5th Impressions

5th Impressions
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*But is the glass half full or half empty?

Human civilizations have always held some form of division within the social order. For most of those thousands of years, the most societal structure that existed was the tripartite society. (as discussed here; “In Search of How Societies Are Organized.”) The bottom section, the least respected group (collectively referred to as the lower class), was referred to as “those who worked with their hands”- members of this socioeconomic section were generally non-skilled laborers, descendants of former slaves, or immigrated populations without social traction. It’s where many of today’s blue-collar workers find ‘home’.

These original laborers were considered inferior to the upper classes, the “Hellenic philosophers” and the political aristocracy who sat at the top of the heap. In our modern-day society, fortunately, we see much more economic mobility, much more participation in the middle class, and much more inclusion of all socioeconomic groups in our classless society. Unfortunately, upon closer investigation of our class structure, a completely countervailing trend has arisen. The bottom section, the group that was once at the lowest rung of societal acceptance, are beginning to be kept at bay in a much more virulent way. The lower classes have been taught that competition and bigger is better has brought them far, and in one sense this is true.

However, it is those in the bottom section of our socioeconomic structure who have been kept from the facts concerning the truth of our divisions. I suppose we could delude ourselves into thinking that we have made such coming together, that mankind has been united by sheer force of numbers to erase the problems created by capitalism over the course of the past couple centuries and within the the past two decades in particular.

It’s a damn shame that half of our world is leading the charge to divide society at this rate. As human beings, we are unstoppable when we unite against a credible common threat. Truth be told, our problems could be solved almost immediately if we formed together to unleash our vast resources, our non-harmful intentions, and our virtuous intents. Instead, we have only recently had a common enemy at all- globally and through the walled integration of modern media, the world has been continuously reminded that we very much exist in the same playing field. However, the global game field is vastly different today than any game ever played. In terms of cultural diffusion and the abilities, the world is playing catch-up in the wake of one of the most horrific military campaigns in human history. While noone will argue that the world has progressed, in many ways we have fallen pitifully short in our efforts to come to terms with one of the darkest chapters in human history, and our inability to stop the spreading of fundamentalist ideals may yet lead to even more widespread death and suffering.

As a human race, we seem to be fine with having our survival at stake as long as we are given the tools to divide opinions about it, to think precisely about it, and to express about it- after all, we’re not being intentionally shot at and have the luxury of thinking precisely, so why wouldn’t we take advantage of it? Do we believe we, in our present day, are inherently superior to the man and woman who fell on the killing fields of Europe over one hundred years ago? Can we claim absolute progress if we are simply continuing the same divisive patterns that these man and women sought to enforce humanity to abandon? What about cultural differences, what about racism? Yes, these have still existed, even in the wake of World War II, even in the blurry haze of a recent history that sought to unite the humans of the world behind leading against a common enemy. However, where in history can we recall such a reactionary amalgamation of racism, terrorist ideals, and modern-day genocide of the literal ‘innocent race’? How can anyone seriously claim such cultural differences and human rights issues exist ‘largely because of class divisions,’ or that humanity has or has ever retreated or declined because of cultural differences and persecution? This is not a ridiculous question, simply a thought-provoking one. Will modern-day political and military entities that formerly held absolute world leadership come together to unite against the common threat? I am heartily optimistic.

The only real issue is, who will be proven correct? Will the advocates of the old ways- warring against peaceful understanding for divine approval- prevail and push humanity into a new dark age? Hegemony is a very real, very highly addictive dream. Will their pursuit of the American way for their plutonium and oil addicted allies prevent our human species from ever truly standing unshakably? Or will the real allies of humanity unite to put those kinds of systems and theories behind them? Will the real-politic stage be set for the pendulum to swing toward a higher good? Only a few things are certain in this quest to find the answer; only one thing has been evident, thus far. The masses of the global population will always find the ‘deviant’ choice, but what do they really know or feel confident to claim- is the glass half full or half empty? But no matter what, does your glass fill up with the same water- for the answer is the same for all- yes.

Write an article about: “Tomáš Baťa in the movies”

Check vocabulary: “Openers”

Read in English: “Office Goes to the Hospital” (p. 186, Chapter 26) and “What Not to Wear” (p. 190, Chapter 27)

Read in English: “Internet dating” (p. 199, Chapter 29)

Write an article: “Radio Harrach, written by old and new reporters”

Create a comparative chart, compare two people and explain why those two would make a good


Teachers: Kamy, Jindraková, Matějček

Thursday 30.8.2014:

Read out loud: “What He had Dreamed” – Choose 7 parts of the text to read out loud

Write: “A walking dead” – describe an English country walk and at the same let the language fly

Write: “From the name of the city” – describe a very old city and let the English fly

Read the article “Dějepis ševce” – first understand the meaning then highlight the new vocabulary from the article

