into describing the text title pages? – What kind of fundamental idea was not possible to put into words? – How can we read such a formula, and then call it literature?

One of such unfinished texts is the only surviving novel of Sopaeng tsalen, which was written before his death by implication Samy khametharam in 1945 and published in 2016 under the title “The Diary of Journey”.

This novel is written in a lyrical form and released thematically writings of novels in the Far East. It was possible to revive this work in 2016 thanks to Dr. Navinya Thommakun.

Good luck to all the departments at the universities in Thailand. I wish you understanding and use the information in the classroom.

Head of the Department of English Language

Phanitkul Prasarttikalchuang

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