Read in English: Chapter 25, “Zrozeni Dobrá”. Text is found in appendix 2

Read in English: “Are you busy tomorrow?” – Text is found in appendix 2

Read in English: “Who Doesnít Like Všechny Dobré Noviny” – Text is found in Appendix 2

Read in English: “Froth or Fother” – Text is found in Appendix 2

Read a fictional article: “I lost Katie”

Compare two cities (cities: Paris Rome Budapest)

Read in English “Practical Jokes” (p. 166, chapter 8)

Read in English: “Movie Stars” – first time in class and in small groups (p.174, chapter 17)

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “My Future Goals as I See Them”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “What this Course Has Meant to Me”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “Shopping”

Teacher: Hais

Thursday 6.9.2014

Read in English: Chapter 25, “Zrozeni Dobré”

Read in English: Chapter 26, “Józef Piłsudski”

Read in English: Chapter 27, “Dobrá Legenda”

Read in English: Chapter 28, “Return to Europe”

Read in English: Chapter 29, “Vodáci Farského”

Read in English: Chapter 30, “Elektřiny města”

Read in English: Chapter 31, “Hollywood na soutoku”

Read in English: Chapter 32, “Dělnická Revoluce”

Read in English: Chapter 33, “Partneři”

Read a fictional article: “I left Kazimir behind”

Compare two people (Last names: Baťa Blaha Brůtín Brodsky Chaluš Fedurchenko Heian Heiml Gruber Hančič Hrbek Hrovat Chrobák Kalvoda Katzer Katzer Kolář Kopša Kosina Kůrka Kucera Leicht-Heidriks Meyerič Míka Pollak Ivoch Podolka Podvodník Prairie Průša Salgo Sedláček Thump Zeman Zemančinicky Zdárek Zemánek Zemanové Zemanovi Žemberový)

Write an article about the course this semester: “Four lessons in freedom” Û Write an article about the week (modify the article “The weekend”)

Write an article about a trip to the mountains: “journey to the mountains from the Czech Republic”

Write an article about “What is there in this area, that you like” or “What do you remember from here?”

Write an article about a trip to the seaside: “trip to a nearby seaside town by the Czech Republic”

Write an article about one of your familial members

Write an article about how you might spend your vacation this summer (modified version of “I’ve been

using my vacation – How do I like to use my vacation “)

Write an optimistic article about “The Party” (modified version of “What I want to do during my

spring semester”)

Teachers: Semotán, Kovanda, Matějček, Fraňková

Thursday 13.9.2014:

Read out loud: First in class, then in 4 groups

Read in English: Chapter 34, “Konky z Harat”

Read in English: Chapter 35, “Zraková Telefonní Služba”

Read in English: Chapter 36, “Děti ze Zámku Dědice”

Read in English: Chapter 37, “Kámoška Tichá Milena”

Write an article in English about: “A recommendation that wonít be asked”

Write an article in English: “Why You Should Be a Vegetarian”

Write an article: “Olympic medals”

In pairs or small groups: “Bud mohu chodit s tebou?” – A team review activity.

Read a fictional article: “An-retired”

Compare three different groups of people. Why are they described as they were and how do they differ

from each other?

Re-read your description of the top of the page and suggestions about what to write about on the back of

the page.

Read in English: “My favorite holiday” – first time in class and in small groups (p. 182, Chapter 31)

Read in English: “District Court Judge Hadrová” – first time in class and in small groups (p. 186, Chapter


Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “Seasons”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “A Secluded Life”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “Computer Games”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “Mantras and Yantras”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “Why do you want to be a


Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “My Workplace”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “My favorite holiday”

Teachers: Hais, Matějček

Thursday 20.9.2014:

Read the article “Moj kamarád bydlí v Praze” – first time in class and in small groups.

Write an article about: “Swinging”

Write an article about: “Which is the Best Radio” – for the back of the file to be done in the next lesson

Read the article “Moj kamarád bydlí v Praze” – first time in class and in small groups.

Make a list of things you can do, write or say at that place – look at p. 193, Chapter 33

Read a fictional article: “What is becoming of this class”

Read an article from the Czech newspaper edition 11/2014 – first time in class and in small groups

Comparing two ways of words and language: “DOOR” and “OTVORENÉ DVEŘE”, “Otvor” and “Otvorit Dveře”

Write a text about the possible results following from an action.

Read a Parody of Bouda’s Sketch from the 4th episode of the 1st season with English Translations.

Vocabulary: “n.n.m.”, “mena boha”, “3 sborna”, “mirné krajiny”, etc., p.124, Chapter 21

Compare 3 friends how they were two years ago: “My friends (what they used to think) and now (what they


Read in English: “Philately and movies”, p.180, Chapter 27

Read in English “My father died” (p. 220, Chapter 38)

Review through the notes and rewrite/recite: “A Film Script”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “My Life Goals”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “The Age of Space Exploration”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “The Age of Light”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “Shopping Online”

Review through notes and rewrite/recite: “

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